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    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    I did this with a few buddies about 6 years ago. It was a great trip that the wife and I are now planning on doing with some friends. We rented kayaks here in town (Phx) hauled them up there and had the hauling service to take us up to the base of the dam. Took our time coming down the river, fishing and camping along the way for 3 days. You can do it quicker but we had it planned for those 3 days to enjoy it. Highly recommend.
  2. Swarovski 10x42 EL Range binoculars With Outdoorsmans stud installed and only used twice. In excellent condition. Price reduced to $2,800.00 obo
  3. Fair enough. Let’s try $2800 obo
  4. Might want to re-read the title and description bud. These are the EL RANGE and are not retailing for 2k as you say.
  5. Find one in this condition for a better price... They're basically like new. Can you fill me in on the better glass? I was only aware of cosmetic changes to the body, not glass quality changes to the EL's. If there was a glass upgrade then forgive my ignorance, I just wasn't aware of it. Besides I figured with all Covid layoff concerns there probably wasn't many big ticket items being purchased the last few months. And since draw results are out, the anticipation of the hunt is back on and people are ready to start scouting, now would be a good time to bump it back up. Thanks for the advice though.
  6. Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter backpack for sale. I've had it a few years, has normal wear. All straps and zippers in good working shape, no tears in fabric. Some scratches on the plastic frame and very minor staining. Pack and frame only, does not come with the accesories shown in the pictures. I'll update with new pics once I take all my stuff off of it. Asking $300.00
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but I am not aware of an upgrade on the EL glass. I thought they only changed the body and the glass remained the same. Exactly why it's priced where it is, a few hundred below retail, plus sales tax...
  8. I’m not sure the year of manufacture but they were won in the 2015 AZGFD super raffle. If someone can tell me how to read the serial number for a date code I could look into it but my guess would be 2015 or 14.
  9. BowHuntAZ

    Badlands waist pack

    Have you tried putting suspenders on it to help hold it up? I did that on a similar style pack years ago with some Carhartt suspenders. Made a big difference.
  10. Price reduced to $2,900
  11. These have never been registered with Swarovski so if you ever need to use the warranty there won't be any issues.
  12. BowHuntAZ

    Help Needed, Yuma Area Information

    I had that depredation tag not too long ago. I had local intel on where the deer have been hitting the ag fields but no deer found. The wildlife manager will stay in touch with you but information seemed to be untimely and did not help much. They'll send you lists of the landowners and / or lessees of the ag fields to contact. I talked to a few of them and got knowledge from them but still no deer found. The consensus I found out (too late) was that the recent rains we had just prior to my hunt starting had spread the deer out and off of the ag field areas. Notice we just got a good downpour throughout the state so it may not be good to take this tag unless you know where those deer go after it rains. I tried glassing all of the fields and even still hunting through the river bottoms and salt cedars. The only fresh sign I found was in those river bottoms in the thick salt cedars but still never saw a deer. They probably moved out into the surrounding desert. I had limited time so probably didn't give it all I could have. If you have a few days to put into it you may have better luck. If I remember right there were 8 or 10 of us with that doe tag but only 1 killed and that was in the same general area I was, the day before I could get down there. I imagine this hunt could go either way depending on feed and water in the area. Good luck to you if you decide to take the tag!
  13. BowHuntAZ

    Beautiful bobcat rug (done by Mark plunket)

    Haha those who know, know!