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  1. J-Klee

    Leupold scope fs/ft

    I have a buddy looking for a scope similar to this, how much are you looking for?
  2. J-Klee

    15’ Drift Boat

    This item has sold.
  3. J-Klee

    15’ Drift Boat

    My father in law is selling his cabin and that is where he has stored his 15’ drift boat over the years…..He said he wanted to sell it so I told him I would post it on this forum. He said he as looking to get $1,500 for it. You can text me directly if anyone is interested and I can get you in touch with my father in law. I can be reached at 480.244.4921.
  4. J-Klee

    7mm-08 ammo for sale

    I just looked up the other loads….I will take the full lot for $200, where would you like to meet up. I’m in Mesa, but work down town by the Suns Arena
  5. J-Klee

    7mm-08 ammo for sale

    I know you want to sell the lot….I have a turret built for the Nosler, could I buy the Nosler 140 from you?
  6. J-Klee

    F/S Vortex Razor uhd 18x56

    Do you still have these for sale?
  7. J-Klee

    38 special ammo - Sold

    I will take these off your hands. 480.244.4921, shoot me a text.
  8. I’ll take this off your hands…
  9. J-Klee

    SOLD- .38 Special factory ammunition 625 rounds

    PM sent - I’m interested if anything falls through
  10. J-Klee


    I will buy them all, I just sent you a message with my number
  11. I’ll take the 20 Gauge loads if they are still available, I sent a PM to you
  12. J-Klee

    Double Tap ammo for sale

    I’m interested in the 38 special 50 rounds per box...?
  13. J-Klee

    7mm-08 Ammo

    I know you want to sell all at one time, but if you change your mind I would buy the Nosler Ammo.
  14. I would love 2 boxes for upcoming JR hunt, I live in the east valley and work down town, let me know what works for you. Just sent you a message to your account