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  1. Willyhunts2

    Vortex HS-T 6-24x50

    This scope was mounted on a rifle and shot 18 tines then sat in the safe the last few years. Asking $550 for the scope or $650 with the vortex precision matched rings. Meet in the Gilbert area. 602-312-4679
  2. Willyhunts2

    Buckshot, V-max, Nosler 300 WSM ammo

    45 ammo is still up.
  3. Willyhunts2

    Buckshot, V-max, Nosler 300 WSM ammo

    Sorry, forgot to add the 243 Federal Premium is just brass and spoken for.
  4. Willyhunts2

    Buckshot, V-max, Nosler 300 WSM ammo

    Buckshot and both boxes V-MAX SPF
  5. .243 V-Max both boxes $50 SPF Sig Sauer v-crown 45 auto 200 gr $30 Nosler 300 WSM 190 gr ABLR $70 SOLD PMC Bronze 223 $10 SPF All the buckshot $25 (there are 8 of the hevi duty, not 10) SPF Pick up in Gilbert area
  6. Willyhunts2

    Brass, bullets, and dies

    Back up
  7. Willyhunts2

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    Timneys are sweet especially if the are still giving you that bonus sucker.
  8. Willyhunts2


    Tis the season! Good dude to do business with.
  9. Willyhunts2

    2002 Toyota 4x4

    Nice hunting rig and before they ruined the 4 runner!
  10. Willyhunts2

    .270 Brass

    Man I wish that 7 was an 8.
  11. Willyhunts2

    6.5 creedmoor brass- SOLD

    114 once fired Hornady brass. Looking to trade for 280 AI brass or if that doesnt happen, will sell for $50. Located in Gilbert. Thanks
  12. Willyhunts2

    Ammo Can Woodstove Package SPF

    Cool, thanks for all the info.
  13. Willyhunts2

    Ammo Can Woodstove Package SPF

    Ok thanks. I've been kicking around the idea of having a stove jack sewn into the side of my kodiak but trying to get an idea of what it would cost. I know it's been done but trying to search the internet to get a ball park price.
  14. Willyhunts2

    Ammo Can Woodstove Package SPF

    Do you know what the total height would be?
  15. Willyhunts2

    Norma brass 6.5 creedmoor- SOLD

    Someone PM'd me before you. If it falls through your next.