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  1. TOBY

    Are camper shell

    It is only going to fit 97-03 5.5 bed.
  2. TOBY

    Are camper shell

    On a 2001 shortbed f150. 5.5 ft. $200. Don't have the key and shocks need changed. In Wickenburg. Good shape for age and priced right to sell. Message me for info and phone number.thx.
  3. TOBY

    New Fire on the Rim

    Ban all campfires, smoking, and drinking and the only fires will be lightning caused.
  4. TOBY

    poem needs help-anyone?

    Too much info for a poem. Make more shorter poems.good stuff.
  5. TOBY

    WTB: 4Runner, Cherokee, or something similar

    Patience and cash in hand plus a little luck. Stay away from 3.0 in older 4runners. 3.4 3rd gen are good. Xj Cherokee are amazing. You get what you pay for. One that has been built and beat to $hit...or a street queen that hasn't but spendy. Or a stocker that is overpriced that you will spend a mint customizing. Good luck
  6. TOBY

    Checker Board Land Access

    ^^^^^Agreed^^^^^ Plus a distance variable should come into play. I know there are some areas that would require a helicopter to get to with out corner hopping, But somehow the guide$ get there.
  7. TOBY

    Checker Board Land Access

    If I owned property and they had another way around then yes I would. If it was an egress issue and I had to let people thru then I would. Law is law.
  8. TOBY


    The one I replaced in my rhino was ten years old and still going.bump for a good product. worth the extra dough.
  9. TOBY

    2009 rhino special edition

    How many miles?
  10. https://www.walmart.com/search/?cat_id=0&query=drop+hitch
  11. How much are you towing? I paid $30 for my drop hitch from wal mart.
  12. My $5 walmart selfie stick has a 1/4 20 stud that goes right on a tri pod.
  13. TOBY

    The Draw ?

  14. TOBY

    Gun License/Registration