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  1. bo hunter


    PM sent
  2. bo hunter

    Danner Pronghorn - Size 8 - $20

  3. Bought these on CW and my kids have already outgrown. Well broken in and used, but still have a few miles left. Located near I-17 and Glendale.
  4. bo hunter

    For sale or rent - 14x16 Davis Wall tent

    We did 4 across the back (tight) with a card table and the stove and still some room for storage during deer season. The 14x16 is pretty roomy
  5. bo hunter

    For sale or rent - 14x16 Davis Wall tent

    TTT…someone’s gotta need a tent for the late rifle hunts
  6. bo hunter

    Wall Tent Rental

    I’ve got one. PM me if you have any questions. I’ll make you a deal if you want to rent it for a hunt. https://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/110948-for-sale-or-rent-14x16-davis-wall-tent/
  7. I hate seeing this thing sit in my garage all season. Just got back from the Kaibab and it kept us warm and dry. If anyone is interested in renting, I’ve got all the stakes, poles, ropes, stove, and even an 8x10 rug for a great hunting setup. $100 for the week. If interested in buying outright, I’ll sell everything but the stove for $900. The canvas is pretty well used with a few pinholes near the stove Jack and a rip along the door (vertical - about 18 inches) that I repaired. Also, it’s dirty with a few small mildew spots. Located near I17 and Glendale in PHX.
  8. bo hunter

    Looking for cheap camo

    Really awesome to hear. The boys are excited
  9. Lol, I just made the same post!
  10. bo hunter

    Looking for cheap camo

    Yeah Walmart in Flagstaff was going to be the backup option. We have some already but the kids have already outgrown it 🙄
  11. bo hunter

    Looking for cheap camo

    For my two sons going on their first deer hunt (kaibab antlerless tag). Adult small or youth XL. I’m in North Central Phoenix, looking for something within 15-20 miles. Not picky! Let me know what you’ve got! Real tree, mossy oak, predator, military issued…
  12. bo hunter

    WTB duffel bag

    I’ve got a Kuiu Taku 5500 I’ll sell you for $100. I believe it’s 90 liters. https://www.kuiu.com/products/taku-5500-gunmetal?variant=41065530425502
  13. bo hunter

    iso wall tent.