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  1. Wow, throwing the last draw out as a total fiasco, do you think they might get it done and run cards on the 25th?
  2. Heat

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    Thanks for the report Dan, that is unreal! Great work man and congratulations on your jumbo!
  3. Heat

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    If the pics I saw on Facebook are him I'd say our boy Swivelhead killed it!
  4. Heat

    Fly fishing

    Me too twistzz. We have a driftboat trip on the Kenai and a halibut trip out of Seward already booked.
  5. Heat

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    Thats one thing I like about fishing mono line primarily. You can respool with fresh line every year and not spend a giant fortune.
  6. Heat

    WTB 20ga 26" O/U

  7. Heat


    Interesting perspective from your friend Siwash. I am not a fly fisherman and I like to eat trout, so I guess I can see how he might look at it differently than someone coming from spinning gear. I can also see it being a totally different story in a place like the Pacific NW where they have much bigger water.
  8. Heat


    Your cane pole extends to 10 feet, is less than 3 ounces, and fits in your backpack? Cool, tell me where I can cut some of that. 👍
  9. Heat


    Anyone ever try it? Seems like an easy way to get on some fish. I don't know that much about it but looks like fun. The reel-less, super light weight, and portability for hiking/backpacking aspects look outstanding. Similar to traditional archery, I am intrigued by this "less is more" style of fishing. Wonder how it works in reality for our little streams and rivers here in AZ? I usually choose a 5'6" UL spinning set up for that but those are not anywhere near as packable or convenient as a tenkara style rod rig. Curious to hear about some experiences from those who have tried it.
  10. Heat

    A dream day on the lake

    That looks like a bunch of fun!
  11. Heat

    Annual Cwt tuna trip

    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a 1.5 Day Trip for Father's Day weekend. Departing Saturday, fishing all day Sunday, and returning to the dock early Monday AM. Looking for some company perhaps before I book. Probably will go regardless. Been looking at this boat pretty hard last few years but its normally booked. This year it is booked solid from July through October. PM or reply here if you might be interested in going fishing for Father's Day.
  12. Heat

    2021 Az Buffalo Success!!!

    Way to go!
  13. Heat

    Scheels coming to Chandler!!

    An alternative to the Johnny Morris Mafia will be nice.
  14. Heat

    WTB 20ga 26" O/U

    bump up for Sunday sellers
  15. Heat

    WTB 380 - smallish frame

    PM sent