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  1. Badlands Clutch all buckles, straps and zippers work perfect. No tears or rips, great pack. Comes with water bladder. $175 Vortex Razor 16-48x65 straight in excellent condition with neoprene cover. $675 Redfield scope in great shape. Great scope for the money. $160 East side of Tucson 520-461-8507
  2. Shawn

    Coues in the Oaks

    Good stuff
  3. Shawn

    Zeiss 15x56

    These won't last long. Great binos at a awesome price!
  4. Shawn

    Horn hunter backpacks

    Got ahold of Horn Hunter they must have been having some communication issues for the last week. I do love that full curl pack, sending it in tomorrow
  5. Has anybody had any work done on a pack recently or have any contact info for Horn Hunter. I had an issue with my full curl pack on my deer hunt last week. I emailed them last Thursday and haven't got a response back and also called the number on the website and it doesn't ring it just disconnects. So I don't know whats up, they go out of business or what?
  6. Shawn

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Awesome buck! Congrats man
  7. Shawn

    Son's First!

    Very cool! Congrats
  8. Shawn

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Awesome job! Congrats
  9. Shawn

    Son's First Deer: Hooked on Coues!

    Awesome! Congrats
  10. Shawn

    Where am I ? Guess the location in pic.

    Haven't been back there for a few years, it sure is some cool country. Took my son back there several years ago camped right there for 3 nights. His one and only backpack trip. I thought that would be a perfect place for him to try out a backpack trip, didn't work LOL. Didn't help he didn't get a buck either.
  11. Shawn

    Where am I ? Guess the location in pic.

    does it have dos in the name an old car with wood spokes and a big Garden bathtub to the right of that picture
  12. Shawn

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    That's exactly my point! If a lion wants to take a human it can do it day or night. It just don't happen often so I will hike in and out in the dark and take my chances