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  1. 1uglydude

    Looking to Trade Reloading Powder

    Where are you located? I could do H4350 for H4831sc.
  2. dang! Didn't know my inbox was full.
  3. 1uglydude


    Sent you a PM
  4. 1uglydude

    WTT 5.56 for 7mm-08

    Not sure where you are, but Shoppers in Chandler had quite a bit of 7mm08 on the shelf this morning. They had the 140gr federal fusion for $21, which I have found to be fairly consistent.
  5. 1uglydude


    Sheesh. Slow to the game. If any of the others fall through, then I could do the trade too. Located in Gilbert.
  6. 1uglydude

    Rem 700 Sendero SF in 7mm RM w/ Vortex Viper $800

    Smoking deal from a first time poster who signed up 15 minutes ago. Proceed with caution guys.
  7. 1uglydude


    Pm inbound
  8. I will take the 7mm projectiles
  9. 1uglydude

    Bulk ammo 9mm, 223, 308, 22

    Lubed or dry?
  10. 1uglydude

    Paper Apps for leftovers

    It will still get there, it will just take an extra day or so.
  11. 1uglydude

    Savage 308

    Bumping this back up
  12. 1uglydude

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    I would recommend people buy the version with the big side vents. It makes a huge difference for warm camping--both in the summer and on toasty October hunts.
  13. You don't to have completed hunters ed just to apply.
  14. 1uglydude

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    It will be interesting to see the leftover list this year. I have two friends who put down first choice hunts that ALWAYS have leftovers, and neither of them got a charge. Same thing happened to a guy I've been helping who put his kids in for a youth hunt that should have been guaranteed. I didn't get a charge for myself, but I figured that might happen because I added three guys with zero points on my app and the only choice I listed was the hardest to draw rifle tag. My javelina draw strategy relies heavily on an abundance of leftover tags in a few units I know really well. Starting to think I might get burned this year.