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  1. knothead


    Love my sportsman 400 that I got brand new on fathers day 2001. Zero issues ever just regular maintenance. Good luck with the sale
  2. First I heard of this but I know quite a few hunters who would support a game camera ban from July 31st - Dec. 31st.
  3. knothead

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    I told my son's that Colt Pythons were like fraternities. The only people who say anything negative about them are the people who never owned one or were in one.
  4. knothead

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    There were only 4 of us that worked in the sporting goods department. Tim was the manager, a full timer named Carl and two part timers of which I was one. I'm sure we would have met because being PT I closed almost every Friday, Saturday night and worked Sunday because it was time and half. We had so many regulars back then that we new more than half of our customers by first name or we new something about them. If you find one of those receipts and see the name John Hay on it then I sold you that gun. That was something like 37-38 years ago. Crazy stuff
  5. knothead

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    Yes, I worked in the sporting goods dept at 83rd ave and grand from 81-83, 35th ave and peoria from 84-85 and I finished my last 6 months at main office. Smitty's was very good to me and made a lot of very good friends while working there. You are right, we used to special order all kinds of guns/merchandise for people at the grand ave store. The manager, Tim Tekulve, used to love special orders and he encouraged all of us to help the customers get whatever they wanted. Tim was and still is a great salesman and he taught me a ton about people and how to treat them to make them a loyal customer. Good guy.
  6. knothead

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    I had a 6" blue python that I bought in 1983 at Smitty's for $305 or something near there. When I was in college I needed money for rent and I sold it for $450. Listed it in az republic classifieds for Saturday and Sunday and the phone started ringing at 5:00 am. First guy bought it and I have always regretted selling it and that is why I'm happy to see they are making it again. Besides looking bad butt they were always the smoothest action revolver made straight from factory. I got my name on the wait list this time. I'm guessing since Colt stopped making the AR's they are bringing back something they never should have stopped making to begin with.
  7. knothead

    Lifetime licsense!

    Good Luck Bob. I hope you and your wife have a happy life. My Mother was from Youngstown and Stuebenville. Her family moved to AZ around 1953 or so.
  8. knothead

    Spring Bears

    This is one of my bucket list items with a bow. I look forward to seeing some pics.
  9. knothead

    Draw odds

    Here is an image of the archery unit 9 draw for last 5 years. this is off of the hunterstrailhead site.
  10. knothead

    Draw odds

    Got my information from www.hunterstrailhead.com
  11. knothead

    Draw odds

    unit 9 archery last season odds for a resident: 14 pts = 46.2% 13 pts = 8.6%
  12. knothead

    WTB RH Bowtech Guardian

    Thanks. I just purchased one on ebay.
  13. knothead

    WTB RH Bowtech Guardian

    Anyone have one of these?
  14. knothead

    Draw odds

    I may not necessarily agree with you but I like your attitude.
  15. knothead

    Draw odds

    I use www.hunterstrailhead.com $24.95 per year There are other places as well