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  1. Randall

    WTB 260 Rem Brass & Dies

    Bruno's in Phx. 45 bucks per 100 for 260 Prime stamped Norma brass
  2. Randall

    Springfield Armory M1A Loaded **Price Drop**

    Fantastic, good luck with the sale!
  3. Randall

    Tree Stand

  4. Randall

    Tree Stand

    Price Drop!!!
  5. Randall

    Tree Stand

    Haha, that's why I'm selling it.
  6. Randall

    Tree Stand

    I,m selling a Gorilla tree stand that is probably 10+ years old but has only been used once that I can remember. I'm just not a tree stand guy as you can see from the Pic. [Upside Down] I do have a Crappy harness and some climbing pegs to go with it. $50.00 OBO Randy Flagstaff 928 699 1847 Sorry about the Picture
  7. Hello, is this thing on?
  8. Bump, with better price!
  9. Willing to consider offers!
  10. I'm finally going to upgrade to a McMillan adjustable comb. But I have to sell this one first. A3 Sporter, Remington 700 SA,13.5" LOP , one flush cup on the rear, 2 sling studs on the front, light wear on the paint from use(nothing bad) It has been bedded. I had it on my Gradous with a Stiller Tac 30 action with a Bartlein #3 barrel. Weight is 2.75 lbs. $475.00 Inlet for PTG DBM FLAGSTAFF Randy 928 699 1847
  11. Randall

    M700 223AI Benchrest/varmint rifle

    P.S. Yes, I do have personal experience with this rifle.
  12. Randall

    M700 223AI Benchrest/varmint rifle

    A P Dogs worst nightmare, with that barrel you won't have to worry about heating up the barrel!
  13. Randall

    HD tie downs and cable tightners

    If you were in flag I'd be burning rubber to get these. After quite a few broken ratchet straps I finally bought these and chains to hold my Ranger and quads on the trailer.