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  1. Titanium700

    Remington 700 ML

    I got the original Rem 700 ml it had the stupid cap ignition then I “upgraded” to the 209 that was wrapped in a cage….what a mess that was. cleaning that thing made me not want to shoot it so I contacted arrowhead and got a fully enclosed 209 ignition system that works off a firing pin that was fitted to my bolt. best thing ever and no blow by whatsoever.
  2. Titanium700

    Electric F150

    If they ever make one that could get 1,000 miles on a full charge (charge by just plugging in extension cord) be able to tow heavy equipment and cost Pennie’s on the mile I’m sold. until then blah.
  3. Titanium700

    Suggestion for 6A Archery

    It’s akin to asking someone to date their wife…..
  4. Titanium700

    AZ wildlife crossings

    Always thought they’d be a great place to hunt as it’s a bottleneck
  5. Titanium700

    Anyone do security camera installs

    Bc777? just kidding.
  6. Titanium700

    Suggestion for 6A Archery

    Go east of Mormon lake.
  7. Titanium700


    Can’t speak for trphyhntr but for me just the way someone writes/speaks I can usually sense a correlation and then eventually it all clicks together in my head. on this one I never had any communication or read much from him so it would’ve flown over my head.
  8. Titanium700

    6A archery bull tag

  9. Titanium700

    Replacement Tag?

  10. Titanium700

    Tire Question

    Hmm. maybe that’s why I got 82k out of mine. just replaced them last week with the same exact tires. I run a Ford Expedition with 10 ply KO2’s, I use my Expo for work so sometimes have a lot of weight on it.
  11. Titanium700

    33 experts, are the shooters?

    Average bucks but it depends on the shooter and what day it is.
  12. Titanium700

    Looking for recommendations

    Both companies listed have awesome warranties…
  13. Titanium700


    59 wow. That is too young. I’m 51, kinda puts things in perspective.
  14. Titanium700


    So sorry. how old was he?
  15. Titanium700

    357 harret for elk?

    Years ago my son was drawn for an elk hunt, he was 9 or 10 at the time and quite recoil shy and all he had was a .357 maximum T/C Contender with a 16 1/2” bbl I did a lot of research and ended up getting some 215 grain hardcast bullets, loaded them up and got nice accuracy at 100 yds. he ended up not liking it because the recoil became a bit stout, with all my research and load development I was 100% confident that any elk within 100 yds was dead. in the end we ended up buying him a .243 and I loaded him up with 100 grain Nosler partitions to which he killed a spike bull at 137 yds. killed it stone dead and the bullet passed through.