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  1. huntwithme2

    n.m. gmu 27

    i,ve been trying to find or get some info on a mule deer hunt in 27 [i have the muzzle loader tag] but most if not all info is on coues deer. my interest is to hunt north of hwy 9 in the pelononcillo mtns are the mule deer in the lower foot hills are the coues and mule deer in the same area is a lot of the mtns landlocked and can you get to the east side of these mtns by going in from the arizona side thanks larry
  2. huntwithme2


    does anyone know of any person who guides only in gmu 15 in new mexico for elk . it would be for 3 to 5 days of guiding only thanks
  3. huntwithme2

    n.m. javelina

    thanks for the info
  4. huntwithme2

    n.m. javelina

    actually it's not bad with my less than 100 % disability I get fishing and small game for $10.oo. this year I believe all big game tags and stamps will be half off for residents with a military disability.
  5. huntwithme2

    n.m. javelina

    thanks for the info. is pueblo creek near cottonwood just south. does anyone know where the mccaully ranch is I think it is near cliff..
  6. huntwithme2

    n.m. javelina

    i'm making my annual javelina hunting trip to the southwest area. I've hunted around lordsburg the last seven years. they seem to be getting scarcer there every year.all I can find there is a few tracks. I was going to try over by the floridas this year for a couple of days. has anyone hunted there for javelina or quail or seen any there while hunting ibex. thanks larry
  7. huntwithme2

    digital scale

    does anyone recommend a good digital powder scale.. I would like to back up my lyman with it thanks
  8. I just picked up an encore handgun in 270 the other day. not bad of a kick more of a push. what scope do you have on your 30/06.
  9. huntwithme2


    i shoot 140 accubounds, 60.5 grns of rl-22 and wlmr primers out of a tikka lft handed 270 wsm
  10. huntwithme2

    southwest nm

    I can't seem to find the coyote hills on the map. does anyone know where they are. also this may sound dumb but I was talking to an old timer about javelina hunting and he kept saying the hatchita's. I kept saying the hatchet mountains he kept saying no the hatcheta's. aren't they the same or are they some secret mountain range I can't see on the map
  11. huntwithme2

    seven and counting

    this is my seventh try at those little buggers. always down by lordsburg. two years ago I saw one but lost him in a wash that ended in arizone. the sign said Arizona dnr on the side of the dirt road. it was just east of the peloncillo mtns wilderness. four years ago I missed one at twenty yards with a 22/250, hard to hit one with a scope set at sixteen power. has anyone seen any pigs deer hunting down there. there seems to be a number of cat tracks. I even pig hunted as a non resident. drove from Wisconsin. got a lot of rivving when I came back. if it wasn't so much fun hunting them i'd quit.
  12. huntwithme2

    6.5-06 advise needed

    how is the 6.5 compaired to the 25/06 as far as fps and energy with the same barrel length. I use a 110 grn accubound out of my 25/06
  13. I heard the Remington weighs over nine pounds retails for $1,200 and uses two hounderd grns of powder
  14. huntwithme2

    270 wsm

    I've been fooling around with handloads for my lft handed tikka in 270 wsm. I;ve come up with a really good 140 accubound round. I did noticed that nosler makes a 110 grn accubound for the 270 wsm. with rl-19 it produces 3635 fps. that sounds like a good antelope, deer bullet. has anyone used this bullet hunting. it has a b.c. of .370 and s.d. of 205.. that's faster than my 257 weatherby with the same bullet thanks for any info larry
  15. huntwithme2

    Which Scope for ML

    I used to use a 3-9 but now I went to a 4-12 vx1. can't see those little dots on the target