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  1. Calhuon

    Colt anaconda

    Nice Colt! Wish she were mine
  2. Calhuon

    Mule for sale

    So why are you parting with your mule. I have had several just curious because I might need another.
  3. Calhuon


    I'll be in Gilbert tomorrow AM if anyone sees something they can't live without.
  4. Calhuon


  5. Calhuon

    NM Unit 10 SOLD

    Elk tag sold .
  6. Calhuon

    NM Unit 10 SOLD

    Sept 01-14 or Sept 15-24
  7. Calhuon

    NM Unit 10 SOLD

    I have a NM unit 10 any elk archery permit. I have outfitters calling for it. SOLD
  8. Calhuon

    Pack animals??

    My wife is a Packgoat 4H leaders and raises packgoats for sale. When full grown her goats can carry 35-45Lbs. Anyone interested can PM me and Ill give out her contact info. We are SE of Tucson
  9. sold on GB
  10. Calhuon

    C. Sharps 1875

    I have a beautiful C. Sharps 1875 target, round heavy barrel, long range and mid range tang sights , globe front sight with spirit level and inserts 45-70 $1600 or trade for Swarovski Hd 15 x 56 https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/175x233q90/r/923/itSzmX.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/175x233q90/r/924/BpKqYn.jpg
  11. Leitz 7 X 42BA Trinovid Binos with case in excellent condition. No scratches etc SOLD on EBay
  12. Calhuon


    Duomatc 375
  13. Calhuon


    I'm looking to sell A PW shotgun shell reloader. Top of the line in shotgun shell reloading but I know nothing about it. Belongs to a neighbor. sold Another neighbor has a Dillion sold
  14. Calhuon

    FS Swaro 15x56 non-hd