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    WTB Kayaks

    I have 5 kayaks that I'm getting ready to sell. They are all used in varying conditions. they are sit on top Perception Kayaks. They came from a friend of mine that owns a kayak company. When they get beat up he replaces them. They all float! They all leak a little. I just use gorilla tape on the crack and at the end of the day they may have a 1/2 gallon of water in them. I'm in Flagstaff. I can send pics if you would like. The best part is that they are cheap! Randall 928 699 1847
  2. Randall

    Two Motorcycle Fuel Cans

    I can pick these up today if you are in Flagstaff. Nine 28 699 1847
  3. Randall

    ISO 300wsm ammo or bullets 180gr

    Now that is a good deal. I have loaded these for my son in 300 wm. Excellent bullet! I will also be loading up a ladder test for my 300 PRC this summer.
  4. Randall

    SOLD - Polaris Wheels and Tires $300

    I'm thinking that may work but I have to measure. Those look like they will need specific lug nuts? Mine are direct bolt nuts.
  5. Randall

    SOLD - Polaris Wheels and Tires $300

    I'm not sure of my bolt pattern on my 2005 Ranger. Can you give me a pattern or a measurement on the bolt spacing?
  6. So it seems that I shoot very well with one of these on my tripod for roving yard critters. Most of the time I can usually wait for them to move to a place where I can get a shot from my bench in my garage. But a friend loaned me a really nice and expensive PRS saddle and I was able to stalk to 71 yards and execute a perfect head shot with my FX Crown 25 cal air rifle. That being said, I'm going to Purchase one. Hopefully this weekend on BF or Cyber Monday sales events. So if someone has one that may not have worked out, Let me know. TIA Randy, PM,DM text, post or call NINE 28 699 1847 Flagstaff
  7. Randall

    Tikka 22-250

    Sure glad that beauty is not close to me! GLWS
  8. I'm looking for a stock 18" spare for my 2017 F 150. I know that a lot of people upgrade to different wheels and may have an extra laying around. I'm in the Flagstaff area if someone has one for sale. I only need the wheel and a tire isn't necessary. Randy Nine 28 699 1847 Thanks
  9. Randall

    WTB an F 150 18" stock wheel

    I'll get a picture of the original wheel this afternoon as well as the door sticker. I'm not looking to really match the wheels that are on it now, mostly just wanting an extra spare for JIC. A plain steel wheel would be fine. Thanks for looking into it. Boarman, I hope that CZ is still treating you as well as it did me. Sometimes I really miss that 17 Remmy.
  10. Randall


    Not sure where you're at, but I would be in line for the Taurus Judge as well.
  11. Randall


    Merwin, deal with confidence. KDS is my son.
  12. Randall

    WTB Athlon scope

    athlon is a great choice! I own at least a half dozen different models, and they don't dissapoint!
  13. Your brain on hunting 

  14. Randall

    Need some welding done in flag

    David, I'll do what I can. Give me a shout. Randall 928 699 1847
  15. Randall

    Custom 260 Remington

    Mine is just the plain Jane 260. I'm reluctant to shoot the Creed, I'm afraid that I would want one! I think that who ever ends up getting the OPs rifle is going to be very happy!
  16. Randall

    Custom 260 Remington

    Nice, I just checked the velocity of the 130s and it's 2879 fps. With the 156 EOLs it's 2592 but doesn't have the accuracy. But my testing is done at 6000 ft.
  17. Randall

    Winchester 94, 1966 Centennial 30/30

    Ok , last time up for awhile. It may have to spend another season in the back of the safe! Oh darn
  18. I have to sell one of mine to fund a rangefinder. This is gold plated and appears to be unfired except for factory testing. 98% condition. It does have a safe mark on the stock as pictured. Also has lost some of it's finish on but plate. [I have another one that's almost identical. this seems to be from the factory plastic that it was wrapped in.] Factory trigger is crisp and clean at 3 lbs. 3 oz. Located in flagstaff, willing to meet in Prescott/Cordes Jct. area. As you can see in the last Pic. I seem to have an affliction! $950 or $900 if we meet in Flagstaff! Call/text/ PM Randall-NINE 28-699 18four7
  19. Randall

    Custom 260 Remington

    I have A Tikka CTR that I got in a trade here from WELDOR I think, I finished load development with Berger 130 OTM and H4350 at 44 grains. It shoots .3 moa at 300 yards running 2879. I had to re check velocity several times. Hard to believe from a 20" barrel.
  20. Randall

    Custom 260 Remington

    That my friend is a perfect Coues rifle!
  21. Randall

    Winchester 94, 1966 Centennial 30/30

    Any reasonable offers?
  22. Randall

    Winchester model 1892 SOLD

  23. Randall

    S&W 45acp revolver

    This piece is fantastically fun. And if you are a loader, you can make powder puff loads and run it really fast.