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  1. Heat

    Spas 12 for sale

    One of my favorite movie scenes ever! Rad gun, always wanted one.
  2. Heat

    46A East?

    It only takes one sheep to go from zero to hero. You guys are going to be fine!
  3. Heat

    Thought about HECS clothing

    If anybody can provide me any peer reviewed scientific evidence that ungulates, or any critter for that matter, have a 6th sense then maybe there is something to it. Hard for me to believe a company marketing clothes for hunters has made such a discovery.
  4. Heat

    46A East?

    Drought is pretty tough on them. Mother nature can be cruel.
  5. Heat

    30 Day Magdalena Countdown

    Thats a fricken toad Chris. Saw that on the Poseidon Facebook page I think.
  6. Heat

    Happy Veterans Day

    God Bless all who have served in our Military! We are eternally grateful.
  7. Heat

    Some people

    Use one of those trucks and drag it out of the way.
  8. Heat

    46A East?

    My first job out of college was studying the Sonoran Pronghorn on BMGR. Saw a lot of cool stuff out there! Watched an F16 crash while we were working, that was a trip. Having 18 illegals give up to us to call for help was also pretty wild. As far as the pronghorn, the drought in 2001 reduced the herd from around 200 animals down to around 20. They rounded them up, put them in a pen with no predators and watered it. They have made a pretty remarkable comeback since and have been released regularly and moved to other areas to create other populations like on Kofa NWR/YPG.
  9. Heat

    30 Day Magdalena Countdown

    Reports have been great. You must be getting excited huh?
  10. Heat

    A sad dry summer

    YVRGC has been hauling water since early in the summer and never quit. It didn't rain in Yuma this summer at all in town and very little out in the desert.
  11. Heat

    Baja/Sea of Cortez pandemic Autumn

    Outrider got a couple of Jumbos the other day! Captain Jeff and Chapo with their 361# Bluefin Tuna.
  12. Heat

    30 Day Magdalena Countdown

    Senior in 92 huh? Sounds like you're about the same vintage as me!
  13. Heat

    30 Day Magdalena Countdown

    Right on Chris, exciting stuff man!