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  1. el diablo

    Free Plastic Storage Jars

    Great deal obviously but damm, how many pretzels do u eat.
  2. el diablo


    Pretty sure it was Pleasant too
  3. el diablo

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    Damm, that sucks. I posted a lot for sale in show low a few yrs back and didn’t have pics. He PMs me and asked for thr exact location and went out and took some for me to add to post. Tried to pay him and wouldn’t take it. RIP BLJ
  4. el diablo

    Northern lakes fishing— caught a beast

    Nice fish but I’ve gotta say you look nothing like your avatar. We’ve been catfished
  5. el diablo


    I’d be in on that
  6. el diablo

    Draw Results Posted?

    Exact same thing happened to my friend last yr with elk. His charged showed up and then disappeared. Results came out and nothing. They told him the same thing.
  7. el diablo

    Draw Results Posted?

    That’s crazy. You used to be a sure thing.
  8. el diablo

    Portal results up

    Me too!
  9. el diablo

    Portal results up

  10. el diablo

    2002 W-W 16’ Gooseneck Stock Trailer

  11. el diablo

    Verification code email from Game and Fish

    How the he11 do u add ur kids to your portal?
  12. el diablo

    Rare 12ga SxS Helicodog

    Sho is purdy
  13. How does it attach to the ceiling?
  14. el diablo

    Serbu RN-50 (50 Cal)

    Nice. Funny thing is ammo is still widely available for these and price hasn’t change much like everything else.
  15. el diablo

    Check out this muzzle loader

    Then where do you draw the line at for rifle hunts? 750 is a chip shot for some folks (not me of course)