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  1. TOBY

    WAR in Kentucky!

    If you vote third party it is a guaranteed victory for the dems....Ross Perot.....
  2. TOBY

    SXS security

    I hit the lock button on my xj and walk away.
  3. TOBY

    Pennsylvania Bull

    living in an amish paradise ))
  4. TOBY

    Got tickted by azgf

    Depends which way people are shooting. If intelligent hunters are shooting away from said structure yes, but the bonehead shooting towards said structure it isn't far enuf....and they do.
  5. TOBY

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    So could a raffle or auction tag holder possibly shot it and lost it? Or it didn't score enuff to tag?
  6. TOBY

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    If stickflikr and bohuntr measured any antlers I would believe the score.
  7. TOBY

    Swarovski Customer Service

    My 15s cost 165 for 2 new lenses. The process worked ok. The same day I sent my 10 42 to vortex that i bought in 07 that were trashed. Never got a relpy from vortex or nothing........wait for it....... But before I even heard from swaro I had a brand new pair of 10s from vortex in the post office for free. They are still vortex but great service. Wasnt impressed with swaro at all. Love my all my swaro products but expected better considering the thousands of dollars of stuff I have purchased from them.
  8. TOBY

    Wounding bulls

    It's sad that we are lumped together as hunters when there are so many douchebags giving us bad names.
  9. TOBY

    Is there a way.....

    Or click the x on the top right of the screen and go away.
  10. TOBY


    So cool not seeing an A3 tramp stamp on a beautiful animal.
  11. TOBY

    Any metalheads?

    Not even close^^^^^^.AZ8 wins hands down.
  12. TOBY

    Coyote Down

    A little gutthurt
  13. TOBY

    22S Last Night

    Well the power line poacher is a member here and a few other @$$holes here also so you never know. Plus not a lot of tags if I'm not mistaken. Not illegal just immoral.
  14. TOBY

    Fruits of success.

    Put some metallica on and be done in 2 hours. Plus buy a roll of butcher paper and double wrap your product and be good for 3 years in the freezer. Congrats on your kill.
  15. TOBY

    Realistic Field Shooting

    Agreed. My wifes deer last year was glassed at daylight and 5 hours later of methodically closing the distance she made a clean tri clawps 300 yard shot when he climbed out of his tree. Turn the page to my hunt jumped my buck out of thick stuff and offhand 100 yard ish shot. No click click click stuff on my rifles. They serve a purpose for some(like kuiu and flat brimmed hats) and i apreciate the guys like Lance who do the work and know when NOT to shoot that long shot even though the gun can. This thread is gonna go south fast like all the others, but a good topic.