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  1. Bill V

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    Got mine today....finally
  2. Bill V

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    Still nothing for 12AE M/L. But my post count is going up!
  3. Bill V

    Anyone still not get their tags yet?

    None for me yet. 12AE M/L
  4. Bill V

    Results out on portal, post up your hunts

    12A East muzzle loader. Happy happy happy!
  5. Bill V

    Hitting Cards

    Kaibab for me. Muzzleloader 1st or rifle 2nd. Hope it is the M/L. M/L East and rifle West.
  6. Bill V

    43b Bighorn sheep

    Looks like the north end of 43B. Nice ram and congratulations to your friend.
  7. Extreme long range shooting has not been good for the sport. My opinion. Too many hunters believe they can do it because they believe the hype. Lots of wounded animals never recovered. What has happened to the idea of getting as close as possible to make an ethical shot? That is the spirit of hunting. Again, my opinion. Bill V
  8. Bill V

    Powder Vs. Pellets

    If your son is shooting a 54 cal Knight, there is a 95% chance it is a plunger type. Therefor, he will need a conversion to shotgun 209 primers in order to ignite Blackhorn 209. New hammer assembly and breech plug. Last year I used a Barnes 275 grain on my elk DRT. I have chronoed that bullet with two 60 grain pellets at 1800fps. Pellets are easiest, loose is easier to find the accuracy sweet spot. Bill V
  9. I have a full box of the Pyrodex 54/60 grain pellets. Your son can have them for the $25 I paid. I am in Phoenix also. PM me if he is interested. Bill V
  10. Bill V

    Wall Tent Photos

    Hopefully pics of the wall tent package. Sold pending funds.
  11. 12' x 14" Outfitter Wall Tent. Very good condition. No rips or tears Heavy duty 13 oz Sunforger Marine canvas Made by Cactus Tents. Custom made floor with stove cut out included. Screen rear window and screen door. Front door zipper needs repair. Stakes, ropes and Kwik Kamp internal metal frame included. Also in the package; 1. Cylinder Hunter Stove 2. Side shelf and Stainless water heater for above 3.Stove pipe and spark arrestor 4.14' x 20' tarp 5. 2 ea Kwik Kamp clothes bars 6. Custom make chuck box with 3 fold down tables and 4 drawers. All Constructed with 9 ply Baltic Birch. All shelves and work surfaces covered with formica. A cleaver design that all folds into a compact box. I will attempt to post photos, but if unsuccessful, I can email them. Well over $2000 invested. $1000 firm. I am located in north central Phoenix Sold pending funds.
  12. Bill V

    Optimum Coues Cartridge?

    270 Weatherby Mag with a max charge of IMR7828, 130 gr Nosler Accubond. 3500fps +- out of a 26" barrel. About as good as it gets! Bill V
  13. Bill V

    2015 Rams

    I will attempt to post my cell phone photo. Not the best pic but I am pleased with the mount.
  14. Bill V

    2015 Rams

    If any 2015 Sheep hunters have their Taxidermy work back yet I bet there would be some interest in seeing the finished trophies. I sure would like to see them! Thanks, Bill V
  15. Bill V

    Desert sheep taxidermy habitat

    Thanks to all who replied and the excellent suggestions. Still looking for a life like cholla. Also, Becker, beautiful ram mount! Bill V