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  1. Nebraska402

    Wtb pop up 38

    Thank you all, I found one.
  2. Nebraska402

    Wtb pop up 38

    I'm looking for a Mystery Ranch s/m belted pop up 38 for my son..I'm thinking he is going to draw his elk tag this year. Message me if you got one you are no longer using and would part with. Thank you Marshall
  3. Nebraska402


    Excellent grab 👍
  4. Nebraska402


    That is awesome, what kind of fuel mileage does it get?
  5. Nebraska402

    Noveske Kool Tunes cooler

    heck of a deal!
  6. Nebraska402

    Tract Toric Ultra HD 4-20x50mm PRICE DROP

    Excellent scope, great price.
  7. Nebraska402


    You like that bipod? For the money I think they are excellent.
  8. Nebraska402


    Just got notified Midway has in in stock, limit 2 pounds per order.
  9. Nebraska402

    Sold***1990 Silverado 4x4 for sale

    I just bought my 14 year old a 92 just like it. Here in Nebraska we have a rust issue on older trucks, I have to replace the rocker panels now. I'm jealous you guys don't have that issue. Just a bit closer and I'd come get it from ya. That's a great price on that truck..good luck with the sale. I'm going to assume the A/C blows cold?
  10. Nebraska402

    Sold***1990 Silverado 4x4 for sale

    If you want to sell me that cupholder I'll gladly pay for it...I need one
  11. Nebraska402

    97 F250 Ext Cab 4x4 7.3

    Here in Nebraska a truck like that would be sold in a hour, just can't find ones like that here.
  12. Nebraska402


    Don't give it away
  13. Nebraska402

    Ruger Vaqueros matching set. Sequential serial numbers

    Man one of those on each hip would be cool..would make me want to be a cowboy.
  14. Nebraska402

    2022-2023 Toyota Tunda TRD wheels and Tires

    Tannert that's a steal..free bump
  15. Nebraska402

    WTS Two Yamaha Kodiak Quads

    If I was closer I would have said sold. Great deal I believe