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  1. AZBIG10

    Find Em

    2 critters in the pic. Good luck.
  2. AZBIG10

    Find Em

    Was a beauty of a bobcat! Little forked deer is below. Good finds. for a bonus there is probably a few javelina in there too. We counted 15 in the same cut
  3. AZBIG10

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Looking to check off a few bucket list items in AZ before we make our move out of state. We have a few years to squeeze as much in as possible. It can be big or small just looking for some ideas. a breakfast at bear wallow in alpine (will make the list) Or a hike with a view. fly fishing the the black river. Etc Hot chocolate at Molly butler lodge. While watching college football. looking for some ideas on what experiences we could add to our list. Thx.
  4. AZBIG10

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    We are looking at Palmer soldotna sterling. I do like the part of anchorage that backs up to flat top. Potters something or other. Most likely get back in the construction biz.
  5. AZBIG10

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    AKBIg10 will be my new handle
  6. AZBIG10

    AZ Bucket List (input needed)

    Thanks to all that replied. Keep them coming. Any thing food or out doors. We’re all for it.
  7. AZBIG10

    Setting kids up for the shot

    Triclawps is legit. Def helps in a clutch moment. I would really focus on it being fun. #1 Priority. Maybe get a camera and have him practice shooting wildlife with it.
  8. AZBIG10

    Doubled down

    Some of the best meat out there. Good shooting.
  9. AZBIG10

    Mens Kuiu Camo Clean out

  10. AZBIG10

    2022 buck

    On a roll this year good shootin
  11. AZBIG10

    Guess the score.

    This would be helpful. I was low as well. Not doubting the final. I'm guessing g3s were longer, eye guards and more mass. It's all guessing until you tape it out
  12. Case and point. 😂
  13. That’s kind of my take. I am more impressed by the stuff that empty’s out of my robot vacuum cleaner tray than a quote unquote “trophy animal” pic with a gigantic guide/outfitter watermark.
  14. Maybe over your head. Im not calling you a nobody. I just don’t know who you are. If that makes sense.
  15. Dudes out there cutting up tires and feeding animals they hunting and im out here thinking about shooting a spike on day 2. Mfers need to get lives no body thinks killing big sh1t is even cool
  16. AZBIG10

    Statewide Coues Tag

    Can’t wait to see this buck back on the hoof will make a great full size
  17. AZBIG10

    Statewide Coues Tag

    Well done! It’s a perfect “everything” buck
  18. AZBIG10


    Need to make them eat there catch at the scales
  19. AZBIG10


    We got our asses handed to us by one team every time they were in a distinct colored skeeter. Always wondered if they were that good why they were in the smaller tourneys
  20. AZBIG10

    Couple mounts recently finished

    Excellent work
  21. AZBIG10


    Not one of those fish were over 5lbs. Not very good maths but 33 lbs for a 4 fish bag you'll need a kicker and some 5s