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  1. Shawn

    15xs or 18xs

    That little razor spotter is dang nice and well worth it. You can find them used all the time for five hundred bucks. Personally I would stay away from the kaibabs and get the 12x50 razors, gpo or meopta used. If you're set on higher power look for used meopta 15s or several other's brands that are better than the kaibabs and close to the same price used.
  2. Shawn

    First velvet buck

    Awesome buck, congrats!
  3. Shawn

    My first Coues

    Congrats on a good looking buck!
  4. Shawn

    Santa Rita Bears

  5. Price drop $825. Trade for optics
  6. Price drop $850 with harness
  7. Shawn

    Red flag laws

    The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
  8. Shawn

    Tons of glass for sale

    I had minox 13s for years and they are awesome! You will not find a better pair of glass in that price range
  9. Shawn

    Red flag laws

    It's a slippery slope and very scary.