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  1. Heat

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    Like you guys said, if this is a "tragedy" he is a pretty privileged person!
  2. Heat

    Non Covid bug going around

    ^This right here.^ This will NEVER end.
  3. Heat


    If you decide to split stuff I might be interested.
  4. Heat


    nevermind, package deal...
  5. Heat

    Anybody know these thieves

    Teaching your kids to steal is worse than the stealing IMO. Hope ya'll catch these morons.
  6. Heat

    Bison Hunting for Youth?

    For me the biggest obstacle was the mental challenge of staying motivated. As much time as possible is critical. You could get lucky and have one come in on the first day but odds he is in for a long, boring ordeal. You can only watch the same squirrels, chipmunks, and deer so long before things get old. Have a few good books, games, etc and great snacks to keep you guys going. Maybe schedule a change of personnel to come for a few days to change things up. I had my cousin a few days, my buddy a few days, and a few days myself, 12 days total until I got it done on a 14 day hunt.
  7. Heat

    Mushroom foragers

    My cousin and his soon to be ex wife are/were really into it. I should have been learning this stuff a long time ago but never too late. I can identify boletes, lobsters, chanterelles, and of course morels.
  8. Heat

    Mushroom foragers

    Not one of the best varieties but this Slippery Jack is edible.
  9. Heat

    electric winch drag weight vs rating.

    Not personally messed with one of those winches but seen it done before.
  10. Heat

    Trail cams still legal here

    I see it as the same as operating an aircraft. Game and Fish only has so much jurisdiction. Its not like you can't fly an airplane over Arizona during a hunt, but you better not be talking to anybody on the ground. Same crap with this camera nonsense. Might not want to use it for hunting but there is nothing stopping anybody from still using a camera in the forest or wherever if you aren't using it for "take".
  11. Heat

    Trail cams still legal here

    Ya the cell cams have been illegal for a while for sure. I just read the thread title and overlooked the cell part. My bad.
  12. Heat

    Trail cams still legal here

    Still legal here and will be until all of the land management agencies weigh in on photography on their lands. Game and Fish only has jurisdiction on take so there will always be cams on the landscape. If anyone believes they are going to all of a sudden disappear because of the dumb new rule for 2022, I got some Ocean Front Property for you, right here in Yuma!!!
  13. Heat

    Any CWT want to do a SD fishing trip?

    I want to, but I can't commit to anything. My freezer is full. If I don't kill a deer, maybe. I want a Dorado bad!
  14. Heat

    Tommy998 scammer

    Hit me up too, I reported it right away.
  15. Heat

    Sauerfish Charter Review 6 pack San Diego

    Right on, thanks for sharing. Seems like the fish are on one day and off the next. Weird times until those solid warm water currents come.