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  1. el diablo

    Don't try this at HOME!

    Yeah, I like how the called it an accidental shooting too.
  2. el diablo

    Don't try this at HOME!

    My thoughts exactly. One less idiot.
  3. el diablo

    Firewood Run

    Really? Where? I’ll go tomorrow and is it juniper?
  4. el diablo

    Firewood Run

    Yep. What he said.
  5. el diablo

    Firewood Run

    Been a while since I went but there’s a lot of areas up by Mayer n Prescott
  6. el diablo

    Colt LE6920 with Kryptec Magpul furniture NEW

    Sorry. Sold a while ago.
  7. el diablo

    Split hairs with me

    If game and fish regs are archery only for the area it wouldn’t matter if it was BLM or private property.
  8. el diablo

    Glock 27 package with night sights

    Good deal
  9. el diablo

    Cox Internet sucks Outage all day

    Don’t bitch I wish we could get Cox out here. Have Dish and it sucks.
  10. el diablo

    December Archery 4X4

    Nice buck. Congrats
  11. el diablo

    Utility Trailer Opinions

    Can’t go wrong with PJ’s.
  12. el diablo


    I had a PJ trailer that had 2 stickers side by side. One said PJ TRAILERS MADE THE AMERICAN WAY. the other said MADE IN MEXICO.
  13. el diablo

    Successful Handgun Hunts

    Whoa. Now that’s fing awesome.
  14. Looking for a scope for my sons rifle and seem to get better options these days with 30mm.