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  1. TOBY

    Poaching ring busted

    You need help if Bob makes your day lol. I am going to watch soccer all weekend now just cuz Bob hates it so much With my Mexican wife just to make it more offensive to him
  2. TOBY

    Poaching ring busted

    https://www.facebook.com/azgfd/photos/a.178084410677/10158152951195678/?type=3 this goes back at least this far.
  3. TOBY

    Poaching ring busted

    It has been going on for a few years so possibly.
  4. TOBY

    Poaching ring busted

    I have heard that with the possibilities LEOs involved as well. Its not all brown.
  5. TOBY

    Poaching ring busted

    Anybody see any public info on the poachers busted in 20c. I have heard all the transplant sheep were killed, hundreds of deer and cattle poached. The 300 tags this year hopefully will help the unit rebound. All being sold to black market meat shops. Been going on for years. Just thought I would ask.
  6. Nothing but scammers online. Anyone willing to give up their man card and give me a lead here? PM me please. Thanks
  7. Double wrapped waxed freezer paper will give you 4 years in the freezer. Plus you can have your wife wrap it all for you.
  8. TOBY


    you have a fulcrum that you would sell?
  9. TOBY

    Ruger American Predator 6.5 creedmoor

    Would you sell without the scope?
  10. TOBY


    FCC license? Or treat them like closed forest roads I guess?
  11. TOBY

    Card Hits!

    New keyboard required. Spit coffee all over this one and laughed my butt off. trphyhntr wins the gold medal. 2 late elk hits in this family also a day late.
  12. TOBY

    Governors or raffle bulls this year?

    My favorite is the...... We have had our eye on this bull for 5 years now....gtfooh.
  13. TOBY

    New build termite pretreatment

    wickenburg pest control. 928-684-2728 think they are .45 sqft for pretreatment.
  14. TOBY

    Kifaru Hoodlum vs 44 Mag

    Fulcrum has my vote.
  15. TOBY

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Plus the other 2 with five more going on 93. Giving cochino valley and crotchnwood a run for their money with these things.