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  1. CouesWhitetail

    Missing hunters in Mexico

    I was gonna post that link. Pretty wild story. Especially the part where they said the kidnappers were nice to them. quote from article: The Texans said their captors treated them surprisingly well. “They were nice to me, and to be honest with you, did not hurt us in any way,” Williams reported. Chapman recalled, “Every other word out of their mouth was, ‘No problem, you’ll be OK. We don’t hurt Americans.’” After 11 hours, the captors had arrived where they wanted to go. They gave the Texans back their cellphones and the rest of their property. “Everything that had been taken,” Williams said. But that was not the biggest surprise. “It seems wild, but they washed our vehicles and put fuel in them,” Williams said. Chapman recalled that they only washed his nephew’s truck. “And detailed it,” Chapman told The Daily Beast. “Mine’s still dirty.”
  2. CouesWhitetail


    Since we almost never ban anyone, if you see that you have been banned, it is almost surely due to the forum auto-banning you due to a problem with your IP address. It seems to be a problem primarily for those who use Cox as an internet provider. The problem started a few years ago and my hosting company said it doesn't want to just blanket allow Cox IP addresses because according to them an unreasonably large amount of Cox IP addresses will try and access the forum at the same time and they view it as possible hacking/attacks. So they recommended I don't stop the auto banning. Of course it's annoying for those that get banned. It seems the problem usually resolves itself if you can get a different IP address assigned by Cox. Sometimes, that's just a matter of disconnecting completely from the internet and reconnecting. Other times I have to go in and manually validate the IP address, but then it's not permanent as you can get assigned a new one by Cox and then get banned again. It's an annoying problem and several people have recently been auto banned. It has nothing to do with you personally, it's just a technically issue. Sorry for the inconvenience. Mr. Smith, I tried to email you all that info, but it got returned as undeliverable, so you might need to update your email address in your profile.
  3. CouesWhitetail

    Look at this AZ freak buck

    Wow! what a find! Congratulations!
  4. CouesWhitetail

    Mobile App

    We used to have one, but I haven't updated it. Sorry.
  5. CouesWhitetail

    Cow Elk hunt 22 south

    I moved the post to Elk hunting section
  6. CouesWhitetail

    Happy Birthday Chef!!

    Hope you have a great birthday Chef! If you are lucky you will be out listening to bugling elk!
  7. Hey All, Forum member Darren Freestone has put together another great Coues Buck Calendar for us! The calendars feature excellent photos of Coues Bucks for each month. And they have moon phases as well as the date that hunt applications are due for Arizona. If you are interested in getting one, they are available in the CWT store. I only have a limited quantity, so if you want one, better jump on it soon. Calendars are $20 plus shipping. My cell phone pics of the calendar pages are a little fuzzy, but the calendar looks great and is well printed. http://store.coueswhitetail.com/coues-bucks-of-arizona-calendar-by-darren-freestone/
  8. CouesWhitetail

    Dove Street Tacos 🌮🌮🌮

    Wow, looks great! thanks for sharing the recipe and pics
  9. If anyone has game meat they would like to donate, contact my friend Robert O'Neil. He is trying to get some donations for a lady in Sierra Vista who is putting on a game and wild plants dinner in Sept. Robert's phone number is : 304-531-4943. He is willing to travel to go pick up the meat. Thanks in advance for your consideration!
  10. CouesWhitetail

    Snake Gaiter recommendations

    I have Turtle Skin gaiters...they are very good. Even had a large rattlesnake bump into them in tall grass. He wasn't striking but he was coming through the super thick tall sacaton grass at about knee level!! Guy walking behind me saw it's head hit my gaiter! They are tan on one side and camo on the other, so you might like the camo on a hunt. Well made and easy to zip on and off https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ITZDLC2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. CouesWhitetail

    How to make a donation

    Anyone wanting to send a donation, can do so through Paypal to my email shown in posts above.
  12. CouesWhitetail

    How do we get SCAM posts removed

    Thanks to everyone who reports this kind of stuff. And thanks Stanley for handling it while I was away doing fieldwork
  13. CouesWhitetail

    font color

    better now? I had tried to make that change quite awhile back and it never seemed to take, but now it's showing as black text...yippee! Thanks for bringing it up.
  14. CouesWhitetail

    Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt

    Wow! Great hunt and congratulations on a double bearded tom! Glad you got to experience hunting in Mexico! I love it down there. My avatar photo to the left is a big Gould's I shot in Mexico with Jay and Darr.
  15. CouesWhitetail

    Opening morning Archery Gould's

    Gorgeous bird!! Thanks for sharing your hunt with us! Welcome