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  1. Hey All, Brian Chambers contacted me and said he is unable to go on a hunt that he had scheduled with Colburn and Scott outfitters for April 26 to 30. The hunt is fully guided. Brian says he is willing to make someone a smoking deal if anyone is interested. Please call him directly, 480-349-1075. Colburn and Scott have a great operation (I killed a great Gould's with them a few years ago) and you will have a great time if you decide to buy this hunt!
  2. I have a Gould's turkey hunt in Mexico with Colburn and Scott outfitters on 4/26-30 and I will not be able to go due to health and injury reasons.  I will make someone a smoking deal on this hunt which is fully guided.  My contact information is 480/349-1075.  All that is needed is a passport and you are good to go.

  3. CouesWhitetail

    Hey Ewe Three!

    Awesome! It's always fund to encounter sheep! Great photos
  4. CouesWhitetail

    Please welcome AxisWorks LLC as our newest sponsor!

    I flagged Maya1000 as a spammer and the post was removed. Thanks for reporting it!
  5. CouesWhitetail

    CWT sweatshirt

    Great, glad you are are starting to get your orders and are happy with them! Makes me happy! If anyone has a problem with their order (wrong size, wrong color, or whatever), you can email me and let me know so we can get it fixed. Hopefully everyone will be happy!
  6. CouesWhitetail

    Green Chili Javelina

    Thanks! Looks great!
  7. Just an fyi, the order form closes tonight, so if you want some product, place your order today!
  8. You can check the size chart for each type, they vary a little in their fit. The customink rep said she likes the Jerzees slightly better than Gildan. I only added the Gildan because they were out of Large in military green the Jerzees. So if you need to order a Large in that color, your only option is to go with Gildan. Both hoodies are said to run a little small, so check the size chart using the text link just to the right of each product.
  9. CouesWhitetail

    What's the trick with upside down pics?

    Maybe try what cjl2010 is suggesting. do a 90 degree edit, save, then edit to turn 90 degrees back and save it. then upoad. Or just edit the photo on a computer and upload. It seems to mostly be an issue with iPhones. I think the iphone auto fixes photos so they display correctly even if taken upside down? I don't really understand it. Sorry for the headache. I think you are stuck with the two options that cjl and Vowell mentioned.
  10. CouesWhitetail

    Can we get hoodies made????

    Remember the order form closes in a few days, so if you want something please place your order soon.
  11. CouesWhitetail

    Circulating Pic unit 23NM Come on people!!

    Yes, this must be it!
  12. CouesWhitetail

    How to make a donation

    got it, thanks!!
  13. CouesWhitetail

    Javelina #20

    You are on track to meet TJ's prowess....I think he killed his 45th pig this year! Congrats
  14. CouesWhitetail

    How to make a donation

    You can paypal money to my email at amanda@coueswhitetail.com if you like. Or you can mail a check. PM me and I can give you my address if you prefer to pay by check. thanks for considering supporting the site! I appreciate it!
  15. I am trying something new that should help lower cost, allow more options to choose from and make things easier for everyone. I am using the new a group order form with CustomInk. Everyone selects and pays individually for items you order. Use the link below to access the group order form. You have until Jan 28 to place an order before the order form closes. Once closed, all items ordered will be printed and shipped. Since the order form will be open for two weeks before printing starts, that means that you will have to be patient while waiting for your item, as you won't get it for a few weeks. Also, please note that the Jerzee and Gildan hoodies run small, so you may want to order up a size. The other items (short sleeves, long sleeve tshirts and women's hoodies) run pretty true to size. I had to offer two different brands of sweatshirts for the Military Green hoodie because they were out of Large on one brand and had limited XL sizes on the other. Both hoodie brands run on the small side. I recommend checking out the sizing chart link next to each item and actually measuring yourself to make sure you get the right size so you don't end up with one that is too small. When you open the order form, you will see each product and next to the product name there is a link that says "View Sizing Line-up", click on that to see measurements for each size for each product. take your time, the order form will be open until Jan 28. Rough charges for shipping will be $5 for one item, $7 for 2, $8 for 3 and $10 for four or more items. order form: https://www.customink.com/g/hnb0-00bq-3eud