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  1. 1uglydude

    Helpful Hint

    Lost tag can be replaced at any license dealer. Doesn't have to be a Department Office. Each dealer should have a book for duplicates in which you sign the affidavit. It works for lost non-permit tags as well as draw tags--though sometimes the teenager working the counter doesn't realize that.
  2. 1uglydude

    Popcorn thread

    It's a new wildlife violation. You have to read the details above it. They use the traffic citation complaint form for wildlife citations in justice court. Look at the two counts: 1) take in a closed season, and 2) excess bag limit
  3. 1uglydude


    Pm sent
  4. 1uglydude

    43A sheep tag

    No dice...her grandfather drew it.
  5. 1uglydude


    There's only one tag in each of those units, so you're not competing with anyone...no reason for anyone to be tight lipped. I have a friend who had those same two units as his choices, and he got charged. So obviously you got one and he got the other.
  6. 1uglydude

    43A sheep tag

    Holy smokes! Well that certainly lowers the odds that 43B was the unit we pulled.
  7. 1uglydude

    43A sheep tag

    **Update - it was my FIL who drew, and it is 43A** I'm not sure who drew, but hoping it's my 12-year old daughter...she was in on her own and I also had my wife apply with plans to sign it over to her. But even if it's my FIL we are in for an adventure. Depending on which of the applications drew, we will be in 44BN, 43A, or 43B. Odds are it's 43B. Can't wait!
  8. 1uglydude

    Anyone Updated Payment Info?

    Here's another problem, the dang receipt they give you that has the order number on only has the name of the person who paid for the application. So, when I have five family member who are all on separate applications for the same hunt numbers, but I paid with my credit card, I get five receipts that don't give any indication of WHO's application the receipt is actually for. In the past, I would get everyone in on my card, and then for everyone but my kids we would go in later and change the applications to a card that wasn't mine. That's pretty much impossible now. The new system is not user-friendly in the least bit. ...and don't even get me started on how you can't sign up a kid under 13 for a portal account anymore--even though they promised us that you'd be able to link a kid's account to an adult.
  9. 1uglydude

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    I'd sell my mother in law for a sheep tag.
  10. 1uglydude

    BLM Proposed shooting sites

    Until you get past Florence, there is almost no BLM land on the east side...and a lot of the stuff past Florence is wildernes. There is some used for flood control in the immediate vicinity of homes around the Mesa/AJ line and one small section out near the Peralta road. Other than that, you're looking at Forest Service and State Trust Land. So, that's why you aren't seeing anything for us east valley people in this proposal.
  11. 1uglydude

    Popcorn thread

    Man, they keep stacking up...
  12. 1uglydude

    Pig video 12 year old young lady

    Hornady did a short run of a 100gr interlock in 6.5mm. I've often thought about having a CZ 527 carbine in 7.62x39 converted to 6.5 Grendel, but I'd want to have a lighter bullet with stouter construction than a varmint round. A 100gr in the interlock or SST would be ideal for that application. Interesting to see that the 129gr still performed well out to that distance. Do you know how far the shot was on her mule deer?
  13. 1uglydude

    Weatherby SA-08 20GA

    I will take this. PM sent.
  14. 1uglydude

    Pig video 12 year old young lady

    What bullet are you shooting out of that Grendel?
  15. 1uglydude

    Savage 7mm $220

    Pm sent.