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  1. sidwynder505

    Looking for 6.5 Creedmore Ammo...yeah I know

    No problem!..and I will use new brass never been fired!..if you can ask the previous owner of the rifle what the rifle liked as far as bullet weight!...that if you don't find anything!..just hit me up Amigo!
  2. sidwynder505

    Looking for 6.5 Creedmore Ammo...yeah I know

    Hey there!...if you don't find any ammo!..PM me and I'll be willing to load you up a couple of boxes for free!..I have a pretty good recipe!..i don't mind donating to get the little fella going on his Elk hunt!..no charge!..I just live in Tucson is all!
  3. sidwynder505

    Retumbo 1 pound for trade

    Where are you located at?
  4. sidwynder505

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

  5. sidwynder505

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

    Thank you Stink pig!..they are pretty proud of there brass aren't they??..LOL!
  6. sidwynder505

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

  7. sidwynder505

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

    Hey David, what do you want for them?...or what would you like in trade? Steve
  8. sidwynder505

    Need Your Spots

    Drive to "Elk Canyon" and walk down to "Bull Creek"!..place is full of Elk ...its over by the little town call "Waptti"!..can't miss it!..then you will go to the center of town where there is a intersection!..I believe the cross roads are call "Blood Sweat& Tears" Dr, and "Heartbreaker" Avenue ...hang a left on Blood Sweat& Tears..drive for about 20 years !..it will take to Elk Canyon!..yes! and your welcome!..but please don't tell anyone!..they will publish it one of the antler magazines and the next thing you know everyone will hunting that special spot!..it 😉
  9. sidwynder505

    WTB/WTT for some 7mm RUM Brass

    I'm looking for at least 50 count decent 7mm Rum brass!..I have a bunch of different kinds of primers and I have a lot of different components some hard to find!..if you have the brass let me know what you want in trade!..I live in the Northside of Tucson!..
  10. sidwynder505


    Howdy!...do you still have the kentrek boots?
  11. sidwynder505

    WTT..6.5 (.264) SMK's HPBT

    I'm looking to trade 300 rounds of hornady or Seirra's bullets for reloading I have a very large assortment of .223's (what ever weight you want) for 100 rounds 6.5 (.264) SMK's hpbt's. In 120gr to 130gr....I also have a bunch of .223 wssm once fired or never fired!...in nickle or brass!...I have a lot of different kinds of components for reloading let me know if you are interested!...just PM if interested..I'm in the Tucson area!
  12. I'm looking for a used Remington 700 long action for a magnum calibers!...it doesn't have to have the bolt or a trigger it could be stripped down but it would be a plus with trigger and bolt!.. Thanks !
  13. sidwynder505


    Are the 375' in the H&H or are they 375 Winchester?...im looking for the .375 Winchester or the brass!
  14. sidwynder505

    35B Jr Hunt!

    Well taking my step daughter out for her first Deer hunt this coming weekend!...come to find out that its the first Jr hunt they are going to have in that unit!...never hunted in there before her first choice was 33 Oct, Jr hunt!.. but the more i find out about this hunt the more of a "Gem" it starting to look like!..I herd there are some nice Muleys and Whitetails in that unit!...so if any of you guys are going to the Jr deer camp Thursday ill be seeing you there!...hope to meet some of my fellow CouseWhitetail.com people!...stop by and say hi!!...good luck to every Jr hunter!!..cant wait to see and here the success story's !