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  1. Millhouse

    Can you see him? Lil fun

    Looks like a good one. Nice pic
  2. Millhouse

    Need glassing gear advice

    In my opinion, it depends on what you are using your glass for. If it’s simply to find animals and determine if it’s a buck or bull, then 10’s will do just fine. If you are looking for more details on size, and want to avoid long stalks on animals that don’t meet your size requirements, the extra weight of bigger glass (small spotter or 12/15’s) will likely be worth the weight compared to the extra miles covered by foot unnecessarily. JMHO.
  3. Millhouse

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    Standman is probably out fishing...
  4. Millhouse

    what tune is this?

    If you are referring to the song, look up “Back Porch Gator”. Has a good ring to it.
  5. Millhouse

    Stolen Hunting Rig - Recovered!

    Glad to hear it was recovered and can be return to the owner. I imagine he is very relieved to have it back. Good to hear.
  6. Millhouse

    Cool buck...

    Sweet buck and nice picture quality
  7. Millhouse

    Pops pig 2021

    Awesome! That sure didn’t take long. That’s a great second picture
  8. Millhouse

    Cabelas 12x20 Alaknak

    I just always assumed you shouldn’t put any type of tent away wet.
  9. Millhouse

    Stuff and Things for sale.

    Man, I always miss the good deals. I would have been all over this. Just my luck.
  10. Sportsmans in Avondale has some in stock now
  11. Millhouse

    3D Targets

    Very cool. I’m interested in a deer and pig. Pm sent
  12. Millhouse

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Awesome! Glad it all worked out. Some great memories for sure
  13. Millhouse

    Mom fighting for her life with Covid 19

    Prayers sent for her and your family.
  14. Millhouse

    Game Cameras- G&F Agenda

    I just spent the last week on the Kiabab and I actually didn’t find a single water source that had a ‘ridiculous’ amount of cameras on it (most was 4). I had heard stories about how bad it was, but that was not my experience (maybe I wasn’t hunting in the right spot though -haha). At times I actually wished I had taken some cameras up myself to place during the hunt. No need for more regulation, we already have plenty of that these days, and no need to make another rule that cannot be enforced by the one WM assigned to a unit.
  15. Millhouse

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Tried sending you a pm but your inbox is full