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    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    I'm not much of a gun hunter anymore but the M77 is my favorite. I have 3 of them. A 30-06, 25-06 and .223. Great guns for sure and they can definitely out perform my abilities. We were supposed to head up for his elk hunt yesterday but I am sicker than a dog. Got a covid test and it came back negative. Went to urgent care and they cave me a prescription for antibiotic. I feel bad for my brother-in-law because he is waiting for me to get better. I hope to be healthy enough by Thursday.
  2. knothead

    New Draw

    I've said it before and I will say it again. AZGFD has to be the leader in creative ways to generate funds yet never improve resident hunting and in most cases actually make hunting in AZ worse. I wonder what percentage of G&F budget goes to support non-game functions like the wolves, ferrets, chub fish, condors, frogs etc?
  3. knothead

    New Draw

    Game and fish figured out a long time ago that there is a gold mine out there just waiting to be had called application fees.
  4. knothead

    Hang Elk quarters in Upright Freezer

    Interested to see what people have to say and what you end up doing. Good Luck
  5. knothead

    General Bull Hunts.... Who's going?

    I will be helping out my 67 year old brother-in-law on his first ever elk hunt. He retired from UPS a couple years ago and moved from Nebraska to AZ. He is like a kid and very excited about this hunt. I had to dust off the oldy but goody Ruger M77 30-06 for him. Never had to touch the scope as it was still dialed in. I hope everyone that heads out has a great experience. Should be fun.
  6. knothead

    New Draw

    Game and fish figured out a long time ago that there is a gold mine out there just waiting to be had called application fees.
  7. knothead

    Located needed ammo. THANKS

    I have a box of Remington core-lokt 150 grn psp 30-06 springfield. $40 I'm near 83rd ave and Happy Valley rd. John 623-680-4458 best to text first
  8. knothead

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    Crossguns during an archery hunt should only be allowed once due to an injury or disability. After that, choose a different weapon type hunt. It is perfectly legal to hunt with a crossbow during rifle hunts if you are dead set on hunting with a crossgun. I have hunted gun hunts with my bow and arrow. It can be done. Many of the gun hunts have better draw odds than bow hunts. Are we going to allow guys to drive their utv off road and through the woods and hunt because they are too old or physically unable to get around like they used to? In my 58 years of life I can count all the bow hunters I have known who have never gun hunted on one hand. Maybe even three fingers. Now all of a sudden they can't hunt with a gun because their body starts to break down? If you only want to hunt during an archery season then lower the poundage down to the lowest legal poundage or learn to shoot with with opposite hand. My two cents.
  9. knothead

    Anyone Bear hunting?

    one of these days. I only want one and has to be with bow and arrow.
  10. knothead

    DIY Gong Stands

    Good for you guys who can afford to shoot or even find the ammo to shoot.
  11. knothead

    West Side Roofer

    Josie's roofing Great price and excellent work. They stay very busy. 602-577-8304
  12. Can anyone recommend a good architect who is affordable? I have the basic floor plan idea for a chalet style cabin but I need someone to draw it up and get approved for coconino county. thanks
  13. knothead

    Experience With Home Based FFLs????

    What are you talking about Dave? If I stood on my back porch and yelled real loud I bet you could hear me. While we aren't as close of neighbors as we used to be, I'm only about 20 stone throws away from you. I hope you and the family are doing well. Thank God Shoney doesn't live in the hood anymore.
  14. knothead

    Experience With Home Based FFLs????

    No, 80th ave just north of deer valley.
  15. knothead

    Experience With Home Based FFLs????

    Had a great experience with my guy in north Peoria. He charged me $15 to have 2 lowers from Palmetto state sent to him. I have a conceal carry permit and the entire transaction took less than 15 minutes. I just did a google search on FFL dealers near me and read a bunch or reviews. The guy I chose had a 5 star rating.
  16. knothead

    Tikka 7mag

  17. knothead

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    me too
  18. knothead

    Kaibab Rifle Hunters

    I once talked to the guy in charge of the California Condor project at the Kaibab deer check station. I told him how we had a hard time getting lead free 25-06 ammo for my son's hunt. He told me if we ever draw again just get hold of him and he would get whatever we needed no matter the caliber. We used lead ammo but bagged all the intestines and everything after gutting it and dropping them off at check station. Sorry I didn't save the name of guy but you could probably call G&F and ask. He might be able to help you on your reloads. Good Luck
  19. knothead

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    I was just talking to Marvin AKA stickflicker, a couple days ago about this antler I found in unit 17a on Juniper mesa 17-18 years ago. I have never actually seen a WT there but I know they are there.
  20. knothead

    White tail deer in Arizona deserts

    Although fairly common today to see WT in the area, 30 years ago it was not so common. I remember seeing my first elk (cow & calf) in 17a up on juniper mesa in 1986 and thought that was weird at the time. Now it is pretty common to see elk in the unit. Used to be much more common to see a lot more mule deer up north than elk but not anymore. Some species have expanded and improved while others like the mule deer have declined. I was born and raised in this state and spent a lot of time camping and fishing. Started hunting in 77-78 but I didn't see my first elk until 1983. Arizona is constantly evolving.
  21. I hope your "friend" bought a lifetime az license before he moved out of state and then I would do what AZAV8ER said. Report back if any problems arose during hunt.
  22. Selling my sons left handed bare bow. He has owned since brand new and probably no more than 600 arrows shot from it. A new string was put on in 2019. Diamond (by Bowtech) Rock 2.0, Left handed, 24-30 inch draw 70 lbs. This is a very good starter bow, good deal and still in excellent condition. Here is a write up about bow. https://www.ammoland.com/2010/02/diamond-rock-2-0-bow/#axzz71ZXUwtlN $70 OBO John 623-680-4458 best to text first North Peoria 83rd & Happy Valley rd area
  23. knothead

    Elk identifies as a Ram!

    very unique. Looks like he really had that ear pinned down.
  24. knothead

    Finding ammo

    Just purchased a Ruger .357 at the Sportsmans Warehouse Ruger sale a couple weeks. I hope I can find ammo in time for HAM hunt in February. I'm not very optimistic as long as we have hoarders and ammo hogs.
  25. knothead

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Sitting around and talking with old HS buddies is worth the trip. The fishing is just a bonus. Go and enjoy the fresh mountain air during monsoon. Good Times IMO.