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  1. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Ruger No 1 Traded
  2. Calhuon

    Glock model 22 Gen 3 sold

    How far S are you
  3. Hello sir - thanks for the response and that sounds reasonable if it is a good frame.  If I have not found something by the time he returns please have him send me pics.  


    Eric at 480-620-0519

  4. Calhuon

    Want to Buy Flatbed Trailer

    I know where one is in Sierra Vista. 16' new wood bed, recently painted, no ramps, all lights working, non dovetailed. $1750. The friend is out of town it the end of the week so I can't get pics til then.
  5. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Remington total custom sold Remington 700 ADL 30 06 no sights, cheap 3x9 A series 700 $450 cash $600 if you prefer a Leupold 3-9
  6. Calhuon


    $250 come get them in Sonoita
  7. Calhuon


    Price reduction $275 for the pair https://www.amazon.com/Toyo-Tire-Open-Country-Mud-Terrain/dp/B00565Y0W8/ref=pd_di_sccai_2/131-1098767-4804228?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00565Y0W8&pd_rd_r=fc566364-f506-4048-8d71-c778273d0c4b&pd_rd_w=oSxzh&pd_rd_wg=XLtxR&pf_rd_p=e532f109-986a-4c2d-85fc-16555146f6b4&pf_rd_r=3X0D8KD53FR7153T5PEY&psc=1&refRID=3X0D8KD53FR7153T5PEY
  8. Calhuon


    Still have 35s
  9. Calhuon


    Set of 2 Toyo Open Co0untry 10ply Load range E 35 12.50 17 without rims like new . They came off a lightweight trailer and never used $sold
  10. Anyone ever heard of a Custom gunmakers Harrison Gunworks?
  11. Calhuon

    Glocks for sale

    Darn. Wish these were closer
  12. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    No 200 stamp
  13. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Thanks for the comments
  14. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Can't believe no interest. Maybe the caliber. I have killed everything in AZ with a 270 with 1 shot. I'll put it toward Swavorski 12x50s if that interests anyone
  15. Calhuon

    Remington. ADL 30 06

    Ruger No 1 270 traded