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  1. Location? Looks like the 5 pin?
  2. el diablo

    Hate Me Some Thieves

    That sucks! There’s people going around our neighborhood again breaking into vehicles too so keep an eye on them.
  3. That’s funny because one of the reasons my friends dad got rid of his Pioneer was because he said it was too loud. He went with the general and was glad he did. 🤷‍♂️ Like you said they all have pluses and minuses. All depends on what your use mainly is. He doesn’t hunt so bed space is not an issue.
  4. I agree as said above. Go with the crew. Longer wheel base therefore you’ll need a bigger trailer etc but worth it. I know two others that went with the Pioneer and both ended up selling them for the same reasons mentioned and went to the General and crew.
  5. el diablo

    AR Pistol

  6. el diablo


    Or did you? That’s the question
  7. el diablo

    Roosevelt report

    Thanks. Curious to know if the fishing has picked up again there yet too
  8. el diablo

    Slimey Hitchhiker

    Wife killed this one on our front patio last year.
  9. el diablo

    Roosevelt report

    Did they ever open the marina /hotel back up?
  10. el diablo

    went out shed hunting with the kids

    Judging by the cookies in the background not very big. I was wondering the same thing.
  11. el diablo

    Fish tournament

    Yes, it was spear fishing tourney by Copper State Freedivers I believe.
  12. el diablo

    Fish tournament

    It wasn’t the spear chuckers. It was the waste hauler they hired to haul them off. Rather than paying to dump he opted to just illegally dump it. No fault to the tournament directors. Businesses nearby had them on camera. Not that it was hard to find out who just had a tournament over the weekend.
  13. el diablo

    1,000 Rounds of 9mm

    I’m in
  14. el diablo


    And only gonna get worse
  15. el diablo

    143eldx in stock

    I think they do it just to get u to their site and then you’ll start lookin at other crap. Even if you don’t buy anything advertisers pay more for motlre traffic