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  1. Mike S

    electronic target camera

    No experience with cameras, but the acoustic electronic targets are great fun for practice. I have a Silver Mountain Solo I use all the time for Palma and 1000 yard practice at Ben Avery. Others on the line have Shotmarkers and the Silver Mountain G2s which appear to be the most foolproof. They also provide velocity data/statistics for bullet speed through target face.
  2. Mike S

    280 ai dies

    Lots of ways to skin the cat and a lot will depend on the chamber of the rifle you are loading for, and what your accuracy goals are. If you need to size the fired neck down more than .005" , a bushing die can actually create run-out unless you size down in steps with two bushings. If you want to turn necks you will need a conventional FL die for that first sizing before turning. The competition shell holder set is nice, not really needed to control shoulder bump. Wilson straightline seaters are great, but slow, depending on how many rounds you need to load at a time. I typically split the difference and use Redding or Forster competition seaters for rifles where I feel I need minimum runout. Sinclair expander mandrels are good if you want to take the expander ball out of your die, but don't turn necks. A Lee Collet die and a Forster bushing shoulder bump die used without the bushing is a good combo that doen't require any case lube and is capable of loading very straight ammo.
  3. Mike S

    Model 700 question

    If you want to keep the factory trigger, I would do as 10turkeys suggests and flush it well with lighter fluid and blow dry with compressed air. The lighter fluid leaves a light kerosene residue that acts as a lubricant. Might be the cheap fix...
  4. Mike S

    Model 700 question

  5. Mike S

    1916 Spanish 7x57 Mauser

    Sounds like Camelback Guns off of 7th Ave. I think the owners name was Yost, His daughter was in my sisters class year at Central High School.
  6. Mike S

    SWN at Ben Avery

    I am, Nelson. Signed up for the long range aggregate, next Friday thru Sunday, sling division, palma rifle. 350 shooters in all, should be a hoot. Hoping it doesn't rain...
  7. Mike S

    SWN at Ben Avery

    Anyone else shooting at the Southwest Nationals at Ben Avery next week?
  8. Mike S

    Reloading for Semi auto

    You will also want a hard primer cup.
  9. Mike S

    Reloading for Semi auto

    No crimp. You will want to bump then shoulders a little more than for a bolt action (.003-.004), but case life is short enough with an M1A you aren't giving anything up.
  10. Mike S


    Yes they did. Not sure when they switched to the current version, probably in the seventies.
  11. Mike S


    Have 4 for $10. Sorry but would never have 50. Please contact via PM.
  12. Mike S


    Those are gone but I'll probably have more soon. I sent a PM when you first posted, but it looks like your account doesn't accept messages.
  13. Mike S

    Cornmeal black powder filler

    Never loaded for cap and ball, but black powder should never have an air gap between the bullet and powder as it does not burn progressively like smokeless and will have major pressure issues. I expect that is why you are hearing reference to fillers for that application. For muzzle loading rifles, at least, there are vented nipples which can help with ignition and some brands of primers are definitely hotter than others.
  14. Mike S


    Anybody need a couple? 32nd street and SR51
  15. Mike S

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Cool rifle!