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  1. Heat

    Points for unit 1

    This is correct. To add a little detail, 38% of the people with 8 Points were drawn in the bonus. Without a doubt most if not all of these applicants were residents. You had to have 11 to be in the 100% category. Non-residents probably started dropping out at 10 points. Given that I would say at least 8 maybe 9 this year for a resident to have a chance in the bonus pass. Odds go up from there.
  2. Heat

    Backpacking Sleeping bag recommendations

    Check out Rokslide and Bowsite for reviews from some hardcore hunters. Its hard to beat a Western Mountaineering bag based on the reviews I've seen. They have semi-rectangular bags which lots of people like if a mummy bag is too constricting. Marmot Helium is also a good bag in the range you are looking for. Seeing good reviews for Nemo too. I have a North Face synthetic bag that has held up very well but its big and heavy, but reliable. Its a Goliath 3D, but they don't make it anymore.
  3. Heat

    Points for unit 1

    They are referring to the bonus pass not the 1/2 pass random draw.
  4. Heat

    Big City Buck

    Congrats on your archery buck man! Sometimes its best to just wait them out like that.
  5. Heat

    What’s the deal with Hoyt

    This is why I have gone in the opposite direction for the most part. I shoot recurves with 50's era technology. Not much has changed with a recurve since then. Ya, theres ILF and different materials for strings and bows but as far as performance goes I'll bet my 1960 Kodiak will spit arrows as well as any trad bow made in this century.
  6. Heat

    First deer ever!

    Way to go man! Congrats on your buck!
  7. Heat


    Word on the street is that Thorpe has pulled the Bills from consideration. My real question is who put him up to this. Its good to know your enemy. Something to think about before the election in November, especially if he is your Representative. We don't need this California RINO doing business in the State Capital if you ask me.
  8. Heat


    I've helped build many catchments on public land and zero of them had anything to do with a rancher. These bills are ridiculous!
  9. Heat

    WMAT Turkey hunt

    Get Marty Gatewood as a guide if possible and you will kill! He's an awesome hunter and a super nice guy.
  10. Heat

    Lost a good friend

    Sorry about your friend man.
  11. Heat

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    Nice bull man! Be careful though, like sheep these bison get in your blood. I can't wait to go help somebody on another bison hunt.
  12. Heat

    Lifetime licsense!

    A Lifetime License is never a bad idea. Good luck to you Bob! Wish you all the best man.
  13. Heat

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    Colt still makes the AR they just don't market it and sell it to the citizens anymore. The way I understood it, they were still available for LE and Military sales. F Colt and their marketing gimmicks.
  14. Heat

    Desert Bighorn to end amazing yrs

    Got his money's worth! Nice!
  15. Heat


    Thanks Tony. Happy New Year to all of you as well. Remember, iron sharpens iron; be good to one another!