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  1. Willyhunts2

    **f/s TIKKA T3 LIGHT 300 WIN MAG**

    What work has been done. Fluted stock barrel and muzzle break? After market parts?
  2. Willyhunts2

    2017 Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo bare bow

    Sent you a PM.
  3. Willyhunts2

    Kodiak Canvas Tent SOLD

    You get my message?
  4. Willyhunts2

    2018 Archery Coues Buck

    You are a stud! Congrats
  5. Willyhunts2

    Looking for older inexpensive rh bow

    I have a few older PSE bows. Out of town till Thursday but can get specifics then.
  6. Willyhunts2

    2017 NM Coues Buck

    Good job on a sweet buck.
  7. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

  8. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

  9. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

    Binos are used but in good shape. Only blemish I see is the inside rubberized area where they have rubbed going on and off tripod. Asking 900 including outdoorsmans stud. Located in gibert. PM or text 602-312-4679 -Will
  10. Willyhunts2

    Vortex razor 12x50's

    About to sell mine pretty soon so if anyone is interested let me know. 602-312-4679
  11. Willyhunts2


    I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you guys get it back!
  12. Willyhunts2

    Sig p320? S&w? Looking for a 9mm

    Love my full size P320 .40 cal enough to where I'm going to buy the same gun in the compact model. +1 one for buds. Just picked up a rifle today from my smith that I ordered from buds.
  13. Willyhunts2

    Freebie pressure washer for parts

    If that's a hole in the crank case it's toast.
  14. Willyhunts2

    Freebie pressure washer for parts

    Does the pump take oil also? I worked for Karcher for 12 years up till 2 weeks ago but I'm sure I can still get parts if it's worth fixing. If it's a residential model we call them "throw aways" cause cost more to fix than to replace.