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  1. knothead

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    Currently, non-members are not allowed on San Carlos reservation. covid-19
  2. I'm looking for someone who can do some drywall and painting from water damage. One room will probably need an entire sheet drywall replaced in ceiling and the other is just tape and texturing. 3 ceilings painted to match. John North Peoria 83rd ave & Happy Valley area 623-680-4458
  3. knothead

    Hunters trailhead or gohunt, (or other)

    HT always has a special in December where you can get a yearly membership for $24. No buffalo odds. My biggest complaint is that they are REAL SLOW on uploading odds data. I'm talking a year or more behind from when G&F publishes draw reports. I have written them a couple times complaining about this. When it is up to date HT is very simple and easy to use. Provides everything I need for $24.
  4. knothead

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Seeing birds or has this covid-19 thing got all the birds quarantined? Are the birds talking or responding to calls? From previous years experience are there about the same number of people in the woods or is there more or less? Can't hunt right now so I have to live vicariously.
  5. knothead

    OHV decal

    System is all screwed up. Will not allow me to renew OHV decal.
  6. knothead

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Any reports over the last week for Merriams?
  7. knothead

    Remington 1100 barrel....

    Does it have a vent rib? A picture would help.
  8. knothead

    Am I the mayor?

    I have an understanding with snakes. I leave them alone and they leave me alone. You can add reptiles to my do not like list along with pools & HOA nazi's.
  9. knothead

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    Like already mentioned. I dislike them but they have a purpose. If they didn't, you would have bright pink and yellow houses, people parking in the yard, unkept houses/yards and you can only imagine all the other things. There is a noticeable difference in neighborhoods with them and the ones without. Overzealous neighborhood watch nazi's can get power hungry though. HOA's are necessary evils. Kinda like an attorney.
  10. knothead

    Build your own pool

    Redman, You forgot to mention the additional $ you spent on electricity for running that pool motor and filtering system all year long. Just say'n To the original poster: Get what you want and do what you want. We are all adults here and just because some people don't like something doesn't mean the rest have to. I have had a pool in every house I have lived in over last 33 years. Two homes came with a pool, 1 home we hired a company to build for us and 1 we built it ourselves, subbed it out and saved about 40%. Not exagerating when I when I say my wife and I spent no more than 10 hours total of our time and saved 15K-20K. Pools are easy to sub out. Just because I think pools suck I know others like them. I'm okay with that and I hope you are too. I now pay someone $95 a month to clean weekly and provide chemicals and I never complain about paying it. Good luck with your build.
  11. knothead

    Build your own pool

    The discussion of our pool is sure to get an argument started every time at my house. I hate effing pools. They are a huge money pit, rarely get used and a PITA to maintain. My wife likes to sit in the shallow area with her sisters and friends and drink so what's a guy going to do. I enjoy hunting and she enjoys sitting in the pool and drinking. Marriage is a compromise.
  12. knothead

    I declined a goulds tag that was surrendered

    That's a good question. I thought you had to turn your tag in before the hunt started in order to keep your points. I know some guys have turned tags in after the season has started for one reason or another but I just figured they forfeited their points.
  13. knothead

    Build your own pool

    Our last pool we built we subbed it out ourselves. We made some hand drawn plans for pool (large play pool suited for water volleyball and a couple baja areas) and the shotcreet guys drew up the official plans. We built our pool in 2007 and pool companies wanted Mid 30's to build. We built it for just under 20K. Was really pretty easy as far as scheduling because there is not much to a pool. All the pool companies use the same guys and they all know each other.
  14. knothead

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Just talked to a friend that was in unit 1 last week M-F. He did not see or hear a single bird. He sometimes sleeps late and moves pretty slow so I am not sure how reliable the source is.
  15. knothead

    How are Spring hunts going so far?

    Any gobbles these last few days or are the turkeys pretty much done? Did the Flagstaff area get any rain yesterday?
  16. knothead

    Rules For Classifieds

    If I told the first guy I would hold it for him until next week, then I will keep my word and sell to the first guy. If you're the type of person where your name and word mean nothing, then you will do whatever you want anyway. Does not matter if it is a complete stranger or your best friend. Your word is your word IMO.
  17. knothead

    DEF delete.

    A friend got a PO box in black canyon city to get around the emissions crap.
  18. knothead

    2018 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Northstar

    Everybody I want to buy something from lives in far east valley and I'm in the NW part of valley. Quite the dilemma. AC & a Heater in a Ranger? That's pretty cool.
  19. knothead

    Ford F250 crew cab $8000

    My most favorite Ford body style.
  20. knothead

    20B December Rifle Mule Deer

    Kaibab is a special place. Great place to get a kid hooked on hunting IMO.
  21. knothead

    Anything you refuse to buy used?

  22. knothead

    BLM Shooting Ranges

    Now I wish they would start easing the crowding at current lakes and make some more. Build them along and use the CAP water. When was the last time AZ made a new lake? Yet our population keeps growing exponentially. Seriously, it makes me feel good when I see our tax $ go to more ways we can recreate outdoors. You younger fellas should be the loudest voices or you will not have anything. I don't have answers just ideas.
  23. knothead

    Wasn’t the guns after all

    I fall into the old fart age group. Early 80's for me. It was a great time to be young.
  24. knothead

    Wasn’t the guns after all

    I attended Peoria High and we used to take our shotguns to school and go dove hunting with our baseball coach who also taught government. Normal stuff back then and nobody thought twice about it.