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  1. TOBY

    Trail camera rule changes!

    saw a cell phone game camera on a drinker in 20c last week.
  2. TOBY

    Elk Tamales

    Nice... we only made 15 dozen this year..2020. Half elk half deer.
  3. TOBY

    Paying Children Allowance

    I remember once a month if i saved my allowance i could go to The Store (real name) and buy a new star wars figure. 3 bucks and change. Pretty sure thats where I got my double telescoping light saber darth vader. Those were the good years when we got it. Regardless we did what we were told allowance or not. My kids never got one. If they needed something that was ridiculously expensive we got it for them. Teach them young..... we had them on stools washing dishes, doing their own laundry, pulling weeds,picking up dog shoot, vacuuming, all the chores all kids should be doing.. if not you are raising kids who wont be able to wipe their own butt as adults. Neither one had an xbox or playstation.
  4. TOBY

    Sinewy/Tendon Meat?

    dont skimp out .get a 33 mm plate minimum. I went from a 5 horse 3 phase hobart to a 22mm cabelas special and hate it.
  5. TOBY

    Sinewy/Tendon Meat?

    Your processor makes hamburger out of it.....just saying. They a filleting Jack out of. Hunk and chunk in the grinder it goes.
  6. TOBY

    Tracking dog in Tucson area

    .77 miles on onx close to a mile with twists and turns. Deer is hanging in the cooler. String jumping little bastards.
  7. TOBY

    What caliber should I buy?

    7 mag with a break or can
  8. TOBY

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    2021 apps will will have after point guard a section to purchase a trail cam usage sticker per camera limited to a specific number per customer. My guess anyway. They wont ban them if they can make bank off of them.
  9. TOBY

    Range Finder feedback?

    Does anyone else lose the red led when it's sunny or just my colorblind butt? Other than that kilo 2000 is great But I still use my old arc bushnell in bow season Cruz it's black readout.
  10. TOBY

    WTB brush pants/ upland pants

    Dickies carpenter jeans at walmart
  11. TOBY

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    When el mirage was the first town after wittmann going to kmart and smitty's in peoria from Congress. Does trophyhntr know the hepatitis song? )))
  12. TOBY

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    I worked at the wickenburg location 1987,88. Not Phoenix but the best burgers.
  13. TOBY

    Trailer Service

    Can either do factory warranty for springdale trailers?