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  1. Titanium700

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    .243 100 grain npt @ 135 yds one shot and dropped within 5 feet
  2. Titanium700

    CC Hit

    Don’t worry you have till the end of this week.
  3. Titanium700

    Elk draw website down

    Don’t sweat it, you got till next week.
  4. Titanium700

    Elk draw website down

  5. Titanium700

    Anyone else have the 18a any elk tag for nov 9

    I was wondering.... i found a shed with a ring and a note on it while hiking. It was well worth my trip that day.
  6. Titanium700

    Reloading .308

    Accubonds seem to be really accurate all around for me. I don’t have my notes handy to give you a load.
  7. Titanium700

    My First Southern Border Hunt Experience

    Trust me, I do. I used to love in Tucson and as a matter of fact still have family there. Ive hunted down there and with the draw odds would love to take my young son but with all the activity I ain’t gonna. I do care. Build the wall then clean up all the trash, if I could come I’d help.
  8. Titanium700

    3B muzzleloader Hunt. Predict the future

    If it wasn’t for the stupid tropical storm that come up on my hunt I would’ve fared much better. I will say I screwed the pooch on a 330ish 6x7 and had a great chance on a 350 6x6 but he wouldn’t come around the other side of the bush for the 50 yd shot. ☹️ Other than that being a dry year I thought the horn growth was decent. And again the stupid storm. I think it’s worth blowing your points on it. I ended up with a 4x4 last day last hour...was on a herd bull but this guy got run off by him and I got nervous thinking I was going home empty handed I probably blew it but oh well I have a lot of meat.
  9. Titanium700

    Reloading .308

    The .308 has got to be one of the easiest cartridges to load and find accuracy for. With that said, one of the easiest bullets by far for me to get accurate has been the 165 nbts in that cartridge. Don’t forget playing with seating depth, watch for runout and so on.
  10. Titanium700

    Marissa's First Hunts

    👍🏼 Congrats Marissa... quite a huntress.
  11. Titanium700

    Jard AR 15 trigger

    For sale is a Jard single stage 1 1/2 lb fully adjustable trigger. Was in my lower and hardly ever used, I sold my lower and kept my trigger. It is for a Colt large pin lower Jards part number is 1034, they are $148 brand new and this is next to new. $115 shipped. http://www.jardinc.com/ar-15/
  12. Titanium700

    .243 or 7-08 for Youth Cow

    I knew a .243 would do it. Way under estimated. Congrats to the young huntress.
  13. Titanium700

    Late season elk hunt in 3b

    Early archery 04
  14. Titanium700

    Late season elk hunt in 3b

  15. Titanium700

    Old meat

    Wow. We usually end up with 4-5 deer a year out year and almost every year we run out of meat about mid summer. Right now there is nothing in my freezer dated 2017.......