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  1. We are talking about Arizona.
  2. I don't think there is the will, need, or capacity to test even 100,000 by that date nevermind some of the higher numbers. A lot of people will be exposed and could possibly test positive but nowhere near that many will actually get tested.
  3. Heat

    Roxy Ray, she gonna be missed.

    Sorry man, that is a tough deal. You can be sure you did the right thing though. My sincere condolences!
  4. Today is Fred Bear's Birthday. What a great day to remember his contributions to the world of hunting and archery. His Bear bows and his persona are legendary in every sense.
  5. Heat

    AKC Papered Lab Puppies for Sale???

    Willy approves of this request!
  6. Eliminating point guard will help draw odds more than one of those deals I bet.
  7. Cool! I should be good.
  8. Ya man, tag numbers were down in quite a few units. I thought the reductions were appropriate but the point creep this year is probably going to be horrendous!
  9. No tags for me or my wife. I've been banking deer points for this very reason. Kaibab archery here I come! Anybody know what bonus pass level is on that hunt these days? Pretty sure I have enough.
  10. Heat

    I'm Still Alive -- barely

    Dang Tony, sorry to hear about this. I really hope you are back on your feet again soon amigo! Hang in there!
  11. Heat

    I HATE AZGFD online system!!!!!

    Next time only give one email address, yours! Sorry this happened. My wife has her cards, I have mine. We don't mix and match so the only person to blame in a situation like this is myself.
  12. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Lee, A guy that I met from the old AZOD forums and have fished with before has a Charter booked on her already. I don't have my spot secured yet but I think he still has space available. Late July, 2.5 Day trip, food included for $900. Departs July 24 2100, returns July 27 0600. They have been doing a fair amount of work to spruce her up a bit. Most important though, I've already been out with this Captain and some of the crew in less than good conditions and they showed up big time. They were using Image Stabilizing binos on the Tomahawk and did really well finding kelps in fairly choppy seas. Kaibabs are nice but way too rough to use them on the ocean most of the time. I feel confident fishing with them again.
  13. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Reports state 60# (right on the money) and #120.
  14. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Ya those head boats aren't for everyone. Smaller boats with fewer passengers makes it better. Outrider max is 11 anglers I believe. Success is another smaller boat. Compared to anywhere else in the USA including Hawaii, its hard to beat. Mexico is a different story. I dig Mexico but Cali is so much easier for me.