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  1. buckmaster21

    WTB Kimber Rifle

    They had a hunter pro in 6.5 cm at sportsman's the other day off the i17
  2. buckmaster21

    Found in 20B

    Was it a deer my buddy hit one but could not recover it
  3. buckmaster21

    Seekins 300 PRC

    If this is still available next week it will be mine
  4. buckmaster21

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    Sorry miss read your post
  5. buckmaster21

    6.5 PRC Rifle FS

    They 499 without scope right
  6. buckmaster21

    Leftover tags

    It's going to be a bummer for sure if there is no archery 20b tags left
  7. buckmaster21

    Card hits??

    I didn't draw a ham 24b tag last year I think it was the first time I have never drawn a pig tag
  8. buckmaster21

    Spring draw

    4 pig tags and 2 turkey tags for us
  9. buckmaster21

    7mm-08 Tikka t3 super light lightweight tack driver

    If the gun shoots good and you like it I would keep it you can never have to many lol
  10. buckmaster21

    6.5 Weatherby RPM AMMO WTS

    I will take both boxes
  11. buckmaster21

    6.8 western

    Any one on hear have a 6.8 western if so how do you like it?
  12. buckmaster21

    Legal definition of a buck

    You will know a legal buck when you see one if you putting in for az
  13. buckmaster21

    20B Youth Pig Hunt Party?

    I'll be out there with my daughter she has the deer and pig tag
  14. buckmaster21

    6.5 creedmoor & 9mm ammo

    I'll take the cm ammo where you located?
  15. buckmaster21

    6.5 creedmoor ammo

    I will take 2 boxes where you located