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  1. Millhouse

    What are we looking at

    Bedded mulie buck. Cool picture.
  2. Millhouse

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    Sure hope you get some help and things turn out! You help tons of people here, hopefully a few are in a position to help in return.
  3. Millhouse

    The Draw

    You might catch more than fish there....
  4. Congratulations! What a great life lesson for him to learn that hard work and persistence paying off.
  5. Millhouse

    Utah success 2020

    Sweet buck and welcome!
  6. Millhouse

    Don't laugh but does anyone have....

    Let me know if you need to borrow an orange vest....
  7. That looks amazing! My Kodiak seems tiny compared to that thing.
  8. Millhouse

    Pics from the last check.

    That second picture is awesome!
  9. Millhouse

    Comet Neowise Visible after Sunset

    We saw it last night as well starting at ~8:40 and watched it until 9:10. It was below the Big Dipper....about 1 dippers length below (ish). Hope that helps
  10. Millhouse

    Free traeger shelf

    Great meeting you today and thanks for the shelf! That was a nice looking antelope!
  11. Millhouse


    Currently available on camofire.com. Single state yearly membership for $17.99 instead of $29.99
  12. Millhouse

    Free traeger shelf

    If it’s still available, I’ll take it. Pm sent
  13. Millhouse

    What am i?

    That’s a good pic
  14. Millhouse

    What am i?

    That comet neowise?
  15. Millhouse

    Garage part 3...

    Ive had that same Plano for years.