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    36B didn't disappoint!

    Best guess is it scores "awesome"
  2. eagle#eyes

    Honda ATV's 2005 Rancher 2014 Recon SOLD

    Where are you located?
  3. eagle#eyes

    Wts wtt 300 win eldx 200gr

    Where are you at?
  4. eagle#eyes


    Awesome breed
  5. eagle#eyes

    Advance Auto Parts gift card

    I've got a gift card to Advance Auto Parts for $400. I want to sell it for $350 OBO. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks,
  6. eagle#eyes

    Tough archery hunt

    Those are some cool pictures.
  7. eagle#eyes

    Garage sale SOLD

    I wish you would have posted that jet stream a month ago... would have saved me a ton. Good prices here
  8. eagle#eyes

    Utah high country buck

    Pretty awesome
  9. eagle#eyes

    Who does Euro Mount?

    He does an awesome job. He’s done my elk, deer, javelina and antelope.
  10. eagle#eyes

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I have a green mountain grill and love it. I got more features than my neighbors same sized Traeger for cheaper. I probably smoke a brisket, ribs, or pork butt almost every weekend. It produces enough smoke to not need a pellet tube... but I still add one.
  11. eagle#eyes


    You've got some tempting stuff for sale right now.
  12. eagle#eyes

    Where's the Beef? Here! FS

    Let me know if anyone else drops. No elk and no deer tags.
  13. eagle#eyes

    yard sale

    Pm sent
  14. eagle#eyes

    yard sale

    Are you in the east valley anytime soon?
  15. eagle#eyes

    Savage Axis xp 243 for sale - PRICE DROP

    Where are you located?
  16. eagle#eyes

    Cabela's pellet smoker

    PM sent
  17. eagle#eyes

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Stud buck, congrats.
  18. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Selling for a friend. Zeiss Conquest HD 15x56. He's hoping for 1300. The bow is Hoyt Powermax LEFT HANDED. Comes with everything on the bow, sight and case included. He's hoping to get 450 for this. He would probably be interested in a trade plus cash on his end for a spotting scope. Both are OBO, You can PM me if you need to but it will be easier to text him. 602 290 9061 Thanks,
  19. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Bow is sold.
  20. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Binos are sold
  21. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax

    Both items SPF and meet up.
  22. eagle#eyes

    My 13A Muley

    Awesome deer. Congrats.
  23. eagle#eyes

    Zeiss 15x56 and Hoyt Powermax