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  1. Heat

    My 13A Muley

    Way to go man, strong effort! Congratulations to you and your wife. Seems like things are on the mend, sorry about the setback. Cancer sucks! Oh ya, really great buck as well. Glad to see a regular guy get a good one!
  2. Heat

    2019 Desert Mulies

    That sunrise or sunset photo with your Dad is really cool by the way!
  3. Heat

    2019 Desert Mulies

    You guys killed it! Way to get it done!
  4. Heat

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    You shot the one on the far left with the blood coming out. Keep it coming!
  5. Heat

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    Sean send me a PM!
  6. Heat

    Holiday Gift Ideas???

    I have this, it would make an excellent gift!
  7. Heat

    WTB AKC Yellow Lab Pup

    Thanks for all the help, especially to Vowell for the reference. This dog is coming home! I am very excited!
  8. Heat

    Happy Birthday OW

    Happy Birthday Tony
  9. Heat

    Holiday Gift Ideas???

    I'm old school but pretty much every year I ask for wool. Shirts, hats, pants, long johns, whatever. The more I wear it in the field the more I like it. Just have to find the right weight for the season. My favorite wool piece is a Pendleton Wool Shirt. Top quality, versatile garment. Light weight as a shirt jacket for Yuma winters or a decent layering shirt for colder weather. From the field to church and everything in between.
  10. Heat

    WTB AKC Yellow Lab Pup

    Still looking.
  11. Heat

    Hello, New Member.

    Welcome aboard! Lots of great people here on this site.

    Thanks for the heads up on the scammer. this is what he sent me.


    I think i saw a guy called Matthew posted a 270wsm brass and dies for sale. Here is his email. iammatwilliams@gmail.com He's in Texas..

    1. Heat


      exactly the same minus the product

    2. Freakycamo


      that was a good call, thanks

    3. Heat
  13. Heat

    Scammer Alert

    Received a PM in reply to my ad looking for a lab puppy. It is from a username "Reece" who has zero history. He referred me to an email address of a person named "Matthew" iammatwilliams@gmail.com. When I looked up that address there were multiple instances of being a reported scammer. Do yourself a favor and ignore "Reece" if you receive a reply for an item from that user. I suspect they are the scammer or are in on the scam.
  14. Heat


    Dang it...too bad my passport expired last month!
  15. Heat

    Help With Score Guess

    Newsflash, if you get an animal scored by 2 out of the 3 clubs that do scoring, deductions are part of that score. Get over it! Besides he never specified which scoring method or SCI specifically. Not sure what your beef is with me or this topic in general. Other people on here mentioned deductions and I don't see you harrassing them. Besides, you are late to the party. This thread is almost 2 months old, resurfacing for some unknown reason. The funny thing is, I tend to agree with you that a gross score is more meaningful, but thats not how 2 of the major clubs do things. Again, I don't make the rules, nor have I ever had any if my animals measured. Can we just agree to disagree and move on?