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  1. Your - AZBull - Antelope lo-go Very nice. I have one almost same style & size- 17 horns & prongs 7.5 .



  2. I did not see the 410 elk, But-- I an 82 , maybe a little old & somewhat slow, But most of the time I recognize a 410 Elk , even without the aid of spec-ticles   !!!!

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    2. SEEKER


      I did not expect you -to know!



      Luck - to you.


    3. AzDiamondHeat


      I still don't know what you are talking  about  or more importantly WHY you are talking to me about it. 

      Why would you send me a message and then say you wouldn't expect men to understand it? Clearly you are confused.  

    4. SEEKER


      I was born that way- How about you? But, I am the Great Outdoors Man!


    Unit 11M bull hunt

    WOW! You must have seen my ( Hunting Plans )Book , Because you described my 2nd. best plan; It,s on page 5 of the book. I used this exact plan to harvest my ,largest Bull-ever : In 11 M . In 2012 early hunt. He is a HUGE-GIANT 410+ , OLD HERD BULL , with approx 50 cows. Many hunters saw him up there , but he always eluded them all. But with this plan , It was so easy- each step fell right into place. Wow- Now he is the outstanding ** STAR** a.mongst , All my trophies. Some time , you might like to hear -just how the #1 plan in my ( plan book ) worked out ? * I do not sell hunting books, or offer advise. The SEEKER
  4. N-B   At 63 , & slowing down- WOW- IT'S GOING TO TAKE YOU A VERY LONG TIME TO GET TO 83-- MY AGE!

    IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE  SINCE 63! You would forget about slowing. I harvested a 410 giant bull when I was 75, did it all by myself. Don't blame health. I have a very bad heart & Cancer past 15 years. Get off your A, and On your F.,,,,,, & maybe your eyes will see again?  Yes. I know -you will think he don't know . Maybe so . But It could put you on a new heading- That could take you to beautiful solutions.IMG_0234_LI.thumb.jpg.7f0275c5c66644978aa3222d5aea508b.jpg



  5. I agree- who wouldn't! Sitting is boring . I think for archery - ambush is more successful. Bit still I am the SEEKER, CHASER,& ( the old saying) get m -while they are there!. My SAMSON -IS FAST, FLAT ,ACCURATE & EFFECTIVE -ALL REASONABLE RANGES!
  6. C/P- Thanks for you answer.Yes ,a full mature bull is o k . Because the odds of a really nice bull are - not good. I saw a really big one in 6 b a few days ago. But he may not step over into 11 M. Too much going on.
  7. I've had my 10 x 50 nk. over 20 yrs,still good enough. If I need to see see it better, i just become a better seeker. This is my best mule-32 inside.
  8. C/P ....See that you live in Flagstaff. Seems to be a good place for outdoors men. Saw your discussion on sitting water. Sounds good. Especially for a man of my age 82.. I Tagged a really big bull (400+) in 2012 this way. This year I will not try for a huge bull. Just wondering if the elk are very vocal yet? I was thinking about trying Schultz area first?What do you say? My second choice - flagstaff-Ranch area. Are you hunting this year? Thanks

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    Bob ,, You are right on. I am 82+ , and have --zero-- of my hunting friends ;The last two moved upstate . One (lives close to Flagstaff , ask me to stay with him during my (13 SEPT 2013 ) Bull hunt. We did a lot of hunting-past 25 years ago . He ask to go along on the hunt. It's about 20 min. to the area. I did all of his taxidermy. But * Big problem* this last Sat. my wife had a STROKE-DISABLED, THE LEFT SIDE. She is out of the hosp. & making excellent progress using walker. Our son ,said -go do this hunt ,l take care of Mom. They are aware that this is my last hunt. I have survived -Cancer-6 yrs. HEART ATTACK -15 YRS. ABOUT TIME i SLOW DOWN. . But -now I am healthy & All systems(Functions ) work O K. Sorry to hear about your Dad.... It,s all part of that journey -called Life. Don
  10. SEEKER

    Taxidermy advice

    This is my 44 , bull elk hunt ,and my last hunt. Physically O K (stre I modified it to a ngth) But things are wearing out. Cancer for 7 years; Many heart surgeries,, and I Am still here. God (Jesus Christ) has kept me living through all this for some reason. He has answered my request, while I was defending this U S A . I may guide for my wife, 20 years my Jr. She has taken 2 really nice big bulls in area 1, 2005 & 2011. I was never able to get drawn for the early bull hunt there. This is my elk hunting bow ,( Bow Tech 105 lbs draw. Samson. I modified it into a vertical -CROSS BOW.) Shoots easy, very fast , accurate,quiet, and most important= no movement -before the release! The bull is totally unaware , until he hears the string. He has no time for movement.( string-jump) I shoot short shots. under 35 yard -only----could shoot 80 -but I like to be sure. The ole outdoors man! Kathleen Davis Johnson Obituary - Visitation & Funeral Information.html DriverSupport (6).exe DriverSupport (5).exe
  11. SEEKER

    Taxidermy advice

    I Defended my country -30 years in- US military & retired. U S A F, all over this Earth, So ,that any type of person- can have freedom of thought & expression; So- go for it- until you are content.
  12. SEEKER

    Taxidermy advice

    It has not moved , or winked an eye - in several years. And I predict that it will be- looking great - for many more !!! NOW, I am ready to -do one more hunt- with my Samson -- Come 13 Sept. --The Bull Elk hunt is -ON again, in 11 M. If all goes as planned - Mr Bull -Has a reserved position in my trophy display, RIGHT-- Beside --my pretty Whitetail Buck.
  13. SEEKER

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    Bob, You are a lot luckier than me. I'm 82 , never been drawn for early bull. Put in for Bighorn - since the draw started; Not going to put in again Too old & why wast money. Good luck with the game -called draw. If it was the Old West Draw -- skill or luck would be - most important.
  14. SEEKER

    Taxidermy advice

    I , SURE DO NOT SEE THEM ; INSERTING THEM INTO A CUP.......Maybe my sight is failing????????? But I sure can see a lot of FAVORS-- JUST= LOOKING FOR A HOME!
  15. SEEKER

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    Wow! ;This drew system is a mes, . For Seniors- it's near impossible' You with 19 points=$242,,, $38 -Tag--- Grand total= $ 280. I love to hunt ;But not that much. At 82