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  1. Heat

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Nothing planned. Let me know if anyone needs to fill a spot.
  2. Heat

    Finally going home. AZ here we come!

    Welcome home!
  3. Heat

    New Member

    Trphyhntr is a lot of things, but thief or scammer he is not! Sorry about your troubles but accusing an innocent person is wrong. Not the same person. Corsican ram?, LOL!
  4. Heat

    Bullet selection

    Mine was a smaller cow but I used a 30-06. She dropped immediately. Keep in mind that a mature cow is half the size of a mature bull so you don't really need a big gigantic rifle. If you have a rifle that you use for bull elk that you are comfortable with, use it. No need to re-invent something. Also keep in mind that the vast majority of the bison killed on the Kaibab are probably killed at archery range very close to a salt or water. You don't need a ton of energy if you are staying close to your target. Avoid the major bone and make it count and any standard big game caliber will be fine. That 7 Mag is plenty.
  5. Heat

    Lee's Ferry

    I'm sure the fishery is fine. 30 - 50 mph winds with blowing rain and sand more than half the day didn't help. Plus I suck.
  6. Heat

    Lee's Ferry

    Is it just me or does this fish look a bit like a cutthroat?
  7. Heat

    Lee's Ferry

    Conditions sucked but managed to catch one fish...biggest trout of my life so far! Fished the walk in.
  8. Heat

    Punta Colonet

    Nice haul!
  9. Heat

    Hiking boot selection, heel issues

    Wore the Meindl boots out of the house to Lowes the other day. Those are a winner for sure. Also trying these Made in USA Rocky S2V military style boots. These should be great for most hunts. With the stitch down and glued sole at $120 I had to give them a shot. Just wide enough for my flippers without having to order the wide. Went with my normal athletic shoe size. So far, so good surprisingly!
  10. Heat

    Newbs and non resident dont's

    No, I didn't "catch anything" with my bow.
  11. Heat

    Hiking boot selection, heel issues

    I put the Meindls on again just now with a lighter pair of merino socks, which is what I will be wearing most often I think. I paid particular attention to lacing the right boot a bit more loose than the left. It was feeling a bit tighter but everything felt better today. I am close to cutting off the tags on them and calling it good! Update - All In! Tags are off!
  12. Heat

    Hiking boot selection, heel issues

    I am on what I call a boot journey. Ordered some Crispi Nevadas recently from Sportsman's Warehouse and they sent me a floor model or something. One boot, that is normally the one that is a little tighter, was way more loose than the other boot. I sent those back. I'll just say that their customer service isn't the best. Based on suggestions on my foot type I tried some Meindl USA Comfort Fit Hikers next. Those just showed up yesterday. I'm trying to decide if they are too small or not. Their sizing is funky. I had to size down about a whole size. They are made in Germany and have top notch craftsmanship, and although I usually go with something from the USA or Italy, these are great. Those and the Nevadas definitely have a lot more ankle padding than the Zamberlans I have been wearing, and the Meindl in particular seem to have a very padded achilles area. I think the Crispis have a little less flex in the sole than the Meindls. I have also noticed that over the last ten years or so my feet have gotten a little longer and a fair bit wider. I have skinny ankles, narrow heels, and bit wider than normal toe area. Keen probably fit my feet the best but they are more or less junk after about a year or so it seems. Their materials aren't the best I guess.
  13. Heat


  14. Heat

    Boots destroyed by Hydrolysis

    Best way to prevent this is to wear your boots. Crazy huh?
  15. Heat

    Found in 20B

    Alls well that ends well. Nice work guys.