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  1. Timberghost

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    Will consider reasonable trades
  2. Timberghost

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    It’s a great looking mount!!
  3. Timberghost

    24B Rams

    Looks like a fun afternoon!
  4. Timberghost

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    It was hanging in my buddie’s house for all this time and he ran out of room for it.
  5. Timberghost

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Mount for sale

    It was done by Richard Owens.
  6. my ex-wife shot this ram (legally) about 19 years ago. I paid for this mount and own it :) It has no sentimental value to me and my fiancé does not want it in our new home. It was mounted by a very reputable taxidermist here in the White Mountains. This would make a great addition to someone’s cabin or put your own horns on this mount. It is plugged by AZGFD. Mexicana Ram shot in southern AZ. Asking $2,500 for this mount. DM me for more info. In Show Low but could meet in Payson or Globe if it’s closer for you. Open to fair trades
  7. Timberghost

    Pictures posting sideways

    Why are my photos not coming over upright?
  8. Timberghost

    SOLD. Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum Primers

    Second if anything falls through :)
  9. Timberghost

    Powders for sale

    I will take the Retumbo and one lb of the h4350. 602-663-4258
  10. Timberghost

    7 mm bullets

    I would be interested in the primers.
  11. Timberghost

    They are starting to hit CC

    I didn't get hit for almost 4 days after it started last year! soooo- not giving in yet! And my tag number was in the middle of the total tags given.
  12. Timberghost

    Early Rut ?

    I heard they are rutting great this week. I hopit is not too early. Last year it never got going well. Oh well, we can only wait and see
  13. Timberghost

    Guess the Date and Time Contest

    March 30th at 2:00 PM