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  1. bo hunter

    WTB duffel bag

    I’ve got a Kuiu Taku 5500 I’ll sell you for $100. I believe it’s 90 liters. https://www.kuiu.com/products/taku-5500-gunmetal?variant=41065530425502
  2. bo hunter

    iso wall tent.

  3. bo hunter

    iso wall tent.

    I have one I would consider selling. It’s basically the 14x16 elk hunter package with poles, angles, stakes, etc. It’s not in new, perfect shape. Has been used on probably 10-12 hunts. Has one small patch and a few pin holes from the stove. I could sell with or without the stove. I actually rented it out in years past and would consider renting it to you if you only need it for one or two specific trips.
  4. bo hunter

    Free pitchers mound

    I’ll take it if you can wait til this weekend for me to pick up
  5. bo hunter

    WTB - Youth Guns

    Thanks guys for the info! I pm’d about the .410.
  6. bo hunter

    WTB - Youth Guns

    Curious to see if anyone has anything they want to offload. Looking for stuff my kids can shoot. .410s or youth model 20 GA, LH hunting rifle (.243 to .270 range), .22 Mag, .22 cal AR’s, or older .22s with tube magazines. Located in Phoenix Metro Area. Thanks!
  7. bo hunter

    2008 F250 4x4 Crew Cab - V10 Beast

  8. bo hunter

    2008 F250 4x4 Crew Cab - V10 Beast

    I’ve considered parting it out. Might be worth more that way! 😂 Only selling the whole truck…for now.
  9. Tired of dealing with the bozos on Craigslist and FB marketplace. $12K OBO for the CW crowd. Message me with questions. Craigslist link is below. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/cto/d/phoenix-2008-ford-f250-4x4/7457009205.html
  10. bo hunter

    15 rounds - 357 Sig

  11. bo hunter

    15 rounds - 357 Sig

    Free to good home. You pick up.
  12. bo hunter


    I’ll take it
  13. bo hunter

    GONE-Free Packs for kids

    I’ll take the field line
  14. Diamond Razor Edge (Right Hand) bow with 30-60 lb. adjustable limbs and adjustable draw length. Has peep, quiver, and rest, all it needs is a sight and it’s ready to shoot! Willing to sell for $100 or would trade for a similar bow (Left Hand) or another bow with under 30 draw weight.