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  1. If anyone has game meat they would like to donate, contact my friend Robert O'Neil. He is trying to get some donations for a lady in Sierra Vista who is putting on a game and wild plants dinner in Sept. Robert's phone number is : 304-531-4943. He is willing to travel to go pick up the meat. Thanks in advance for your consideration!
  2. CouesWhitetail

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    I have Turtle Skin gaiters...they are very good. Even had a large rattlesnake bump into them in tall grass. He wasn't striking but he was coming through the super thick tall sacaton grass at about knee level!! Guy walking behind me saw it's head hit my gaiter! They are tan on one side and camo on the other, so you might like the camo on a hunt. Well made and easy to zip on and off https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ITZDLC2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. CouesWhitetail

    How to make a donation

    Anyone wanting to send a donation, can do so through Paypal to my email shown in posts above.
  4. CouesWhitetail

    How do we get SCAM posts removed

    Thanks to everyone who reports this kind of stuff. And thanks Stanley for handling it while I was away doing fieldwork
  5. CouesWhitetail

    font color

    better now? I had tried to make that change quite awhile back and it never seemed to take, but now it's showing as black text...yippee! Thanks for bringing it up.
  6. CouesWhitetail

    Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt

    Wow! Great hunt and congratulations on a double bearded tom! Glad you got to experience hunting in Mexico! I love it down there. My avatar photo to the left is a big Gould's I shot in Mexico with Jay and Darr.
  7. CouesWhitetail

    Opening morning Archery Gould's

    Gorgeous bird!! Thanks for sharing your hunt with us! Welcome
  8. CouesWhitetail

    Classified ads post

    Scroll down the forums list to the Classified Ad section and post it there.
  9. CouesWhitetail


    I moved it for you, in case you didn't already.
  10. CouesWhitetail

    The singing gobblers of south Mexico

    I have always wanted to get one of those birds and looked into hunting in Campeche. I kind of got turned off when people told me that you normally just shoot them off the roost and don't get to call them in. So glad to hear different from you! Congratulations on a gorgeous bird!! Love it!
  11. Hey All, Brian Chambers contacted me and said he is unable to go on a hunt that he had scheduled with Colburn and Scott outfitters for April 26 to 30. The hunt is fully guided. Brian says he is willing to make someone a smoking deal if anyone is interested. Please call him directly, 480-349-1075. Colburn and Scott have a great operation (I killed a great Gould's with them a few years ago) and you will have a great time if you decide to buy this hunt!
  12. I have a Gould's turkey hunt in Mexico with Colburn and Scott outfitters on 4/26-30 and I will not be able to go due to health and injury reasons.  I will make someone a smoking deal on this hunt which is fully guided.  My contact information is 480/349-1075.  All that is needed is a passport and you are good to go.

  13. CouesWhitetail

    Hey Ewe Three!

    Awesome! It's always fund to encounter sheep! Great photos
  14. CouesWhitetail

    Please welcome AxisWorks LLC as our newest sponsor!

    I flagged Maya1000 as a spammer and the post was removed. Thanks for reporting it!
  15. CouesWhitetail

    CWT sweatshirt

    Great, glad you are are starting to get your orders and are happy with them! Makes me happy! If anyone has a problem with their order (wrong size, wrong color, or whatever), you can email me and let me know so we can get it fixed. Hopefully everyone will be happy!