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  1. No mounts or rings.  There are various bases, rails, rings etc. available, but I don’t have any.  I’m located in East Mesa with country club (Arizona Avenue) and baseline my cross streets.

    1. Calhuon


      Nice rifle but I'm a ways away.  

  2. Calhuon

    Steyr Mannlicher 30-06 NIB

    Do you have mounts and rings? And may I ask where are you located?
  3. Calhuon

    Glock 19 gen 3 @ Dukes $530.00

    I could use 1
  4. Calhuon


  5. Calhuon

    Glock 27 .40 cal Camo

    Dang wish I was closer
  6. Calhuon

    MLS Arms AR-9 Complete Lower SOLD

    Where is it located
  7. Calhuon

    Over priced Colt / Ruger deleted

    I have a lot in them. Cowboy was a limited run from Colt during height of Cowboy action shooting to compete with Uberti, Ruger etc, GP 100 357 mag
  8. no interest deleted
  9. Calhuon

    FREE Good words from Hoghunter's Wife Heather.

    Mike is missed here on earth by me and many others. I personally hope to see him greeting me one day into God's kingdom . RIP
  10. Calhuon

    Minox 15 X 56 Binoculars traded

    Minox trade pending
  11. Calhuon

    Minox 15 X 56 Binoculars traded

    I'm committed to another trade right now. Thanks
  12. Calhuon

    Minox 15 X 56 Binoculars traded

    I will also entertain high end knives. Randall Bowies, Gerber MK LL early models, Gil Hibben, Jimmy Lile, Gib Guinard or a combination of Spyderco, Bendmade auto to help any one out.
  13. Calhuon

    Minox 15 X 56 Binoculars traded

    Still available. Open to some trades. Remington 700 BDL 22 250, 222, AK , SW 29. 24 4" for a few options
  14. Calhuon

    Ruger 77 Tang Safety .270

    Very nice. Tempting