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  1. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    Sig has sold
  2. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    Also might be willing to trade for other guns let me know what you got thanks
  3. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    Sig is spf
  4. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    22" I believe
  5. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    For got to add I'm in Glendale in between sportsmans and cabelas
  6. buckmaster21

    Thinning out the gun safe

    I have up for sale a savage 110 switch back 6.5 cm prob about 100 rounds down the tub asking 450 for it. Also have a sig p365xl with optics one hoster and one mag asking 500 for it . Last I have a marlin 1895 45-70 jm stamped not to sure what it is worth make an honest off on it I was told it was worth 1200 but not sure I'll post up pics in a few
  7. buckmaster21

    Card Hits!

    I got the bull tag should be a fun hunt had it a few years ago
  8. buckmaster21

    Card Hits!

    3b late muzzy for me
  9. buckmaster21

    ISO 7mm-08 rifle

    Seekins ph2 in a 308 and don't look back my daughter is a kill with it and it shoots anything you put through it
  10. buckmaster21

    Card Hits!

    Just got a hit for a bull tag late rifle or muzzy
  11. buckmaster21

    SOLD Christensen Ridgeline 300 PRC with Manners EH1

    I can't believe this hasn't sold yet
  12. buckmaster21

    300 win mag for trade

    What you looking for In trade?
  13. buckmaster21

    Pig down

  14. buckmaster21

    Pig down

    Nice good luck I didn't even want to shot this one lol my younger brother missed 4 shot and I told him next one is mine I'm pumped for the Jr Hunt my daughter has a tag
  15. buckmaster21

    Pig down

    Haven't seen any pigs posted yet so I thought I would share mine