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  1. Heat

    Pinched nerve - Cant draw bow

    Not a whole lot you can do in the short term but rest and stretch but keep working with your PT. Sorry man, maybe someone has a 30# bow you can shoot with your other hand.
  2. Heat

    My Epic Sheep Hunt

    Very nice ram, congrats!
  3. Heat

    Any Tequila Drinkers here?

    I love blancos. El Tesoro, Tequila Ocho, LALO, or Volcan de Mi Tierra is what I am sipping on. I like Olmeca Altos for mixing margaritas.
  4. Heat

    Some 3A BS

    Good Catch! Total rip off!
  5. Heat

    Deep Sea Fishing Out of San Diego

    Not sure why exactly but our Captain on the Highliner took us Rockfishing to the 60 Mile Bank on Saturday. Pretty sure we were too far from the bluefin for the overnight. Thought the zone we were going to might have some kelp fish but that was way off. Dead way out west, got closer to the Islands and lots of boats were around. We managed to get 5 dorado. I had my chance but blew it. Got bit. Had 5-10 cranks and came unbuttoned. Caught a protected Cow Cod that was giant and had to be released. Watched the birds annihilate it instead. PB rockfish (bocaccio/salmon grouper) and biggest on the boat by far. Caught all my fish on a 350 gram knife jig. Would have won jackpot easy but we didn't have one. Only 9 of us on that boat was super nice. Update, forgot to mention that I did try out my new rig...used my new custom Rainshadow RCKJB700-325 that is acid wrapped. Worked great!
  6. Heat

    Deep Sea Fishing Out of San Diego

    Good Luck!
  7. Heat

    Deep Sea Fishing Out of San Diego

    Will be getting on the Highliner Friday night.
  8. Heat

    Incorrect Dates for OTC Deer...

    They killed a buck in Region 4 when the season was closed because they trusted Go Hunt instead of reading the actual Regulations.
  9. Heat

    1/2 day San Diego

    PM has been much better for Calicos lately but AM could be better for Rockfish. I chose PM when I went and had zero regrets. Guys we fished with on the PM were on a re ride and they said the PM was much better.
  10. Heat

    Annual SD trip

    Nice work guys!
  11. Heat

    Another Albacore

    My first tuna, albacore on the El Capitan probably almost 20 years ago.
  12. Heat

    Colorado Brown Trout

    Right on Lance, nice fish.
  13. Heat

    San Diego half day trip

    Can't beat a half day trip to get your feet wet so to speak. Those operations all cater to the beginners and kids. If the fish cooperate you guys will have a blast. Generally pretty good fishing through September at least. Have fun! I like the Daily Double. Only 35 anglers max. If you can find a local 3/4 on the Point Loma even better. It's even smaller at 18 anglers tops I think. New Seaforth out of Seaforth Landing is also a solid operation. Can't go wrong either way.