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  1. Mike S

    41W Sheep 2019

    His name should be Lucky.
  2. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  3. Mike S

    Sitka Mountain Pants 35R OC

  4. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

  5. Mike S

    Sitka Mountain Pants 35R OC

  6. Mike S

    Sitka Mountain Pants 35R OC

    Lowered price
  7. Mike S

    .224 Matchkings

    .224 69 gr HPBT - 814 (full box 500, 1 w/314) $175 $165 .224 80 gr HPBT - 504 - $125 $120 Consider trades for 155.5 Berger Fullbores FTF Phoenix area
  8. Sitka newer style mountain pants, open country pattern, 35R. Total use, one elk and one coues hunt last year. Some minor catclaw wear from the Coues hunt... $100 FTF Phoenix area. Now $95 $90
  9. Mike S

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Lance, you should bring it out the the 600 yard practice / new shooter orientation at Ben Avery on the 11th. You would be shooting on standard NRA 600 yard targets, which will give you a good sight picture with those iron sights. http://www.desertsharpshooters.com/questions-and-answers http://www.desertsharpshooters.com/calendars
  10. Mike S

    Lets get it started

    Mine has said that for the last couple of years, but I've drawn several tags.
  11. Mike S

    Activists in the draw

    Years ago, I heard they did this for the sandhill crane tags.
  12. Mike S

    electronic target camera

    Took a picture of my tablet screen at the 1000 yard practice Saturday morning for those that might be interested in what data it gives you. This was with my .308 Win Palma rifle (iron sights and sling).
  13. Mike S

    6.5 127LRX

  14. Mike S

    6.5 127LRX

  15. Mike S

    6.5 127LRX

    Powder sold pending meet up with Varget.