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  1. Mike S

    Berger Match bullets for Hunting

    For what it's worth the Berger Match bullets have thicker jackets that their hunting line.
  2. 2005 Starcraft RT10 Pop up (off road model) We have had this trailer since 2014 (2nd owner) and are upsizing now that I am retired. Good shape overall with like new tires and brand new deep cycle batteries in December. Equipment includes: Dual batteries with solar charging + 110 V campground hookup 30A capacity. 2-15 gallon propane tanks. Electric brakes Heavy duty box steel frame with new, upsized axle and springs installed about 4 years ago. 19 gallon fresh water tank + City hookup, 6 gallon water heater Awning, exterior hot shower and stove LP Stove, 3-way refrigerator, sink, heater, stereo w/ inside and outside speakers, exterior gas grill Queen and double bed w/ privacy curtains + convertible dinette table area to single bed Easy to tow (2540lb GVWR) and will go pretty much anywhere your truck will. Fairly priced at $4100 Please PM with any questions. Thanks for looking! Mike
  3. Mike S

    Road condition ?

    Not on Monday for sure. Neat area though, I had not been near there before.
  4. Mike S

    Road condition ?

    Has anyone here driven the Happy Valley Rd. (FS35) in the Rincons recently? Any issues with stream crossings? Thanks, Mike
  5. Mike S

    WTB 25-20 Single shot and 300 Rook ammunition.

    Buffalo arms lists 25-20 SS ammo in stock (black powder).
  6. Mike S

    300 wsm load development

    OK, I understand what you were referring to now. While I agree that leaving a bullet stuck in the rifle when ejecting a loaded round is inconvenient, I can't classify it as "very dangerous". It is not like you can follow up with a live round. As for your caliper measurements, it is problematic to measure the I.D. like that. Not the right tool for the job. I would expect the bore diameter (which the comparator insert should be) to be .300. The .2955 is close. The groove diameter should be .308. the comparator is designed to measure the bore diameter (top of lands), it is not just a reference point.
  7. Mike S

    300 wsm load development

    What is your definition of "sticking a bullet in the lands"? While I would not use it for hunting loads, seating into the lands is pretty common practice for many forms of competitive target shooting...
  8. Mike S

    Temp stable powder for a 7-08?

    These numbers can vary depending on cartridge, but gives some relative comparisons. https://forum.accurateshooter.com/attachments/temp-burn-chart-png.1191470/
  9. SDs are typically in the 7-8 fps range for 20+ shots as measured at the 1000 target face with my e target. I stuck with the standard weight pin and 24 pound spring in the 40x. Glad you were able to get your 40x sorted out.
  10. Can't see the picture very well as I am on my cell phone and out of town. I'll have to check in a couple of days. I have well over 3000 hot small primer Palma loads thru my 40x Palma .308 with no blanking issues and factory pin. 5000 plus thru my M70, but did have the pin bushed on it. It's now my back up rifle with a fresh Obermyer on it. Plenty of better wind readers than me, but I did earn my long range High Master card at 1000 yards with a .308, 155s and irons. Scopes are a crutch😉.
  11. It is! To easily get competitive velocities with 155s in a Palma rifle along with long case life is great. Not oversizing brass and having a die matched to a tight reamer is not difficult. Not sure I understand what you are alluding to with your "law of inertia" comment. Firing pin bounce? Sounds like you get a lot of use from your UBR brass, that's fantastic. What are your thoughts on the smaller flash holes such as in the Lapua Palma brass for example?
  12. I see the advantage in a substantially increased case life with my .308 brass.
  13. Mike S

    Fs Winchester Model 12 20ga

    Thanks, will it also eject a fired 2 3/4" casing without catching the crimp folds on the way out? I understand the early ones can be 2 1/2" chambers? Neat shotgun, just want to confirm what I'd be getting into...
  14. Mike S

    Fs Winchester Model 12 20ga

    Chamber length?
  15. Mike S

    Flat primers

    With that much headspace during fire forming, the firing pin pushes the cartridge forward upon firing, the primer is then pushed back to the bolt face first, and when the case itself follows, the primer mushrooms and flattens badly. This can happen even with mild loads, but if those are ejector marks, I'd back off a half grain and see what your velocity is with the fireformed cases. With that much headspace, if it were a bolt action, I'd probably jam the bullets and fireform with an appropriately reduced load. This would help minimize the initial case stretch in the web area and help extend case life. AR's are hard on brass though and that's probably overkill