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  1. Mike S

    Zeiss 15x60 help

    I had a Jim White adapter on mine back in the day. I'd check with the Outdoorsmans
  2. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  3. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  4. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  5. Mike S


  6. Mike S

    Rifle recommendations

    A Mauser M12 is worth a look.
  7. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

    What I am assuming are the lot numbers are different the 2 boxes.
  8. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

    They are all from boxes of 500. I'll dig the 69s out tomorrow and see if they are from the same lot.
  9. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  10. Chrono probably started reading the muzzle blast.
  11. Anyone here competing in the matches that run tomorrow thru Sunday? I'll be shooting my Palma rifle in the long range matches starting Friday.
  12. Mike S


    Still available.
  13. Mike S

    Sitka mountain pants

    Great pants as mentioned above. I have a pair for sale in the classifieds 35R. Wearing a different size now...
  14. I have an MR 6500 with the large frame and small belt you can check out in N Phoenix if you like.
  15. Mike S

    Any Sitka gear for sale?

    I have 35R mountain pants if you think those might fit.