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  1. Willyhunts2

    New Mexico draw

    Tried to take advantage of the muzzleloader hunts since it’s the first year of no scopes. That plan didn’t work out. OTC here I guess. Congrats to everyone that drew here and NM.
  2. Willyhunts2

    Remington 700 receiver for sale

    Gun broker may not be the best place to look if you’re trying to gauge what something is worth. Just an example, the same 7 saum brass has been on there for months for quadruple the price it should be sold at.
  3. New tikka 7 mag barrel. Scuffed some blueing off when it slipped in the barrel vise. Used tikka 25-06 barrel Used 7 RUM barrel. Has scratches New tikka stock Used tikka stock. Has bedding and a titanium lug in it. Used tikka stock. CVA Paramount stock which is inletted for the 700. Everything is on sale for “make an offer”. Located in Gilbert 602-312-4679
  4. Willyhunts2

    30 Cal Hornady ELD-X 200 gr. Bullets

    I’ll take both and send you a PM tomorrow. Thanks
  5. Willyhunts2

    30 Cal Hornady ELD-X 200 gr. Bullets

    You ever get to the East Valley?
  6. Willyhunts2

    ISO 7 SAUM reloading stuff

    Also have once fired 7mag Hornady brass and Remington brass. New 243 brass and a handful of new Winchester brass
  7. Willyhunts2

    ISO 7 SAUM reloading stuff

    Looking to buy or trade for brass, dies, Berger 180 VLD’s. What I have: 50 new pcs 300 win mag Norma brass ELD-X 7mm 162 gr- 123 308 cal 176 gn A-Tips- 100 RCBS FL 7 mag dies RCBS FL 300 SAUM dies The Berger projectiles in the pic Located in Gilbert 602-312-4679
  8. Willyhunts2

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT 7 Mag

  9. Willyhunts2

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline FFT 7 Mag

    It’s a hatch out west rail I bought from them because I use their bipod. My gunsmith installed it and I haven’t taken it off. I’m assuming he drilled a hole and threaded it. The rail came with the bolts.
  10. Wanting to sell this almost new gun. I love the rifle and thought I could look past the 700 action on this one but I can’t. I’m a tikka guy so looking for partial trade any tikka or tikka action with magnum bolt face. I started the barrel break in process so maybe 15 rounds down the barrel. Comes with hatch rail and Seekins 20 MOA rail. Scope and rings not included. $2000 located in Gilbert 602-312-4679
  11. Willyhunts2

    Tikka T3X Barrel and Stock

    How did you get it off? Long breaker bar, heat, and beer?
  12. Willyhunts2

    ISO Tikka T3X 300 wsm takeoff barrel

    I’m waiting for a 270 WSM to ship. As soon as I get it the barrel will be available. I will let you know if you’re still looking.
  13. Willyhunts2

    Swarovski 15x56 SLC

    Posting for a buddy. Swarovski 15X56 SLC - $1,400 Haven’t used them in 10 years, very well taken care of. Glass and body in excellent condition. Has a Swarovski adapter stud. Live in East Valley. Contact John at 928-719-1166 with any questions or interest.
  14. Willyhunts2

    Sig P320-Lowered $525

  15. Willyhunts2

    Sig P320-Lowered $525