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  1. CouesWhitetail

    Outdoor Writer

    Rest in Peace Tony. for those interested, I posted more about his life with photos in the Memorial section of the forum.
  2. CouesWhitetail

    Tony Mandile - Outdoor Writer

    Tony Mandile was a long-time contributor to this forum. He passed away yesterday morning from complications from COPD, Covid and an infection he got while at the hospital. His wife, Ellen, also got sick about the same time and spent time in the hospital, but is recovering at home. His family says he did not wish to hold a service, but I wanted to share with you all some more about his background. Tony went by the handle Outdoor Writer in this forum as well as other hunting forums. He made a living as a professional write for almost 40 years and he was a wealth of knowledge about the outdoors. I enjoyed my conversations with him and he will be missed. Tony and his wife attended some of our CWT campouts so many years ago. In addition to being a hunter, he was an outstanding photographer and he enjoyed cooking some excellent meals, which he often shared on Facebook. Many of you have enjoyed the book he co-wrote with Duwane Adams, "How to Hunt Coues Deer". He hunted and fished in 39 states and 10 Canadian provinces. He also hunted and fished in Africa, New Zealand and Mexico. Mandile began a part-time writing career in 1969 and has been a full-time freelance outdoor writer/photographer for 38 years. His 30-year active membership in the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) included three years on the board of directors. He also served on the board of the Western Outdoor Writers (WOW) and the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), which he helped create in 2005. He was a contributing editor for ARIZONA HUNTER & ANGLER magazine for 10 years, and wrote seven years as the Arizona Editor for OUTDOOR LIFE magazine. Mandile wrote his book -- HOW TO HUNT COUES DEER -- with noted guide Duwane Adams in 2003, and the Arizona Game & Fish Commission selected him as "Outdoor Writer of the Year" for 2011. More than 2,100 of his articles and 1,300 of his photos (50 covers) have appeared in OUTDOOR LIFE, FIELD & STREAM, SPORTS AFIELD, CABELA'S OUTFITTER JOURNAL, PETERSEN'S HUNTING, PETERSEN'S FISHING, AMERICAN HUNTER (NRA), DEER HUNTING, ROCKY MOUNTAIN GAME & FISH, CALIFORNIA G&F, WASHINGTON-OREGON G & F, ARIZONA HIGHWAYS, NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER, WHITETAILS UNLIMITED, NORTH AMERICAN WHITETAIL, OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHERS BIBLE, PENNSYLVANIA ANGLER, ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPORTSMAN, WESTERN OUTDOORS, BOWHUNTING WORLD, SOUTHWEST SPORTSMAN, SAFARI, ARIZONA WILDLIFE VIEWS, ARIZONA HUNTER & ANGLER, OUTDOORS UNLIMITED, several books and a few dozen other outdoor, conservation and travel publications. Rest in Peace Tony.
  3. CouesWhitetail

    uploading video

    Do you receive a particular error message? How large is the file? As an alternative, you can upload to Youtube and then post the link here.
  4. Darren Freestone has put together another calendar with some great Coues buck photos! The photos are excellent and each month of the calendar features the lunar cycle as well as highlighting any important dates regarding the big game draws in Arizona! If you would like to purchase a calendar, visit this link in the CouesWhitetail.com store https://store.coueswhitetail.com/coues-bucks-of-arizona-calendar-by-darren-freestone/
  5. CouesWhitetail

    How can I turn off the Notifications?

    when you are logged into the forum, click on your name in upper right corner of forum to show the dropdown menu. Click on account settings and then look to the right hand side for "Notification Settings", click on that and click on "do not send me notifications". Look over the other options in there too and set them accordingly.
  6. CouesWhitetail

    Coatimundi - Chupacabra!!!

    Had one in our backyard a couple days ago! That was a first time getting one in the yard and we have lived here about 30 years! Probably a young male wandering and attracted to some of the water and fruit we had in the yard. PXL_20211017_164543849~2.mp4
  7. CouesWhitetail

    Stickers ordered but never received.

    Thanks, that does help. And I see your order from Aug 5.....and I see I didn't fill it yet. Sorry about that. I have all four of those style stickers in stock, so can get them out in the mail today or tmrw to you.
  8. CouesWhitetail

    Stickers ordered but never received.

    Sorry! I didn't think I had any outstanding orders, but I will go check.
  9. CouesWhitetail

    Forum Idea for Spammers

    We probably don't need a copy of it if you log in and it's already not there....that probably means Stan was able to delete the member and related messages before you logged in to check it out. Thanks for your quick action Stan! but if you get an email about a private message and it seems it has not been taken care of, then you can let Stan or I know and we can take care of it. Thank you.
  10. CouesWhitetail

    Forum Idea for Spammers

    Yes, you are correct....I can probably create a SPAM reaction button, like I did for the Great buck reaction button. But I am not sure how that helps since it would not notify the moderators like the report button does. Reporting a post would fix the problem more quickly because we would get notified of the problem.
  11. One of my neighbors is selling his 5th wheel. He always maintains things in excellent condition. Info and photos in attached screenshot. Limited Edition Fifth Wheel Series M-30QSBLE overall length 33' x 8'0" dual axle, 3 slide-outs, king bed, rear living, rollaway bed in sofa, free standing dining table, 2 recliners, hydraulic power leveling jacks front & rear, surround sound entertainment system, 32” Flat Screen TV in living & small flat screen in bedroom. Power awning, lots of storage. Owned by retired couple only occasional use. Asking $17,900 OBO Call Jack Holliday for more info 928-812-0621
  12. Hey All, Forum member Darren Freestone has put together another great Coues Buck Calendar for us! The calendars feature excellent photos of Coues Bucks for each month. And they have moon phases as well as the date that hunt applications are due for Arizona. If you are interested in getting one, they are available in the CWT store. I only have a limited quantity, so if you want one, better jump on it soon. Calendars are $20 plus shipping. My cell phone pics of the calendar pages are a little fuzzy, but the calendar looks great and is well printed. http://store.coueswhitetail.com/coues-bucks-of-arizona-calendar-by-darren-freestone/
  13. CouesWhitetail

    2021 Coues Calendar Release Date?

    Thanks for asking and yes, the calendars are available in the CWT store. Bonecollector posted the link above, but here is it again. http://store.coueswhitetail.com/coues-bucks-of-arizona-calendar-by-darren-freestone/
  14. CouesWhitetail

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    And Happy Birthday to you as well!!
  15. CouesWhitetail

    Happy Birthday Amanda!

    Not sure the song influenced my name, but I certainly had people sing that song to me a lot when I was growing up!