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    Garage clean out

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    Wrangler jeans

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    Tires- nitto,

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    Guns-prices dropped

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    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Geez….never said there was anything wrong with filling the freezer, just made a suggestion that would, likely, over a couple of years, help increase the number of deer and the size of animal harvested-bigger antlers and more meat. I’ve been enjoying slim Jim’s, summer sausage and green chili breakfast sausage from the forky I shot last year, but the 30lbs or so of meat I got from him becomes real expensive when you consider all the costs that go into a hunt. Unless you live close to your hunting area and process your own meat, it’s much cheaper to just fill the freezer from Costco. Not as satisfying, but cheaper. I hunt because I enjoy the entire hunting experience- time at the range, waiting for the draw results hoping I hit the lottery, new gear, old gear, driving to my spot, solitude of a solo hunt, memories of previous hunts (especially with my Dad, who can’t get out much anymore, but still calls me ever day I’m out there 15 min after sundown to see how the day went), hiking, glassing and hopefully getting the chance to pull the trigger or squeeze my release and put something on the wall AND in the freezer. If the consequence of shooting a deer is sitting out the next season, I’d be sure it’s worth it, and let a smaller buck walk. I’d guess that a pretty good number of hunters would do the same thing. If a hunter puts in the time, effort and financial investment to put themselves in a position to legally harvest an animal, they are responsible to decide what they are willing to put their tag on. Just be sure you really want it.
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    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Mandatory reporting or you can’t apply the following year. Unsuccessful hunters should be required to return unused tags to prove they did not kill. If you fill your tag, you can only apply for a bonus point the following year. Should keep a lot of people from killing a smaller buck late in the season just to put meat in the freezer. ** This is what I think AZGFD should do, not what I heard is coming**
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    Guns-prices dropped

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    Nosler trophy grade .264 win mag

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