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    CC Hit

    In the past, the portal allowed you to see it a whole week earlier.
  2. I have been gathering the pieces to restore a Rem 722 in 257 Roberts that came into my possession. The original stock had been cut to shorten LOP and then later glued back together. I decided to just start over with a new stock that my son and I could refinish together, thinking that it would be something special (albeit not fancy) that I could pass on to him one day. So, after many months I finally found a takeoff stock on eBay that needed refinishing, but otherwise looked to be what I needed. For those not familiar with the 722, they often came with a slot cut out of the side of the stock to accommodate a peep site on side of the receiver. The pictures on eBay showed the slot, and since my rifle is tapped for one, I figured it would work just fine. What i could not tell until the stock was in my hands was that on this particular stock someone had hand carved out the slot quite a bit. It looks very amateurish, but the sale was "as-is." What I would like to do is find a woodworker who can cut out a chunk of wood from the barrel channel and fit it into this slot. I'm planning to bed the action and barrel anyways, and I figure if we use a patch from the same stock I am more likely to have the finished product look right. Does anyone have a recommendation for who might be able to do this? I assume it would involve some epoxy work, maybe some pins, and then matching a bit of a strange radius. My gunsmith is a machinist. I want a carpenter. Open to leads anywhere in the valley, but the closer to the east side, the better.
  3. 1uglydude

    Popcorn thread

    Looks like he's now accused of a separate violation too. This one is only a few weeks old.
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    This is the classifieds section.
  5. 1uglydude

    Still looking for encore pistol

    Good luck. They hold their value very well. You could try gunbroker, but then you're paying for shipping and transfer fees too. I've bought several used contenders, and only once did I pay less than $500, and it was a steal. Encores are generally worth more.
  6. Does by chance anyone have a takeoff from a magnum chambered ADL. A good friend new to hunting and guns ended up buying a used 7mm Mag that was crammed into a standard LA stock. As it heats up with each shot you end up shooting about 12 inches farther and farther to the left...haha. He does not have the budget to get a nice aftermarket stock this year, so he is looking for something to get him by. Looks like stocks man be had on eBay for $30 plus shipping. So if he can buy one localmy for that price and save the shipping then that's what he would like to do. Please let me know if you have something.
  7. 1uglydude

    Looking for BROKEN/non-running dirt bike

    Bringing this back up to the top.
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    I was in there on the deer hunt. I didn't see a single pig or sign of pigs. From what I have seen, it takes many many years for pigs to come back to burned over areas. The grass and shrubs that are the first to come back don't really support them very well.
  9. 1uglydude

    Super Bonus Point

    If it happens, I would like to see the point expire at the end of the calendar year. They should not accumulate.
  10. 1uglydude

    Hunter's First

    Congrats to Hunter. You have a beautiful family.
  11. 1uglydude

    Daughter's First Elk

    My little girl filled her elk tag on Friday evening. The youth tags were doubled in the unit this year, which made it quite a bit more crowded than we expected. We had to work a bit harder and we were blessed with some really good luck. She shot this cow at 90 yards with about 30 minutes of shooting light left. She had been broadside, but turned quartering towards us. My girl had been ready to pull the trigger, but stopped to ask what to do when she turned. I told her to imagine where the opposite lung would be and shoot along that line. She put the bullet just in front of the near shoulder and it passed through and destroyed the off-side lung. The cow reared up and came down hard. She never took another step. This is her third big game animal in the past year. All three were taken with one shot and we never had to do any tracking. Some of you know the story of how she got sick right after the Kaibab doe hunt last year. When she was two weeks removed from the hospital the good people at Y.O.U. hooked her up with some mentors that helped her fill her pig tag with as little physical effort as possible. Her strength is back to normal now, and she is in remission. She looks as good as ever. We recovered the bullet too. I loaded her 7mm08 down to reduced recoil loads. It was pushing a 139gr interlock at 2440 fps. This is what the bullet looked like after an impact at around 2300 fps and passing through about 2 feet of elk. It retained 119 of its 139 grains. It's a great bullet when not pushed too fast (or too slow)...one of the first harvests I have been a part of where a cup and core bullet was used...I'm usually a Barnes guy, but this did the trick.
  12. 1uglydude

    ear tag on a cow elk

    There were also some collared in 6B as part of the I-17 crossing project.
  13. 1uglydude

    ear tag on a cow elk

    A friend in the know tells me that the Department does not transplant elk within the state (hasn't for many many years). In fact if you watch what the Department does for elk management, most of the strategy is to limit further expansion. Nor does the Department move nuisance elk like they do javelina. I'm told this is an elk that at one time had a radio collar on it to track movement. The collars fall off after a couple years, but the tag remains. Also, the elk was likely in 1, 7, or 27...where most of the recent collar work was done.
  14. 1uglydude

    2018 Bugling Bulls

    I was up there on opening weekend and didn't hear much. Nice to see that it's picking up. My 11 year old daughter has the junior tag in a couple weeks. Would be cool if they are still bugling for her.
  15. I am the youth leader for a group of 14-15 year old boys at church. They're a diverse group. I've got everything from video game nerd introverts to thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies. They're kind to each other, and they really try to be inclusive, which is awesome considering their age. However, I have found myself struggling to help them plan activities that can interest all of them. I've been praying and thinking on what we could do that would light a fire, teach them skills, and help them form an even stronger bond. With the blessing of church leaders, I presented the boys with the idea of rebuilding a non-functioning dirt bike together. I'm going to help them find a bike and will front the cost of materials, but they are going to be in charge of doing all the research, finding the parts, and doing the labor together. When we are done, we will sell the bike to repay my costs, and whatever is leftover they will either donate to a cause of their choice or use towards the group's annual budget. The idea really struck a chord, and everyone is on board. Now, it's time for me to help them find a bike. After talking it over with the boys and doing some research (I'm not technically inclined at all), they have decided that the cheapest and most straightforward project would be a 125 two-stroke. The boy that has experience with bikes insists that it not be Chinese. We want something that needs quite a bit of work because that's the whole point of the exercise. We would also like to find something with a title so that we are more likely to recoup costs. So, if anyone out there has a non-functioning, non-Chinese, 125 two-stroke that are looking to dump or sell for a reasonable price, then I would be interested in talking to you. Please send me a message or text at 480-four 95-zero 134. Thanks!