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  1. el diablo

    Winchester .45 auto

    PM sent
  2. el diablo

    9mm ammo

    2nd that. Good guy. Buy with confidence.
  3. el diablo

    Federal Premium 38 Special

    I’ll take it if we can meet up on Sunday. Sending PM
  4. el diablo

    Ammo/reloading prices

    There’s zero bids for a reason.
  5. el diablo

    WTT Hornady 6.5 creedmoor ammo

    Don’t have any 308 brass but I’ll buy them.
  6. el diablo

    3 Maxxis Bighorn tires

    That’s what the look like to me too. Thank you.
  7. el diablo

    3 Maxxis Bighorn tires

    Are these the larger lug or 3/8?
  8. el diablo

    9mm, Primers, Bullets, Camo

    If ull wrap those in the shirts and ship to Surprise I’ll take em.
  9. el diablo

    Ruger Superblackhawk 44 mag. SOLD

    You’re killing me here.
  10. el diablo

    Ruger single six Traded away

    Very nice!
  11. el diablo

    Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag - SOLD!!

    Sure is purdy. Already have and still want this damm thing.
  12. el diablo

    Sportsman's Warehouse Giftcard

    I imagine it will be good at BP n Cabelas soon too?
  13. I’ll sell u back the rifle. PM me.
  14. el diablo

    Ammo in stock

    Where is this