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    Unit 11M bull hunt

    You are so -polite, Just try holding your breath until you see it. You are in luck - I posted my 410 bull , I harvested in 2012; Alive with his 40 cows,and the antlers in my back yard. advise= learn how to hunt & harvest this type of trophies! That way you might be able to enjoy - the real thing.
  2. Yeah, they all wanted to go to the -promised land -  (The happy hunting ground)' but old Saint Peter rejected you-all. Justification, complete lack of good  common sense.


    Unit 11M bull hunt

    Who do you think that you are ? One of the seven horses mentioned in the Bible. I f you ever harvest a bull like the one I posted. Then - send me a picture & you can continue -the chatter!

    Help Arrest this poacher!

    Almost right.... always the-- BUT, But you will not be tasting the elk steaks or enjoying the trophy. All you can think is--- why in the heck , DID I - NOT HAVE A FOOL-PROOF PLAN? I have heard that over 50% of all the big game taken -is by poachers. But (again) has anyone ever heard -truthfully- what % of the poachers -- get convicted?
  5. I looked for your _post_but did not see it  Must be you forgot to send it. Anyway , this years 11 M hunt was a huge success. On the 3rd day my arrow passed through his chest. he was a huge 7 x 7,   ( larges bull that I have ever seen in my  with about 46 of elk hunting) He had about 50 in his herd. ( 12 to 15  were young bulls.) This was my last elk hunt -too old to have time to draw again. I have enough big bulls- in my trophy room- to last me --another lifetime!  Good luck, with your hunting


    Unit 11M bull hunt

    Ethics & morals: You are right- definitely different. This is how I see it, after 7 5 years of hunting. In the Bible gods rules & laws of Morals are very clear . One law about hunting is ( do not waste , take only what you can use ) Ethics are made up by people who believe that they are smarter, and what hey say will have more influence upon the actions of people. Most modern day ethics are good, but lots are far from realism , or good sense, as described clearly in the most followed book ever written. I could list some of the senseless ones , but each person has an opinion.

    Going Goulds hunting in 35A!

    I know only one thing for sure about the AZGFD big game draw: Unit 1 one early bull hunt is one of the most difficult to draw. I know one other thing - without LUCK you are S O L. My wife -on her first application drew Unit 1- E B H, Then 5 years later 2011, she drew the same hunt again; with minimum points. So, How do you - rate this? I have been applying for big horn since it all started. Now I'm 82 with failing lungs, heart & Cancer -for 5 yrs. I know when it's time to quit. But, being as my wife is extremely lucky and a very successful hunter; I may ask her if I could be her guide on her BIG HORN SHEEP HUNT-- when she gets drawn!.... (She really likes her 257 Weatherby Mag).

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    This looks like the first TANK, right off 237-going east- off 89 A ????? A shot a huge bull , near there last week 7 X 7 About a 430 bull. This is my 2012, 11 M Bull.

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    A H N. **** answering your request> The pictures of my Bull (here-in) - with me holding the antlers. And of him alive before I killed him. What do think? On my 11 M hunt last week , I shot one - 30 points larger than this one????
  10. You ask what weapon that I would use on long shots in unit 27.     From 50 years of elk hunting experience, I use a 300 Weatherby Magnum -mark 5, 180 gn. Med. exp. (Weatherby Primier scope). : My max range is 250 yards. I never take a marginal shot. This way, I have never crippled or lost an elk.

    Last week I crippled , or lost the largest Bull that I have ever seen. What caused this sad situation ? I did not recognize that my physical condition had deteriorated to a state that I could not retrieve a huge bull out of a very steep rugged canyon, that was part of Oak Creek Canyon.

    On the 3rd. morning of the 11 M Archery elk hint , I called this Herd Bull out of his herd of about 50 elk. He came direct to me. I stopper him -rock solid -at 17 yards. 

    Now! I shoot a Bow Tech -Samson, 105 lb.draw, 425 g. arrow, 400 + fps.                                                            ( This Bow- I modified-into a vertical Crossbow, the release is inc. on to the bow.)

    At the instant of truth,  I press the release, the bull sees no movement. He is still accessing the situation. Then he hears the string and almost instantly feels the steel pass through. ( 17 yd. travel at 425 fps. =( no string jump time) I did not see the flight of the arrow, but I saw it inter ,the spot that my pin was on. He bolted out of there at full speed.

