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  1. buckmaster21

    WTS Badlands Approach Hat

    Bro this post is like 3 years old go pound some sand
  2. buckmaster21

    2002 Jeep Liberty

    Man it's like you have a going out of business sale going one or something
  3. buckmaster21

    Wtb 280 Ackley Improved

    Just seeing if any one wanted to part with a rifle in 280 ai I have been looking at the ca arms and the Savage ultralight but am open to options thanks Tim
  4. buckmaster21

    Shotgun shells (dove season)

    They had 12 at Walmart on 59th and bell and I seen 2 boxes of 20 there sportsman's had 12 also
  5. buckmaster21

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    Out of curiosity how many points did you have?
  6. buckmaster21

    1 box of 300 win 200gr eldx

  7. buckmaster21

    Vortex razor hd lt 2-10-40 for sale

  8. buckmaster21

    1 box of 300 win 200gr eldx

    Located in Glendale
  9. buckmaster21

    1 box of 300 win 200gr eldx

    I have one box of 300 win eldx 60$
  10. Lightly used vortex razor for sale awesome glass 300$
  11. buckmaster21

    ISO CVA Paramount Pro

    I have the regular paramount I might consider selling let me know if interested
  12. buckmaster21

    Draw Results Posted?

    21 wt October for me and 20bjr deer and pig for my daughter
  13. buckmaster21

    Hits Started

    12aw or 21 wt tag for me and 12aw Jr or 20b Jr for my daughter and also a Jr pig tag for 20b
  14. buckmaster21

    Looking for 30-30 rounds

    I found a few boxes at Walmart not to long ago the one on 59th and bell