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  1. TOBY

    Kifaru Muskeg

    I love mine. Same frame but I got the apollo bag on clearance last year. great bag for day hunting plus has a meat shelf. Awesome bag. And a frame that fits you proper is an amazing difference.
  2. TOBY

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    Not too many should be taking that shot....or half that distance...
  3. TOBY

    Brake controller install

    That^^^^^^^ Ive done a chevy and ford bothr early 2000s and they were plug and play with the right adapter.
  4. TOBY

    Do we really need a border wall?

    cancel all ebt and access programs for a year and crack down on e-verify which is easy to fool. This will also force all white,brown,black system suckers to get off their butt and get a job. Would also pay off the national debt at the same time.
  5. TOBY

    How bout them Devils!

    If you are to young to get it you never will....
  6. TOBY

    How bout them Devils!

    This is the thread that never ends....It just goes on and on my friends..some people started reading it not knowing what it was and they'll continue reading it forever just because.......
  7. TOBY

    ISO 06 Rhino doors

    To fit 06 Rhino. stock or aftermarket. Thanks.
  8. TOBY

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    If you dress the part be prepared to be judged. Know what I'm saying?
  9. TOBY

    Do we really need a border wall?

    https://www.newsweek.com/joy-villa-responds-hatred-racism-build-wall-dress-2019-grammys-1326515 This is great
  10. I know nothing.........!
  11. Wow these one liners are great this morning. Funny $hit.....^^^^^^^^^ A lot of guys sell their glass because they buy at guide prices and sell for more than what they actually paid and then step up to next best thing and do it again.
  12. TOBY

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    buy some meth, get high, tear thru the forest on a quad or side by off the legal roads of course tearing up the forest and you will do fine. Or do what all the above have said.
  13. TOBY

    Wtt Savage Axis in 6.5 creedmoor

    It has a youth camo synthetic stock(wifes gun)..just remembered that. I shoulder it fine but some might not.