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  1. 1uglydude

    Wanted 30 Cal 178 eldx

    There's no such thing as a 180gr Eld-x in .30 cal. That may be why you're having a hard time finding them.
  2. 1uglydude

    OTC Javelina

    Check that again there bud. The McDowells are only open in December and January. The year long seasons don't apply in the metro units.
  3. 1uglydude

    Any Border Issues 36C ?

    The checkpoint was back up this past weekend.
  4. 1uglydude

    44a mule deer

    In those desert units you typically find the does in the foothills this time of year, but the mature bucks tend to be out in the flats. If he's only seeing does then he needs to look farther away from the hills.
  5. 1uglydude


    Put me down for seconds,
  6. 1uglydude

    7mm-08 Tikka t3 super light lightweight tack driver

    My kids' 7mm08 Tikka T3x Compact (not TCR, but the old designation for the youth size...12.5" LOP and 20" barrel) is the most accurate rifle I own. It shoots the 145gr LRX like a dream. I joke that I can load it down to 6.5CM velocities if I feel like I ever need to throttle it back a bit. I've been wanting to try the 150gr Eld-X, but I haven't been able to find any.
  7. 1uglydude

    7mm-08 Tikka t3 super light lightweight tack driver

    Do you mean the 150gr Eld-x? The 143 is a 6.5mm bullet.
  8. 1uglydude


    If you leave $200 in Home Depot gift cards under the bus bench at the corner of Mesa Drive and Southern Avenue in Mesa, I'll be sure to leave 4k small rifle primers there the next morning.
  9. 1uglydude


    Was rugermack hacked? I would expect a post like this from a new user. No legitimate business would require you to use untraceable and unrecoverable forms of payment. Either this post is from a scammer using an existing account, or rugermack just lost a bunch of money on ghost primers.
  10. 1uglydude

    36A Muzzleloader Help

    Some old widow on the edge of town is still telling stories about the night some hunter stumbled into her house, sat down at her kitchen counter, and started ordering shots.
  11. 1uglydude


    A friend needs them. I'll buy them off of you.
  12. 1uglydude

    Kodiak Tent or Spring Bar experience camping in sand?

    I appreciate the offer. A friend had a bunch of pre-cut 20" with a 4" bend that he gave me...so I think I'm set.
  13. 1uglydude

    Kodiak Tent or Spring Bar experience camping in sand?

    Thank you. I may take you up on that.
  14. 1uglydude

    Kodiak Tent or Spring Bar experience camping in sand?

    How long do you make your rebar stakes?
  15. Plan is to take the family to Rocky Point and camp on the beach for a couple days over fall break. Our only suitable tent is a 10x14 Kodiak, but I just realized that the manufacture's stakes are not going to hold in the sand. Those of you familiar with the design know that if you don't have it properly staked out, the tent simply won't stay up. Does anyone have any practical experience using this style of tent in the sand? What did you use for stakes? Springbar has some steel sand stakes, but they are $6 per and likely won't get to me in time.