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  1. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Probably a kite fish. Lots of fish on the sinker rigs too and some on the flatfall.
  2. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Pegasus landed a 340# this week. Most of the bluefin are 100# plus lately. That was completely unheard of 10-15 years ago. Insane! Good time to catch a fish of a lifetime out of San Diego.
  3. please pass the ceviche senior.......

  4. Heat

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    I'm shocked and saddened at this news. Mike was a good man and loved the Lord and his family very much. I pray that they are comforted at this hour. My sincere condolences.
  5. Heat

    Toyota 4x4

    My first truck was a 1980 Toyota pickup with the 20R motor. That little motor had some torque! I've also owned a 1994 pickup that had the 22RE motor. That thing was bulletproof as you guys know well. Rare find for whoever is in the market. Good Luck with the sale, sounds like a great truck!
  6. Heat

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    Awesome brother! Thank you so much for sharing your info and pics! That get's me fired up!
  7. Heat

    Kenai River Guide Recommendation

    We are staying in Cooper Landing so it will be much further to go to Homer, but yes please let me know of any reputable charters for Halibut fishing out of Homer. My in laws got an earful about Homer from some friends of theirs who have been a bunch of times and now have that in their head. I would appreciate it!
  8. I'm planning a trip to Alaska next summer. Of course I'm going to fish. We are going to try Halibut fishing out of Seward and I know of a few outfits that will work for that. Want to know if anybody has any experience to share and a recommendation for a guide if possible for the Kenai or Kasilof rivers. We understand that the King Salmon fishing has been very sparse so we are perfectly fine with Sockeye and trout/dolly varden. A full day combo trip to catch whatever is biting is what we are after. We are going the last couple of weeks of July. Thanks for any info you can share!
  9. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Outrider got 8 bluefin for 5 anglers (110-216#) plus 7 yellowfin to 30# on their recent extended 1.5 day trip. Had a 300#er 15 feet from the boat a few days ago but broke him off. Wicked Tuna got nothing on these boys. Now that is some meat on the deck! Bluefin tuna fishing for the big models is about as good as it gets right now. Get out there if you can! Can't wait to get out there next month!
  10. Heat

    The Family Sheep Hunt - 2019 Ram

    Awesome hunt! Glad things all worked out for you guys. Excellent result as well. Thanks for the story.
  11. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Thanks for sharing some more details on your trip. I appreciate it.
  12. Heat

    2020 saltwater

    Right on, now let's see some pics!
  13. Heat

    Happy Father's Day

    This is my Dad. I miss him so much. For you guys that still have your Dads around don't take it for granted one single day.
  14. Heat

    Pop-Up Campers, good or bad idea?

    I'm in the canvas Wall Tent with comfortable cots and heater group. I don't like being limited to certain places to camp because a trailer is involved. I like being able to take the truck wherever I want to go and hunt from there. No right way, just whatever is comfortable and works for you.
  15. Heat

    North Kaibab On Fire

    Around 20,000 acres now and bearing down on Jacob Lake. Awful! Glad I decided to get points only again this year. Next year should be epic.