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  1. el diablo

    DONT MISS THIS......

    Im in!
  2. I know this has been tossed around before but my 9 yr old is left handed and left eye dominant. I’ve tought him to shoot left handed because he shoots better left handed so don’t want to screw him up. I cannot find much as far as a youth lefty. Any suggestions on a rifle or should I just go with a full size and have it cut down? Likely going 7-08. Thanks!
  3. el diablo

    Arizona Unit 10

    I aint no mathematician or nothin but I think Fri thru Thurs is 7 days
  4. el diablo

    FFL transfers in North Phoenix?

    Beck’s firearms. Depends on where u live. He’s farther N/W. (602) 748-9376
  5. el diablo

    Successful Handgun Hunts

    Antelope is impressive with a pistol. I told myself if I got drawn for the late cow hunt this yr I would try doing it with my S&W 500. Didn’t get drawn so maybe next yr.
  6. el diablo

    2016 HONDA PIONEER 1000-5

    More info on the trailer? Make, year etc?
  7. el diablo

    Job Search For a Friend

    City of Phoenix is hiring garbage/recycle truck drivers
  8. el diablo

    Kodiak Island Sitka Blacktail

    That’s bad azz. Cool pics. Congrats.
  9. el diablo

    John Wayne.357

    I’ll go $550 but it will get shot.
  10. el diablo

    John Wayne.357

    I was wondering too and couldn’t find anything either.
  11. el diablo

    Remington 1100 12 gauge "SOLD"

    I knew that wouldn’t take long
  12. el diablo

    Leftover Tag List Dates?

    They match. Make sure ur looking at the spring regs.
  13. el diablo

    Remington 1100 12 gauge "SOLD"

    Very nice and clean! I bought mine for $150 when I was 16 (26 or so years ago) and still love that dang thing. Good price too. Good luck.
  14. el diablo

    Selling Cabela's Big Horn II Tent $500

    Great tents and good price. Love mine and surprisingly easy for 1 person to set up.