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    This bill is coming from the Cattle Grower's Association. Thorpe is in deep with the Tea Party movement and the ranchers. The ranchers have a lot of pull at the Legislature and Ducey loves to give them whatever they want. It's just one more page in the anti-public lands movement from the right hand side of the aisle.
  2. 1uglydude

    WMAT Turkey hunt

    I would hope a 1 oz gold bar. Drive to New Mexico and shoot two birds for under $250.
  3. 1uglydude

    WMAT Turkey hunt

    $1700, and it can no longer be split between two people.
  4. 1uglydude

    My Desert Sheep Hunt

    40a is a Mexicana unit. You have to get north of the Bill Williams River hit the Nelsoni units.
  5. 1uglydude

    RCBS RockChucker and accessories

    Sent you a PM
  6. Sounds to me like three or four of the most vocal guys in the room are also the ones who make their living guiding elk in the area. The list of names in the article doesn't sound like a roll call of average hunters. If 22 is managed for trophy bulls, then it means guys won't get drawn very often. The "hunters" in that meeting don't give a dang about that because what they want is to be able to get their high-dollar clients on trophy bulls in the areas they know best (i.e. close to home). We already have units that are managed for trophy bulls, and guys are free to apply 20+ years to draw those tags if they so choose. There is nothing wrong with managing some of the units for opportunity for the sportsmen who are willing to shoot smaller bulls, but still get drawn every 3-4 years. Personally, I think these guides are being pretty selfish. Not only that, you have to think that the high number of late season bull tags also give a shot in the arm to the Payson economy each Nov/Dec. In what would otherwise be a slow season, the community gets an influx of several thousand visitors who would have no reason to go up there and spend money without the hunts. Anyways...my two cents.
  7. 1uglydude

    Yea it’s a 2x2...

    Cool looking buck You got him back to the truck without gutting him? Must be nice to have young legs and backs out there to do the heavy lifting.
  8. 1uglydude

    Where's Nobull?

    It wasn't an opinion. The Commision's scope of discretion is a legal fact. You were placing bets that they'd never get anything to stick on Blake too. I'm sure if someone had taken you up on those you'd be handing the cash over right now, right?
  9. 1uglydude

    Where's Nobull?

    I don't doubt that's what the prosecutor said. All I'm saying is that the Commission is not bound by the criminal proceedings. Will they go along with it? Possibly? Maybe even probably. But dont be surprised if they go another direction, because they absolutely have the discretion to do so.
  10. 1uglydude

    Where's Nobull?

    Chances are, the prosecutor agreed only to make a recommendation to the Commission on fines and revocation, but ultimately the Commision is not bound to follow it. It is the same way with a plea in a criminal case, a judge can deviate from the recommendation if he or she believes it is appropriate. Here, the Commission portion is a separate civil proceeding. They are not obligated to any agreement from the criminal case. Heck, they could even ding him for some of the criminal charges that were dismissed as part of the deal if they feel the evidence is there.
  11. 1uglydude

    Where's Nobull?

    That wont happen until a Commission hearing. Probably still several months away.
  12. 1uglydude

    Popcorn thread

    The charges in some of the other justice courts were dismissed at the request of the prosecutor at about the same time, which suggests a finalized plea too.
  13. 1uglydude

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    My daughter has a tag. We are going to wait until after Christmas.
  14. 1uglydude

    Javi tag in mail

    You need to mail them before the weekend. When yours arrived on Tuesday they were put behind the several hundred that arrived in the days prior and were backed up waiting to be processed. It probably took a few days to finally get to yours, and by that time your hunt choices were not available. You've got to remember that the running tally of what they have left is always at least half a working day behind the true total, and they aren't going to get to your app on the day it arrives...especially if you started out several days behind the curve.
  15. 1uglydude

    43B Ram down

    I've been wondering how that group was doing. Have they filled any of the three yet?