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  1. Elitegt500

    2021 Card Hits?

    Wow that means it’s not going to happen
  2. Elitegt500

    Assault weapon ban

    Hard to believe people are still sending the NRA money. I stopped a long time ago and have began researching other coalitions. Hard to put my trust in any organization, especially when the most sensationalized right wing group has clearly been pulling the wool over their donors eyes.
  3. Elitegt500

    Looking for GSP pup

    Randy at Desert point kennels has a bunch of pups. Great dogs
  4. Elitegt500

    Tripod head for BTX?

    I run the mvh500ah and I think its the most ideal head for the setup.
  5. Elitegt500

    August coues cape

    Looking for a mature coues cape from an early season buck. Let me know what you have
  6. Elitegt500

    Wtt Swarovski ATX

    That's what I meant! Thanks guys. Traded to stomper69
  7. Elitegt500

    Wtt Swarovski ATX

    Looking for anyone interested in trading an atx body for a stx
  8. Elitegt500

    Viper pst 6-24 ffp with rings

    700$ scope only
  9. Elitegt500

    Viper pst 6-24 ffp with rings

    $800 for the package deal
  10. Elitegt500

    Viper pst 6-24 ffp with rings

    Vortex viper pst ffp 6x-24x ebr-1 moa reticle. Scope is super clean. Has only seen a few hunts last season after being returned from vortex. Night force titanium rings. Will separate if buyer does not want rings with scope.
  11. Elitegt500

    What music have you been listening to?

    If you dig blue grass/folk music check out Tyler Childers. That's my late night headed to the hills music
  12. Elitegt500

    Icon pro 5200 300

  13. Elitegt500

    Icon pro 5200 300

    Kuiu icon pro verde 5200 tall frame large belt. With 2 hip pouches
  14. Elitegt500

    Nightforce Beast 5-25x56 F1 Illuminated MOAR

    That scope will ear hole a buck at a grand
  15. Elitegt500

    snake gaiters

    I wear a pair of foreverlast pro gaiters. I think they work very well. I like the fit and the wire band m to keep them from riding up that goes around the sole of your boot. Buddy a few years back got hit while wearing snake boots while we were deep in a canyon and from then on Ive been pretty set on wearing some protection. It would have been bad news. Better safe than sorry.