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  1. I actually am. I just go 5 mins from my house. Not that great but still fun.
  2. Resale valuton bows is sad. $1K new and two days later $600 if ur lucky. Nice bow tho. Good luck. Love my Mathews.
  3. el diablo

    Glock 21 .45acp

    Good price
  4. el diablo

    Time to beat the best

    Holly shizz. Nice bull.
  5. el diablo

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Yeah, my grandma worked there for many yrs back in the day. My dad/step mom’s place now is right next to what used to be Fred’s lake. Her dad used to own all the lot just behind it but sold it off yrs ago. Her grandpa actually drove the train to McNary to start the lumber mill
  6. el diablo

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Good but not as good as it used to be.
  7. el diablo

    BushMaster ar-15 $400

  8. el diablo

    Show Low/ Pinetop restaurants..

    Darbi’s used to be my grandparents house. When you walk in theres a dining room straight to the back that used to be my mom’s room.
  9. el diablo

    Triclawps (SOLD)

    If you’re willing to ship and can take pay pal I’ll take it
  10. el diablo

    600 rounds of 5.56 / .223 55 grain Federal

    The ammo itself looks more like xm855 62gr green tip. That’ll help u out with the sale and explain the price difference
  11. el diablo


    A little info on them will go a long way.
  12. el diablo

    Ranger full back enclosure and 2” left

    What if I wanna go 2 inches to the right?
  13. el diablo

    Window Replacement

    Is it this one? https://www.windowworldphoenix.com/ I’m in the same boat. Thanks
  14. el diablo


    What’s s the difference between paying $10 a day to go to roosevelt or any other Tonto lake and paying $9 to go to a lake on the res? Now if you want to get into the elk tag prices you have a valid argument.