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  1. Looking for references on an outfitter for a mid January 2020 Mexico Coues deer hunt. Never been to Mexico before but am not new to Coues deer. Just have never pulled the trigger on Sonora. I’m ready to book a hunt now for 2020. Wanted to get the ball rolling now so by the end of this January I can secure a spot. Anything you got, good or bad I’ll listen. Thanks everyone.

    Longrange scope question

    Or maybe Swarovski z6 5-30-50? Any thoughts. I wont be busting brush with it I baby my gear.
  3. Im spinning my wheels here and need some help. I built a rifle earlier this year (280ai) and I need to get a scope on it. I want something I never have to worry about for repeatability. My rifle is 7.5lb with rail. Looking about the 2k mark. Was looking at the Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56 or the Leupold Vx6HD 4x24x52 I know the Leupold is way lighter but how does it compare to the nightforce for repeatability and accuracy. Thanks everyone
  4. Anyone have any good starting points for this? I would like to shoot in the 160s grains. Leaning towards the 168 vld if I can find them.
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a chargemaster brass insert? The one that helps with overthrow. Thanks

    Toyo Open Country MT $350

    4 Toyo Open Country MT 315x75R16. 1/2" of tread left. No plugs or patches. Took the rims off to use on another vehicle. 3 are in very great shape one has some tread chunking in a 18" spot (see pics). Tires balance fine took them off today they hold air no holes or leaks they came off a daily driver. $350 or open to trades for ammo, reloading stuff or anything u may have that's cool. 35"

    25-06 loads

    Thanks guys. I just picked up a weatherby mark v ultra light weight I can't wait to shoot it
  8. I'm looking for some suggestions for 25-06. It's a new caliber to me. Bullet, brass, powder favorites? Also looking for a good die set if anyone has one the want to sell. Would prefer Redding. Thanks

    Please Delete

    Is that from hog hunter?
  10. FOGGER

    Huge Favor 20A

    Well I think we are rained out for the rest of the hunt. We went back up 2 more days and didn't see any pigs. Had a blast thou and thats what counts. Thanks to everyone who offered to help I appreciate it. We looked in every spot and even a few that I knew that we had to hike into. Thanks again
  11. FOGGER

    Huge Favor 20A

    Went out for the weekend (sat/sun) no luck. Didn't even see any. Heading back out in a few days to try out luck again
  12. FOGGER

    remington 770 300 win

    Pm sent
  13. FOGGER

    Huge Favor 20A

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the help. I will keep you all updated on how we do.