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  1. knothead

    Pointguard Plus

    Point guard was fine the way it was for the $5. This is an accounting policy pure and simple. The department is trying to get the money up front so they can better plan and budget for the future. If they notice a shortfall they can sell some more of those special tags they started selling last year. I'm telling you our G&F dept leads the way in figuring out how to make make money from hunters without ever improving hunting, habitat, or wildlife numbers.
  2. Guys who may not have hunted much or at all in August/Sept due to the heat or prefer the rut hunt will now hunt earlier. They will hunt earlier because they know their favorite Dec/January hunts may not even occur because the quota has been met already. More guys hunting in August/Sept probably means even more units will meet quota & close sooner. I am happy that the dept has worked with the archery community on a solution but there may be some flaws in new rules and they may have to be readdressed in a few years after there is some actual data. At least there is a start. Now we just need to come up with a realistic plan to limit non-residents to no more than 10% of otc tags per unit and get crossbows our of the archery hunts. Muzzy and crossbow seasons should be together IMO.
  3. knothead

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    I've seen an albino turkey hen in unit 27 on an elk hunt. Would come in every late afternoon to a tank I was sitting and eat the bugs off the tall grass around the water. The turkey I saw was not nearly as white as these birds. She was more of a yellowish white.
  4. knothead

    This day in history...

    There is a rumor that the reason why it takes a sharp angle NW towards Yuma is because one of the men on the survey crew got very sick and the closest doctor was in Yuma. The original plan was to head straight west because the US wanted another Port. Rocky point would have been part of the US and probably AZ. Not sure if it is true but read about this many years ago and college professor told a similar story.
  5. knothead

    New Member

    As dumb as that sounds, it's the truth.
  6. knothead

    Aussiedoodle pups

    My daughter has a 5 month old. I'll admit it is the cutest and coolest dog. Yes, every time I am around it I talk in one of those blabbering baby voices and I can't help it. Great personalities. I have mostly had healers over my lifetime and they are great dogs but I would consider one of these Aussiedoodles.
  7. knothead

    Youth turkey hunt - update and pics

    A friend who lives in Springerville was out in unit 1 this morning and said he saw about 13 hens and 7 toms. Only heard one gobble all morning. Love spring turkey when they are talking. Good luck
  8. knothead

    2012 Kawasaki teryx 4

    Clean machine.
  9. knothead

    rain guage

  10. knothead

    How big is he?

    I don't know what he scores but as an archer, that is a shooter every day of the season for me.
  11. knothead

    17B & 19B

    I believe the incident you are talking about occurred in 18B near the Baca Float.
  12. knothead

    Suggestion for 6A Archery

    Very difficult to get away from people on that hunt. I would say 2/3 of hunters are north of Stoneman lake rd and 1/3 south of it. There are elk throughout the entire unit. One year my son had the hunt and on the 2nd Sunday morning we counted 19 different hunters/helpers in the field before 7:00 am. Good Luck
  13. knothead

    Had 5 Visitors

    I must be the only person who hunts smart turkeys.
  14. knothead

    Feral Horses Black River

    This is not a time to be silent. All people who enjoy our national forests need to be writing and calling for the removal of feral horses from all our national forests. I guarantee the other side is.
  15. knothead

    AZ 3D shoots

    3D shoots are tons of fun for entire family and I'm surprised not as many people shoot them as in the past. There are people shooting at all different skill levels and abilities. Beats staying home and watching TV.