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  1. el diablo

    Doves and pellet guns

    Pellet gun is not a firearm. It’s a pneumatic weapon.
  2. el diablo

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    Yes most do have them and you get the same type of people that become nazis calling every little weed or other BS.
  3. el diablo

    FS 2 Fattened hogs (sows), 1 small boar

    I’ve heard they’re really good and not woth a sh!t to eat. Depends on who you talk to
  4. el diablo

    fire pit. embarrassed to even ask this

    I hate camping without a fire too. I believe you can’t even have a gas fire but not sure.
  5. I said two was enough also, then three, then four. Just got # six. I don’t think she’s getting the message. So I named the last one FU and we call him Foo.
  6. el diablo

    Free goat

    But did he push back?
  7. el diablo

    FireWood for Sale, Pine or Juniper

    Do you sell by cord or half cord? Juniper only. No pine.
  8. Yep, it now shows not drawn and he was charged first thing Friday mornin with everyone else.
  9. My friend called me this afternoon n said that happened and was freakin out. What was the outcome of those? I figured charges disappear n show back up quite often.
  10. Already depressed
  11. el diablo

    Need help fast

    Don’t think it’s anywhere else but the email. Try searching your email for azgfd
  12. el diablo

    Shot before

    I boned one out I shot years ago that had several lead shotgun pellets throughout the meat. Thought I got em all but ended up breaking a tooth on one.
  13. el diablo

    Unit 10 cows

    Bout 40%. As stated u can get a tag about every other year. There’s a lot of cow tags in that unit. Too many if you ask me. My buddy got drawn three years in a row and then nothin on the fourth year.
  14. el diablo

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    It would probably be a pillow fight. With really soft pillows of course and no shots to the head.
  15. el diablo

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    Jesus, I really try not to be a dikk but this us fng ridiculous. If you’re trying to protect the women and children from the fact that people may shoot them selves in the head (yup I said it)then please don’t let them watch TV or christ just put them in a bubble somewhere with no access to the world.