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  1. Shawn

    Scratch those ears for me

    It sucks for sure
  2. Everything is sold. Thanks
  3. Snake chaps sold. Tent and boots still available
  4. Cabela's pack sold. Tent, snake chaps, boots and trail cam box still available. Trail cam lock box is FREE. East side of Tucson. 520 461-8507
  5. Tent is still available
  6. Kuiu pack sold. Everything else still avaliable
  7. Big Agnes fly creek UL1. A bear rolled around on the tent a few years ago (I was not in it). I had the rain fly replaced and 1 poll. Has 2 very small holes in the mesh. Comes with foot print. $140. now $125 heck of a tent at this price Kuiu ultra 6000 $300 New price $275 lowa renegade Lowa Renegade non gore tex size 9 1/2 $100 New price $75 Cabela's backpack $50 New Price $40 Snake chaps Like new $30 New price $25 Trail cam box Free East side of Tucson Can call or text 520 461-8507
  8. Shawn

    Backpack trip in Galiuros

    Thanks, I have the book and Documentary DVD. The documentary is on youtube now. If you haven't had a chance to watch it its very good.
  9. Shawn

    Backpack trip in Galiuros

    I have been wanting to make a backpack trip in the Galiuros for about 15 years and just have not been able to make it happen for one reason or another. A buddy and I made a plan in January if we didn't draw elk we would make a trip to powers garden and cabin the end of April. Figured this would be a good year with all the snow/rain for doing it that late. We are coming in from deer creek. Staying 1st night at powers garden, 2nd night at powers cabin, 3rd night back at powers garden. Was wondering if a side trip to hold out spring would be worth it? Or if any other side trips we should check out? Really looking forward to the trip. Chances are this will be the only time I will do it, just want to see as much cool stuff as I can in 4 days. Can PM me if more comfortable with that. Thanks
  10. Shawn

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    I will draw them tomorrow and video it and send to Casey and Chris on messenger tomorrow if you want? I will post draft order and divisions.
  11. Shawn

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    Yes. We will draw random draft and divisions in 2 weeks. Thats when 3 of us in the league will be together. I could also video it and post on Facebook.
  12. Shawn

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    Cool. League is filled
  13. Shawn

    ESPN fantasy Baseball

    1 more open spot