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  1. Nebraska402


    My god..I would have traded you 4 pounds of h4350 for those 2...lucky guy
  2. Nebraska402

    Any interest in weimador r puppies????

    Up here we call them silver labs
  3. Nebraska402

    Retumbo, imr 4350, fed 210m and fed 215m

    Everything a guy is looking for at one stop..lucky
  4. Nebraska402

    FS 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: SOLD

    A manual transmission...nice move on that..the way they should be
  5. Nebraska402

    Dry Ground Hound Puppies

  6. Nebraska402

    Dry Ground Hound Puppies

    Now that's neat..we have a shortage of lion and bear here in Nebraska so no hunting of either. If you have any action pics of the parents please post them.
  7. Nebraska402

    Federal mag rifle primers and powder

    Is that what those brought? Holy smokes..but hey a guy can't find those anywhere..supply and demand brother.
  8. Nebraska402

    Glock 20 10mm

    I was just gonna say it was 525.00 with a holster ...ya beat me to it HuntHarder
  9. Nebraska402

    Looking for CFE 223

    If you have a Scheels check them. We have no problem getting that from our local Scheels. One of the few powders they always seem to have.
  10. Nebraska402

    Smith & Wesson S&W 686 No Dash Pre-Lock

    So what would be the real price on a piece like that? It is very sharp
  11. Nebraska402

    Powder and primers

    Boy 1 minute and the h1000 ain't gone yet..wow
  12. Nebraska402

    Whitetail processing

    Wowza.. your buck field dressed at twice the size of mine according to this calculator
  13. Nebraska402

    Whitetail processing

    Ed, that's a nice deer
  14. Nebraska402

    Whitetail processing

    Ed, your familiar with the area so I talked with Unadilla and Wahoo and they both said no fricken way. They both said 35 to 40 pounds tops getting meat off a deer. I got 93. Also both lockers said no extra charge on the pork that's why I'm paying a high price on the meat at 4.50. I'm paying double whst either of these other 2 lockets charge To everyone reading this it's impossible to get 93 pounds of meat off a Whitetail deer..
  15. Nebraska402

    Whitetail processing