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  1. Hanksaiditbest

    Purebred Yellow Lab Puppies for Sale

    Do you have photos of the parents?
  2. Hanksaiditbest

    Vortex Razor

    Scope is still available. Make me an offer!
  3. Hanksaiditbest

    Vortex Razor

    Open to offers as well!
  4. Hanksaiditbest

    Vortex Razor

    Hello, I have up for sale a Vortex Razor HD Light Hunter in 3-15x42. It is the HSR-4 reticle. Scope is in excellent condition, I mounted and sighted it in with just 20 rounds of ammo. Great scope just looking for a different reticle option. Comes with original box, sun shade, and lense cover. Asking 600$ this scope retails for 899.99$. I'm located in Williams but make frequent trips to Flagstaff and Prescott. Will ship
  5. We have an akc registered champion bloodline yellow that we would like to breed for pick of the litter. However we would also consider buying a puppy from an upcoming litter. What do you have?
  6. Hanksaiditbest

    Savage Axis Stainless Barrel 30-06 FS

    bdc type
  7. Hanksaiditbest

    Savage Axis Stainless Barrel 30-06 FS

    Price reduced to $380
  8. Hanksaiditbest

    Savage Axis Stainless Barrel 30-06 FS

  9. Hanksaiditbest

    Savage Axis Stainless Barrel 30-06 FS

    Savage Axis Stainless Barrel 30-06 Pentax Pioneer 2 Scope - 4.5x14x42 Less than 100 rounds through this gun. I am the original owner and just never got into the 30-06 caliber. The gun and scope are in great condition. Magazine spring may need adjustment. Asking $380 for full package. *Located in Flagstaff - Will be in phoenix on Sunday March 25th, 2018
  10. Hanksaiditbest

    Gunsmith in Flagstaff?

    His number would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Looking to have some trigger work done and possibly a muzzlebrake installed. Need a few recommendations for a gunsmith in Flagstaff. Thanks!
  12. Looking to purchase a long-range rifle in either 7mm or 300RUM. Willing to put in trigger work and muzzle break but would like something as "out of the box" ready as possible. I have been considering the Remington Model 700 Long Range, Browning x-bolt hells canyon Long Range. Willing to entertain any recommendations or tips. Any insight out there??
  13. Hanksaiditbest

    Swarovski 10x42

    New member but a good guy. I'll vouch for him. Might even be able to talk him into delivering to Flagstaff
  14. Hanksaiditbest

    19a archery help?

    Beginning me summer scouting for my second season archery tag in 19a. There is a lot of jumbled info about access and I'm reaching out to see if anyone has some tips. I hunt 19a regularly for deer but am heading out to get a lay of the land in the pronghorn areas. If you've had the tag I would really appreciate some general access pointers. Thanks!
  15. Hanksaiditbest

    19a Archery (second hunt) Who has had the tag???

    Thanks for the response! I'm looking forward to it. What were your thoughts on access?