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  1. KYBoy

    My Target Buck

    Thanks! Maybe I should change the thumbnail.
  2. Got my first rifle coues hunt this month. I got this buck on camera once over salt. I've set up more cameras up and down this wash hoping to get him again soon. He is in low desert, so I've got a few hills picked out to glass the ocotillo from. If I can't find him, I'll head up to some higher country where the coues bucks are a little bit more dense.
  3. KYBoy

    A Great Buck, Bear Cub, and More

    Sometimes, but I take care to avoid super grassy areas. This video is unique because the monsoons made that grass grow very fast.
  4. KYBoy

    A Great Buck, Bear Cub, and More

    Browning Recon Force Advantage. Can usually find them under $150.
  5. KYBoy

    A Great Buck, Bear Cub, and More

    Only about 4 weeks.
  6. A little video from one of my recent camera setups. If you want to skip the part where I talk, go to 2:21. Check out the bomber coues buck on the right side at 10:21 too. And then the bear cubs at the end. Thanks for watching.
  7. At least it didn’t run off with it! Time for some cable locks.
  8. KYBoy

    Black Bear Baths

    For the bear nuts out there. Nothing but trail camera footage of Southern Arizona bears cooling off with baths!
  9. KYBoy

    Some Mountain Lion Videos

    Here’s a few clips of mountain lions I combined. All in Southern Arizona. I love this camera model, the Browning Recon Force Advantage.
  10. Here’s some video I’ve gotten of cats in Southern AZ.
  11. KYBoy

    Big Thirsty Kitty!

    Look at the leg muscles on this cat.
  12. KYBoy

    Bear Sleeping in front of my Camera

    Thanks a lot. I love being out there and looking for sign.
  13. I bet it felt good to soak those nuts in that heat.