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  1. So I apply for a leftover cow tag as well as my father in law and mail it Saturday before the Monday. We put in separate of course. Wednesday rolls around my portal shows nothing and my father in law get a tag. Cool for him as he is 72 and you never know. So friday rolls around and I check the mail and get a envelope from Game and fish addressed to me. I open it up to find the original envelope I mailed for father in law with his Name on envelope. Weird.... so i open the envelope to find my own application rejected and my check for myself. In his envelope.....meaning they were right beside each other on the drawing table. Anyone ever get an oops like that? Happy for my finlaw but just weird none the less. Just a mistake but dang....
  2. TOBY

    Need New Fridge

    Find a in stock one and go pick it up. I can turn my walk in cooler if needed.im in Wickenburg.
  3. TOBY

    UTV Rifle Carrier/Case?

    I use an unzipped soft case while road hunting. Trophyhuntr gave me some pointers.
  4. TOBY


    Craigslist charges 5 dollars to sell a car now. Amanda should get a cut as well.
  5. TOBY

    A cure for the virus.....

    some out of stater won. can we sell arizona only? azdeer........
  6. TOBY

    Leftovers again?

    My finlaw drew one. I picked the wrong envelope. Looks like I'm guiding again like always. Better than nothing.
  7. TOBY

    A cure for the virus.....

    1 left
  8. TOBY

    WTT 6 pack of Charmin for custom rifle or 4WD

    Long as my 2 freezers full of game have electric I'm good for a while. Or lots of jerky.
  9. TOBY

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Natural selection will take its course.
  10. TOBY

    SPY and USO making new lows

    All this sh1t to get a Democrat back in office...smfh
  11. TOBY

    Black Mountain Herd Management Area-Burro

    drop the protection and deem them feral. done.
  12. TOBY

    Costco is getting emptied

    The sky is falling the sky is falling............................................holy shoot a talking chicken!
  13. Pretty sure some elite guide services use these set ups as well. no footprint left as it creates its own signal. Pretty cool set up.
  14. he reminded me of del w but lesser of a dick and probably had a facebook account.