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  1. Goldfinger78


    Pretty awesome bull congratulations!
  2. Goldfinger78

    BBQ Pulled Black Bear

    From field to table: Tonights dinner is BBQ Pulled Canadian Black Bear. 1. Season bear meat with salt, pepper, and granulated garlic 2. Sear in a frying pan or on the grill. 3. After searing, immediately place meat in a large pan with salsa verde or green chili. 4. Cover with foil and place in the oven for 20 hours at a temp of 170 degrees. I know it sounds like a long time, but it makes the meat so tender. 5. Take meat out of the oven and shred it. I use forks which typically work the best for me. 6. Place shredded meat into a crock pot with your favorite seasoning and BBQ Sauce. 7. Heat on low for approximately 4 hours and it will be ready to serve.
  3. Goldfinger78

    Dove for dinner

    Looks good!!!
  4. Goldfinger78

    Dove Street Tacos 🌮🌮🌮

    I have tried several recipes in the past I highly recommend this one it was very good. Definitely worth giving it a try!!!
  5. Goldfinger78

    Dove Street Tacos 🌮🌮🌮

    Dove Tacos for dinner tonight. 1. Marinate dove breast in Italian dressing for one day. 2. Drain Italian dressing, dice dove breast, and marinate in lime juice, cilantro, salt, black pepper, and garlic for two days. 3. Cook on grill or frying pan and serve with your favorite taco garnishments. Enjoy!!!
  6. Goldfinger78

    Did you know

    I work in the food industry and this meatless trend is the new fad. lots of sales reps trying to push it on me all the time. I just laugh and say do you realize who you're talking to? My food eats your food.
  7. Goldfinger78

    Walmart ends all handgun ammunition

    Man we are living in some strange times.
  8. First "limit" in 3 years. Stayed away from the euroasian dove on purpose. Another great morning.
  9. Been a great couple days. One more day to go. Heard Adam was bringing dove bites tomorrow. Hopefully he comes through 😀😀😀
  10. Had a good shoot this morning. Thomas got a nice white pigeon too.
  11. Goldfinger78

    Getting home early

    Dang never coming to your place without calling first. Don't mess with her she means business!
  12. Goldfinger78

    First Coues

    Agreed that is a freaking great buck!!!