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  1. Bill V

    WTB Reloder 26

    Looking for a pound of RL 26. I will take from a bulk jug as I have a digital scale and an empty RL 26 container. Will happily pay $60. Also. If anyone has a sealed pounder, I will also throw in a 100 pack of BR2 primers. I live in Peoria but can meet at a reasonable distance .Let me know what you have or if you know where some is in stock. Thanks Bill
  2. Bill V

    NIB Meopta rifle scope

  3. Bill V

    270 WSM Ammo PRICE DROP

  4. Bill V

    270 WSM Ammo PRICE DROP

  5. Bill V

    270 WSM Ammo PRICE DROP

    Barnes Vor-tx 140 gr tsx ammo. 2 boxes $40 each or both for $70. Peoria near 303 and Happy Valley. Thanks,
  6. Bill V

    270 Win Short Mag ammo

    PM sent
  7. Bill V

    270 Win Short Mag ammo

    I think I have answered everyone but let me know if I have not. Update; Not spoken for 2 boxes of Barnes 140 gr Vor-Tx 2 boxes Federal 130 gr Nosler Ballistic tip SOLD $50 ea
  8. Bill V

    270 Win Short Mag ammo

    I have a good supply of 270 wsm ammo for anyone in need. Tell me what you are looking for and I will check my supply. All factory. Thanks, Bill
  9. Bill V

    Free Case Trimmer GONE

    Free for pick up is a Pacific case trimmer. It needs to be sharpened but is in good working order. Uses RCBS shell holders and comes with 22, 27 and 30 cal pilots. Will leave at my front door for pick up. I live near the 303 and Happy Valley. Bill
  10. Bill V

    WTB, 264 WM Dies

    I have a set of Herters dies free for the taking. 303 and Happy Valley
  11. I have a set of 264 Herters dies that you can have for free but will require a bit of a drive as I live near the 303 and Happy Valley. These dies served me well for many years but sadly, no longer have the rifle. Let me know.


  12. Sorry, I don't know. Probably a Honda clone of some sort. It starts easily and runs smoothly.