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  1. J-Klee

    R700 Sendero .300RUM

    I have 2 of these rifles minus the muzzle break. If you interested in one of them let me know
  2. My friend is interested, I sent to a PM, reply with your contact info so I can put you two in contact
  3. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    Rossislider - You were next in line. Do you have a F150 from 97-2003?
  4. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    The first reply tried the camper shell on his 2013 Tundra and it didn’t quite fit, the shell tapers in as it gets close to the tail gate, refer to pictures. Edge you were 2nd to respond, do you have a ford between 1997-2003? If so, it should fit. Please text me so we can set up a time for you to try it out. 480.244.4921 -Jesse
  5. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    They are great girls and love to hunt.
  6. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    Apparently my daughter told me the camper shell is no longer free. She would like a 16 oz. bottle of Dr. Pepper for the camper shell😉
  7. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    I will let everyone on this thread try the camper in the order they replied until we get the right fit.
  8. J-Klee

    Free Camper Shell

    I have a new hunting and camping truck. I passed my old truck down to my teenage daughters. It is much easier for them to drive it without the camper shell on it. I no longer have a need for this white 5 1/2’ Snugtop. It is free for anyone that can use it. I’m located in Mesa. Call or text me if interested 480.244.4921 Jesse
  9. J-Klee

    2007 Suzuki King Quad 700 4x4

    Did you ever sale your quad?
  10. Did you ever get your quad sold?
  11. J-Klee

    Federal TSS

    Do you recall if they carried 20 gauge TSS?
  12. J-Klee

    Federal TSS

    I have been waiting for Cabelas or Midway to have the new Federal TSS, but every website is saying coming soon or seasonal run. Has anyone been successful in finding this Ammo?
  13. Ill take them, I was actually in Tucson today. Wish I would have seen this yesterday. I have a job down there with a couple superintendents. I can have them grab them. Text me tomorrow to set up a time- 480.244.4921
  14. J-Klee

    American Ruger Compact Chambered in 7-08

    SunDevil- with break installed is ther much of a kick? 18" barrel correct?