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  1. Heat

    Rejected card bonus point question

    No. If your card was charged during the app process you will get a point. I know this because I intentionally had my app rejected by turning it off the day the credit cards were to be run when I realized I put in for a hunt I was likely to draw that I didn't want a couple years ago. I got a new point, kept my loyalty, and did not draw the one I did not want, but would have otherwise. I know that because my bank said a charge from AZGFD was rejected.
  2. Heat

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Seriously. The version they had like 20 years ago was 10x better than what they have now. If they were a private business and their front end system was this bad they would be bankrupt a long time ago.
  3. Heat

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    I think they have to manually enter everybody's info into the portal.
  4. Heat

    Really got a Hit today!

    Dude you suck! If you are going to try to diss somebody on their English, you better come correct. Kinda makes you not only look like a dick, but a dumb dick at that!
  5. Heat

    AZGFD - Card Hits?

    Came to see if some of you are losing your minds yet. Thanks for not disappointing, LOL!
  6. Heat

    Kifaru vs mystery ranch vs stone glacier vs Kuiu

    IMO Kifaru and Stone Glacier are in a different league than Kuiu and Mystery Ranch. USA vs Vietnam or Phillipines. Kifaru suspension is proven for hauling as heavy as you can manage with relative comfort.
  7. Talk about a stretch, that is ridiculous! My question is why are they going to GRRC now?
  8. Heat

    Yellow or Chocolate lab puppies

    Mama dog deserves a nice treat! She did good. Good Luck with the pups!
  9. Heat

    Res vs NR Archery Deer

    You da man Paul!
  10. Heat

    Weimaraner For Stud Out!!!

    I'm curious what you might be looking for as compensation. I've heard of pick of the litter for payment but wondering what a reasonable stud fee is on a dog?
  11. Heat

    Ever heard a deer do this?

    Butt wheeze! LOL!
  12. Heat

    Where were you this day, 1986?

    Back when Americans loved their Country.
  13. Heat

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    Sounds like a great hunt! Congratulations to Tessa! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Heat

    Any lab pups?

    If anybody needs a donor, this guy is ready to go!