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  1. TOBY

    Water Catchment Map

    the "dot to dot " book.
  2. TOBY


    Karen and Nancy must be on vacation. I figured the FJB would do it.
  3. TOBY

    Frustrated By Potential Buyers

    If someone had dibs on it thru you and you sold it out from underneath them then yes you deserve to be bashed. If no deal was made no harm. I had a verbal deal on a sxs and some dick sold it out from under me as i was driving to get it from a long ways away. Dick move and not a real man.
  4. TOBY

    Auction tags

    Yet they ask for volunteers to haul water in the summer to the trick tanks? Yeah that money is being spent wisely
  5. TOBY

    Pinched nerve - Cant draw bow

    I think you should require a documented archery history of 10 years minumum to be able to qualify for a xbow permit. Hope you get better soon.
  6. TOBY

    Still ISO outdoorsman panhead

    look at tricer head
  7. he sits in a control tower directing trains for 100k from mon thru friday gig. Sorry your job sucked.
  8. BNSF . My nephew started 9 years ago at 60k and now makes 100k. He has to live in minot north dakota but a a great union career for someone who doesnt want the college route.
  9. TOBY

    Elk meat

    Hot italian sausage, chorizo, bratwursts, snack sticks, summer sausage. Elkl brats are my favorite in natural sheep casings not the fake ones. Plus bacon is ground into all burger when processing. All done at home. If you are talking about recipes for meat someone else can chime in for that.
  10. TOBY


    It was a joke....hence the just kidding. If you cant take a little ribbing you came to the wrong sight.
  11. TOBY


    If I shot a 50 inch buck with a 10,000 dollar clickety click rifle I would hide too. Just kidding congrats on your kill.
  12. TOBY

    Bull found 5BS

    Bad shots happen to all of us eventually. Wait til the rifle cow hunts in a couple weeks when the lead starts flying....
  13. TOBY

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    not a backpackers special but a solid tripod for the coin. I have beat the piss out of mine. go plenty high for a tall person. great for the claw or whatever rail system you have.
  14. TOBY

    A thank you to AZGFD

    Well he happens to know I was busting his balls in fun. Why would I know what he needed to fix it? Think about it....some people have friends here and some are just dicks.. I happen to be both. Some are just dicks.
  15. TOBY

    A thank you to AZGFD

    You want a medal or a chest to pin it on? 1-1/2 slippy slide coupling and a male adapter and some red hot glue. And channel locks.