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  1. Goldfinger78

    Learning Taxidermy

    I recognize that deer 😁. Great work!!! Thanks again!!!
  2. Goldfinger78

    Unit 23 success

    Awesome bull way to go!!!
  3. Goldfinger78

    Prickly pear margaritas

    Looks great!!!
  4. Goldfinger78

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    I have a friend of the family coming out to help me out tomorrow. But I will keep your neighbors info for sure especially since he's out in stv. Thanks for the info!!!
  5. Goldfinger78

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    Yup me too....I need to find someone to get the tiles replaced.
  6. Goldfinger78

    Who is hunting where?

    2 tags for 22s late rifle bull, 2 tags wt likely early November, 1 tag late December wt (my son keeps getting lucky)
  7. Goldfinger78

    Fly fishing

    No matter what species. Fly fishing is a blast!!! Bigbrowns thanks for teaching me!!!
  8. Goldfinger78

    Fall Draw is Open

    I did all my apps yesterday. No issues.
  9. Goldfinger78

    ITS ON!!!!!!

    Got hit 2 bull tags!!! That will be 5 years in a row for my son with an elk tag!!!
  10. Goldfinger78

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    This ^^^^^
  11. Goldfinger78

    Game and Fish working hard ....????

    Agreed!!! imo they need to either allow another opportunity for cc updates before they charge the cards or institute call backs for declined cards. Az game and fish dropped the ball and they should make it right. Problem is they likely won't do anything!!!
  12. Goldfinger78

    New Hunters

    I have two first time hunters wanting help from me this year. Definitely makes it harder to draw but the more people interested/involved in hunting hopefully can help us fight off the anti hunting crowd.
  13. Goldfinger78

    Elk Processor in Payson

    I have used round valley and noah. Both have done a good job. I did call Noah earlier this year and got a message that they were not taking any game for the 2020 season.
  14. Goldfinger78

    Paper Apps for leftovers

    Didn't even get a leftover this year. Sad day when leftover javi tags are hard to come by.
  15. Goldfinger78

    First hunt for Enoch, 35a second hunt.

    Way to go!!! Congratulations!!!