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  1. el diablo

    In case you missed it :)

    That is fing awesome.
  2. el diablo

    2020 new player

    She’s a man baby
  3. el diablo

    Anyone know this truck?

    Says shots were fired. Not fired at him. Even if they find them no way they will be able to do anything.
  4. el diablo

    Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

    Fake news. I hope. Or a ploy to drive up sales.
  5. el diablo

    Son got it done again.

    Nice. Congrats to ur son
  6. el diablo

    Cabelas big horn tent

    I have one of these and they are nice. Very easy to set up too. I’ve done it by myself several times.
  7. el diablo

    Pretty good morning

    Nicely done
  8. Well hope you all did better than I. Went to my usual spot down the road and only got to shoot at three birds. Got two of them and had to donate one to a couple of rattlers. My spot isn’t usually all that great but this was worse than usual. Still fun tho other than the rattlers.
  9. el diablo

    Grandpa's Rifle and Antlers

    That’s bad azz.
  10. Yes it is and then u can just print out a new license with it on there. Best way to do it because if u loose it u just print a new one.
  11. That’s what I was thinking too. Still seeing a lot around here too. Last year they were long gone by Sept 1st.
  12. I actually am. I just go 5 mins from my house. Not that great but still fun.
  13. Resale valuton bows is sad. $1K new and two days later $600 if ur lucky. Nice bow tho. Good luck. Love my Mathews.
  14. el diablo

    Glock 21 .45acp

    Good price