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  1. Fingers crossed. Gonna be a long night.
  2. Millhouse

    Anyone with camper space in Phoenix or camp verde

    How big is your camp trailer?
  3. Millhouse

    Item found in 36B

    Garman GPS
  4. It will just add to the memories for you and the boys. Great job having them help, I like the step stool! Good luck on the hunt!!!
  5. Anyone care to share how the seat has been for you using it in the field?
  6. Millhouse

    Whatcha Lissnin to?

    Currently listening to Turnpike Troubadours, Whiskey Myers, Jason Isbell with some Reckless Kelly mixed in. Our last road trip had a lot of Alabama, Willie, and Waylon that’s to satellite radio
  7. Millhouse

    Vortex Cobra

    Not sure if this has been posted. Looks like a new product line by Vortex. Vortex does it again... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw3ESuZkCig
  8. Millhouse


    Some folks like drop away rests and there is plenty of upside. However, I still use a whisker biscuit on my hunting set up as I value the benefits it provides while stalking. Spend more ore time practicing as it takes a long time to be proficient shooting a bow. Hunting with a bow is extra work on top of that.
  9. Millhouse


    Yeah, I’d say he sure checks all the boxes! Awesome ram!!!
  10. Millhouse

    Crispi Nevada boots

    Funny. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I loved my older Pronghorns but not the newer ones. I’ll be following this thread for myself as well. Thanks!
  11. Millhouse

    Antelope permits down.

    This thread makes me want to get out and shoot some yotes
  12. Millhouse


    Got some good penetration. Crazy he was still alive.
  13. Millhouse

    Looks Like a Cold one!

    For those running a heater, like the buddy, in the Kodiak, do you leave the top side vents open for ventilation? I’m always paranoid about that carbon monoxide stuff.
  14. Millhouse

    The wisest man I ever met was a third grade dropout

    Thanks for sharing
  15. Millhouse

    Free Camper Shell

    Text sent, great offer and hopefully it works out