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  1. Nebraska402

    WTS: Kowa dual spotter bracket

    I feel like everyone was asking about this and where to get one not to ling ago?
  2. Nebraska402

    125 Gallon Aquarium

    ☝️🤔, not just me right?
  3. Nebraska402

    WTB Vortex Diamondback Binoculars

    A pair of 10x42s over on rockslide for cheap.
  4. Nebraska402

    ISO: Hornady 143 ELD-X 6.5 bullets

    I could use some as well, down to 1 box of a 100 left.
  5. Nebraska402

    H1000- 8lb. Jug 275.00 - SPF

    Dang 3 minutes and it ain't sold yet?
  6. Nebraska402

    Keeping the Tradition Alive

    Me 2
  7. Nebraska402

    Anybody own a Sig Sauer Kilo 1800 rangefinder

    You'll like it very much, I like mine.
  8. Geeze, dont give it away. Excellent rig
  9. Nebraska402

    Wtb outdoorsman tripod head

    Well another will pop up
  10. Nebraska402

    Wtb outdoorsman tripod head

    Over on Rockslide one is up for 250.00 at the moment
  11. Nebraska402

    Free book shelf

    I want the Falcon
  12. Nebraska402

    SOLD - 22LR Ammo Dump

    Well the search is over then, buy it all up
  13. Nebraska402

    Optic for AR Platform

    Vortex makes a diamondback tactical that would work. If you got the money a Trijicon Acog would be sweet as well
  14. Nebraska402

    Coming out of the closet

    Where did the action and barrels go for those stocks?
  15. Nebraska402

    Jeep Cherokee Classic Xj hunting rig

    Nice rig and I like the having shade whenever you want it..very cool
  16. Nebraska402

    yard sale Sitka, firstlite, slik, marsupial

    I'll take the bino pouch and range pouch if you'll ship? Let me know, Thanks
  17. Nebraska402

    4Runner for Sale

    Relax....I dont say much but dang..next time just post it on craigslist and not here then.
  18. Nebraska402

    Mystery ranch metcalf like new

    Belt size?
  19. Nebraska402


    If I could get you some I would, but a regular guy cant ship the stuff. I do know Hodgdon is shipping the stuff, my sports store got 16 pounds in awhile back on a restocking order..I grabbed it. Keep tabs on your stores, it will show up
  20. Nebraska402


    So on that Tracker does it have a front and rear top that come off or is it just the rear?
  21. Hey I'm looking for some load data on the above round for a 300 rum using retumbo. I'm hoping someone has a berger book and could take a pic of the page for that? Thanks. Marshall
  22. Nebraska402

    Berger 215 hybrid target

    Good idea, thanks
  23. Nebraska402

    Berger 215 hybrid target

    Thanks all for the info, i was looking for the page out of the Berger book..I'll order the book..thanks
  24. Nebraska402

    Hornady Lock-N-Load Powder Dispenser

    Nevermind . A bump for ya though
  25. Nebraska402

    ProChrono Chronograph

    If you cant sell this let me know what you want for the magneto speed