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  1. 1uglydude

    Muzzleloader Breech Plug Question

    Need to put a new scope on it. Trying to avoid spending a $1 X 20-30 times zeroing it with a powder supply that’s dang near impossible to replace.
  2. I switched out the breech plug in my CVA Optima to the Blackhorn 209 style. I have a friend who is going to use it for HAM javelina season, but I’m going to have him use 777 pellets because my supply of BH209 is too valuable to use on pigs. Long story short, I have lost my original breech plug. Has anyone tried shooting pellets with the BH209 style plug in the gun? I’m wondering if I would have ignition issues if I tried it given the big recess to allow for loose powder to fill in.
  3. 1uglydude

    7mm projectiles

    PM sent on the interbonds
  4. 1uglydude

    Spartan Bipod(100.00)

  5. 1uglydude

    Sold Thanks

    I might be interested in 100 pieces of one of the headstamps. Where are you located?
  6. 1uglydude

    WTT CCI 250 Primers

    If you meant CCI 200s, I'll do the trade.
  7. 1uglydude

    2022 NWTF 31- Day Gun Raffle

    Sheesh, Kornbread has all kinds of conspiracy theories. He must be running Kari Lake's legal team too. 9 posts in two years, and nearly all of them are taking a dump on the Turkey Foundation...and the rest are all classifieds posts.
  8. 1uglydude

    Score help

    He's done. Sent me some pics this morning. I'll hold off and let him share them himself.
  9. 1uglydude

    Score help

    The survey was two years ago, and yet two class 4 rams were killed in the unit last year. They don't see them all.
  10. 1uglydude


    Well that's not how it works...at least as of now...so problem solved
  11. 1uglydude

    Score help

    Brett sent me the video too. Might hit 150. If he's still hunting after Christmas I plan to try to get down there for a few days.
  12. 1uglydude

    Antelope with a Pistol

    Very cool. Coincidentally, I was just contemplating this morning whether I should rebarrel my Striker in 22-250 in to something like a 6mmCM. That doesn't look like a handgun scope on your Striker, does the brake tame it enough for you to get your face up in there?
  13. 1uglydude

    Temp stable powder for a 7-08?

    I use Varget in 7mm08 pretty much exclusively, and I see no noticeable difference between summer and winter speeds. Thats the main reason I moved away from RL17...that stuff gave me some crazy velocity swings based on the temperature.
  14. 1uglydude


    I’ll take this. But I’m on the youth deer hunt. I’ll be home tomorrow afternoon if you can wait that long.
  15. 1uglydude

    Primer dofferences

    I ran the numbers for my 7mm mag load. If I were to lose 75 fps, that would show up as about 3.5" lower at 600 yards. How much lower are you hitting?