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  1. Goldfinger78

    Canada Semi Live Whitetail Hunt

    I ended up shooting a small ten point on the 2nd to last day. I had passed on him two days prior. I had some chances at a couple bigger bucks during the hunt but couldn't get a good shot opportunity on the big guys. It took a couple days to learn their pattern in the blind I was sitting and I had about 5 seconds to judge and shoot in the cut line they were crossing. This is the second time I hunted Eastern Whitetail and happy that I was able to get one this time around. Definitely different type of hunting then I am used to.
  2. Goldfinger78

    Got a credit hit today.

    I got a hit for turkey today too.
  3. Goldfinger78

    Credit card hits

    I got a hit today for turkey!!!
  4. Goldfinger78

    Big Buck Down

    Awesome buck!!! Congratulations!!!
  5. Congratulations. Sounds like great times with the family.
  6. Goldfinger78

    Grilled Mallard

    Looks great!!! How was it?
  7. Goldfinger78

    3 for 3 One day at a time

    Awesome!!!! These youth cow hunts are a blast!!! Congratulations!!!
  8. Goldfinger78

    Girls Trip

    Great buck!!!! Congrats!!!
  9. Goldfinger78

    Son's First!

    Well done. Congratulations!!!
  10. Goldfinger78

    My son's first deer

    Sweet buck!!! Congratulations.
  11. Goldfinger78

    Youth elk

    Nice work. Congratulations!!!
  12. Goldfinger78

    More 12AW success!

    Congratulations. Great job!!!
  13. Goldfinger78

    Thomas did it again.

    Agreed it will be a sad day when he can't do this hunt anymore.
  14. Goldfinger78

    Thomas did it again.

    Thomas was able to take his 3rd cow in as many years on opening morning. We were able to spot a group of elk within just a few minutes of glassing about 800 yards away. After closing the distance to 333 yards, crawling the last 10 yards, we were able to get into a shooting position. We couldn't lay prone or use a pack. Our only option was to take a standing shot because we were in some thick Manzanita. We set up the 6.5 Creedmore on a tripod using a triclaps and shooting sticks to get rock solid. Boom cow down at 7am opening morning. Big thanks to Thomas's uncle Adam aka BigBrowns for helping out with this hunt. Very blessed to have some great hunting buddies.
  15. Goldfinger78

    Tessa’s first bear

    Wow!!!!! Congratulations awesome bear!!!!