     The blood trail was straight to the canyon edge (75 yd). & down 1000+ ft.

    I,m 82, have 2 big health problems,   I. Cancer for 7 yrs. with Several operations    2. heart(attacks) with 9 repairs. 

    With all this excitement, my energy was gone & I was having , big trouble breathing.  after a while breathing improved some, but still very weak. If I want down there I would not be able to make back out. ( Caring nothing) I always hunt solo.  So, I headed for the truck (500 yd. ) Rested several times, short on breath & really shaking. Drank lots of fluid & drove back to the log- cabin.

    I have decided- that -was my last Archery elk hunt. All good things do end. I have some hunter -friends that will go into that canyon and bring out the antlers. I believe that they will score around 430. I Harvested a bull in 2012 -same area that scores    4106/8.

    Hope that you did not find this too boring.  But you got it first hand- from the source.

    the ole outdoors man

    1. Alpinebullwinkle


      Wow quite a story Seeker. Hopefully the antlers can at least be located. Let us know if you are successful retrieving please.

    2. SEEKER


      APB---Don,t know how long that you have been in Alpine, but do you remember the really nice big Bull Mount that was right by the door of the restaurant- that burned. (It was  across the street from the current one.) That Bull made a lasting impression on me: and it,s been about 40 years. I was just wondering if the elk burned too? Thought that you might know.

       I am not over, how my elk hunt ended last week. In a real hunters mind , things like that seem to last forever. I do net even need to look at the video. It,s imprinted in -(my hard drive.) permanently!

      I am asking that -good luck- be with you on tour elk hunt.

      This is my VERTICAL CROSSBOW. (On my hunt last week.)  Ready to release.DSCF0626.thumb.JPG.b6b64af8aedfef605abc5895878ec1d3.JPG

  11. Your - AZBull - Antelope lo-go Very nice. I have one almost same style & size- 17 horns & prongs 7.5 .



  12. I did not see the 410 elk, But-- I an 82 , maybe a little old & somewhat slow, But most of the time I recognize a 410 Elk , even without the aid of spec-ticles   !!!!

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    2. SEEKER


      I did not expect you -to know!



      Luck - to you.


    3. AzDiamondHeat


      I still don't know what you are talking  about  or more importantly WHY you are talking to me about it. 

      Why would you send me a message and then say you wouldn't expect men to understand it? Clearly you are confused.  

    4. SEEKER


      I was born that way- How about you? But, I am the Great Outdoors Man!

  13. SEEKER

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    WOW! You must have seen my ( Hunting Plans )Book , Because you described my 2nd. best plan; It,s on page 5 of the book. I used this exact plan to harvest my ,largest Bull-ever : In 11 M . In 2012 early hunt. He is a HUGE-GIANT 410+ , OLD HERD BULL , with approx 50 cows. Many hunters saw him up there , but he always eluded them all. But with this plan , It was so easy- each step fell right into place. Wow- Now he is the outstanding ** STAR** a.mongst , All my trophies. Some time , you might like to hear -just how the #1 plan in my ( plan book ) worked out ? * I do not sell hunting books, or offer advise. The SEEKER
  14. N-B   At 63 , & slowing down- WOW- IT'S GOING TO TAKE YOU A VERY LONG TIME TO GET TO 83-- MY AGE!

    IF YOU COULD SEE WHAT I HAVE DONE  SINCE 63! You would forget about slowing. I harvested a 410 giant bull when I was 75, did it all by myself. Don't blame health. I have a very bad heart & Cancer past 15 years. Get off your A, and On your F.,,,,,, & maybe your eyes will see again?  Yes. I know -you will think he don't know . Maybe so . But It could put you on a new heading- That could take you to beautiful solutions.IMG_0234_LI.thumb.jpg.7f0275c5c66644978aa3222d5aea508b.jpg



  15. I agree- who wouldn't! Sitting is boring . I think for archery - ambush is more successful. Bit still I am the SEEKER, CHASER,& ( the old saying) get m -while they are there!. My SAMSON -IS FAST, FLAT ,ACCURATE & EFFECTIVE -ALL REASONABLE RANGES!