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  1. BowHuntAZ

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

  2. BowHuntAZ

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

    Nice work! Take her to the nearest vet office and get her scanned for a microchip. I did that with a dog I caught once running down the middle of a road and they were able to find the owner. I bet that's a GPS collar of some sort too.
  3. BowHuntAZ


    This ^. Patrick put gutters on my house this year and is a fellow hunter. Great guy and crew!
  4. BowHuntAZ

    Another early monsoon?

    https://arizonaweatherforce.com/ This guy has been pretty spot on for the short time I've been watching his forecasts. Calling for a good strong monsoon season!
  5. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

  6. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

    Reduced price
  7. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

    Open to offers
  8. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

  9. BowHuntAZ

    A 2022 6A elk hunting saga

    I think here’s the reason you missed high twice. “I decide this time I am not going to get busted and will belly crawl into bow range. I slowly crawl about foot at a time with my binos, range finder, and bow dragging the ground bumping into the millions of rocks that are all over the ground in 6A.” I’d shoot the bow at foam before I shoot at another elk to see if your sight got bumped. cool write up thanks for sharing!
  10. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

  11. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

  12. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands “Dash” pack

    New in bag. Used the Badlands lifetime warranty on an older discontinued bag and they sent me this in exchange. Not going to use it. PRICE DROP $180 https://www.badlandsgear.com/collections/packs/products/dash
  13. BowHuntAZ

    Wanted- 6x12 flatbed trailer

    I have this one for sale right now on CL. It's the dimensions you're looking for but would take some fab work to build a new gate to fit a SxS. The equipment mounting pieces could be removed. It's a very solid heavy duty little trailer. Steel floor so you'll never have to deal with a wood floor. In the process now of replacing wood on another 6x12 and HorseHunter's spot on with that cost. This trailer has hardly any miles. Just sat in our yard mostly. Will need tires. Asking $2500 on CL, but I'm open to discuss a decent discounted offer for it if you're interested, knowing it will cost you some $ to make it how you'd like it.
  14. BowHuntAZ

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Nice! Good eating!!
  15. BowHuntAZ

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    6 pack (4 of us) doing a 3 day on the Primetime in August. First time on this boat and can't wait! Fished with Captain James on the Sauerfish in 2020 and can only talk highly of him and his crew. Caught my personal best with them ~120# BFT. Good luck to you and your family, hoping for another great BFT year!