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  1. fisher_hunt

    Unit Suggestions for Pops

    Resident Not necessarily looking for a guarantee draw, would be nice if it's in the next couple of years though. I drew a 19A rifle tag in 2009 with 3 bonus points so I know anything can happen! Yes.
  2. fisher_hunt

    Unit Suggestions for Pops

    Looking for unit recommendations for my dad, he's sitting at 18 points. He's not looking for a trophy, any mature buck will do. Looking for a unit that has good vehicle/ATV access. Not looking to pay an arm and leg for trespass fees. Not interested in the crowds/competition, just looking for a laid back enjoyable hunt. There is a lot of information out there about the well known units like unit 10, 19's, etc. but I'm sure there is some lesser known units out there that might fit the bill. Any suggestions?
  3. I have several African back skins that have already been tanned. I'm looking for a place that can trim them up, add felt backing and combine them. Also looking to do some other things with the trimmings such as coasters and such.
  4. fisher_hunt

    Same hunt for first and second choice?

    Hunts like the early rifle/muzzy fill on the bp round? Particularly the early 3B muzzy hunt as I put that in for 1st choice with only 5bp. :-( No, what they're saying is that the second choice doesn't do you any good at all if it's the same unit. Only 20% of the tags are drawn in the BP round, so you always have a chance! It used to be that all non resident allocated tags were gone by the end of that round. Now it is not that way as only half of the non resident allocation can go in the BP round. Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!
  5. fisher_hunt

    Same hunt for first and second choice?

    Hunts like the early rifle/muzzy fill on the bp round? Particularly the early 3B muzzy hunt as I put that in for 1st choice with only 5bp. :-(
  6. fisher_hunt

    2015 Draw Odds

    Flatlander thanks in advance! 5bp 27 late rifle bull (3028) 6bp 27 early archery bull (3143) 3B early archery bull (3122)
  7. I would like to get into long range shooting and was wondering where everybody goes to practice? I live in Phx (east valley) and both ranges I know of only go to 200 yards. I know Ben Avery has a 1000 yard range but you have to be part of a club to use the facility. Do most just find a place out in the desert? Any suggestions for areas?
  8. fisher_hunt

    Elk & Antelope Draw Odds

    Elk - 1 Applicant, 5 bonus points 1st: 27, Archery Bull, Sep 11-24 2nd: 27 Late Rifle Bull, Nov 27-Dec 3 Antelope - 1 Applicant, 13 bonus points 1st: 19A, Rifle, Sep 11-17 2nd: 21, Rifle, Sep 4-13 THANKS!!!
  9. fisher_hunt

    Vortex Razor 10x42?

    Anybody use the Vortex Razors? How do they compare with other top end binos such as Swarovski's? I'm in the market for a high end 10x42 bino.
  10. fisher_hunt

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder? Mathews Creed?

    I worked with George. Very knowledgeable. Sometimes he threw too much information at me, I had to slow him down to process it all lol.
  11. fisher_hunt

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder? Mathews Creed?

    Yeah I should have started my bow shopping months ago. I debated on waiting for the Sypder but decided since I was going to be putting in a lot of days hunting this year in Jan. might as well just go with what they have in stock. I ended up getting the Mathews Creed. And once we got everything setup it shot like a dream. I've been shooting a 2000 Reflex Bighorn that I bought from Cabelas for $180, huge difference lol. Also I was able to deck it out and paid just slightly over what I would have paid for just the Sypder alone. Overall I'm a happy camper. I bought from Archery Headquarters in Chandler and highly recommend them!
  12. fisher_hunt

    Hoyt Carbon Spyder? Mathews Creed?

    Unfortunately being left-handed limits what bows they have in stock to try. I shot the Creed and Creed XS. I preferred the Creed. Wanted to shoot the Sypder but no love for the lefties.
  13. I'm in the market for a high end bow. Saved up for a long time and the last time I bought a bow was in 2000! I'm pretty sold on the Hoyt Carbon Spyder but won't be able to get a left-handed one in before the Jan hunt. Also looking at the Creed since I always dreamed of having a Mathews. Anybody use these bows, thoughts? Or any other bow recommendations?
  14. Just bought the jacket and this was my first hunt with it and I lose it opening morning! If anybody finds a First Lite jacket size M in 35A please PM me! Thanks.
  15. fisher_hunt

    10x or 8x

    Just wondering what power everbody uses for glassing without a tripod?