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  1. Goldfinger78

    Flooring installation question

    Just went through this too. Also of mess but end the end taking out the tile and start fresh is the best option. I took out some myself but ended paying the flooring company to finish the job.
  2. Goldfinger78

    Elk Loin Roast

    Wow looks great!!!
  3. Goldfinger78


    Congratulations to your buddy. I guess that means I didn't draw a leftover since my portal is empty ☚ī¸
  4. Goldfinger78

    Non Hunting Item (Tommy Bahama 100 quart ice chest)

    Pm replied. Thanks
  5. 100 quart ice chest with cart. Has normal wear. The corners have small cracks at the top (see pic) but nothing that affects normal use. Listed on offer up as well for $75 but will sell to a cw member for $50. Located in the East valley. Thanks.
  6. Goldfinger78

    well place shot

    My bull from last year took two168 grain Berger Bullets from my 7 mag at 580 yards. Both hits he barely even reacted to the shots. He ran about 50 yards up hill before he went down. Put a third shot in him just to be sure after he was down. Elk are tough, but a well placed shot will but them down without them running out of country. I would suggest a spotter to let you know where your shot hits and also getting you into the area where the bull goes down especially at longer ranges.
  7. Goldfinger78

    Bull Elk 22 South

    Had this hunt last year and it was a muddy mess from the storm that came through but a really fun hunt. Savage06 you should see lots of bulls just finding a descent one could be tough.
  8. Goldfinger78

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    I think you should tell better half that a .243 is not enough and you need another rifle 😁
  9. Goldfinger78

    MY First Bull

    Lol glad you let some time pass before bringing that up 😁. That was still an awesome trip very thankful for the opportunity to go. Plus the meat from those corn fed Kanas does was amazing!!!
  10. Goldfinger78

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    Got one youth tag.
  11. Goldfinger78

    16A Stink'A-Lina

    Good luck!
  12. Goldfinger78

    Javelina in 37A Newman peak

    I think you have a good plan. Glass where you have seen the freshest sign and then move in once you locate them. If the area is flat where you spot them it helps to have radios and have someone guide you in, especially if it is a long stalk. I have tried walking washes a few times and have had very similar experiences. Get up to a high point and glass glass glass. Good luck and let us know how you do.
  13. Goldfinger78

    Chiricahua triple

    Nice shooting there good job!!!