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  1. Goldfinger78

    San Diego, The rest of the story

    Wow congrats!!!!
  2. Goldfinger78

    Elk and deer sliders

    Looks great!!!
  3. Goldfinger78

    Mt Rushmore

    Deadwood is pretty cool.
  4. Goldfinger78


    Looking for a taxidermist in the Phoenix area for a black bear shoulder mount. Anyone have some recommendations from previous experience? Thanks
  5. Goldfinger78

    Football Fundraiser - Phoenix Valley Discount Cards

    I'll take one. We can figure out a pick up time maybe next week. I have a javelina I need to drop off too.
  6. Goldfinger78

    Junior Bird Down!!!

    Nice job. Congratulations
  7. Goldfinger78

    Draysen's Kansas Turkey Hunt

    Truly an unforgettable amazing experience. Well deserved, congratulations!!!
  8. Goldfinger78

    Finally made it down south

    Throw out the part about the sea sickness and it looks like a great time.
  9. Goldfinger78

    "Biggest" selling holster in town....

    That's pretty funny!!!
  10. Goldfinger78

    Trundle Day Bed frame No Mattress

  11. Goldfinger78

    Trundle Day Bed frame No Mattress

    Correct Spf to Vowell
  12. Goldfinger78

    Trundle Day Bed frame No Mattress

    Currently disassembled in good condition. Currently listed on offer up as well for $100. Couse Whitetail member discount is $50. Located in San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area.
  13. Goldfinger78

    WTB: Ruger American Predator in 6.5CM

    This is a sweet looking gun!!!
  14. Goldfinger78

    1st Youth Javelina hunt

    Nice congrats 👍
  15. Goldfinger78

    Garth Brooks show

    Yup I was there. Garth put on an amazing show as always!!! Truly one of the best entertainers I have ever seen.