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  1. KYBoy

    Spike Video (HD)

    The bucks are on the move...I bet there will be some bigger ones swinging by soon.
  2. KYBoy

    Jason Miller Outdoors

    Hey folks. My buddy Jason is a trail cam MASTER. He's started a YouTube series about it. This is episode 3. I hope it helps some of you!
  3. Hey folks. My buddy Jason made another video. Lots of predators on this episode. I hope this helps some of you!
  4. Hey folks. My buddy Jason made another video. Lots of bears on this one. Hope it helps!
  5. Thanks all. I am not Jason, I am a buddy of his. Glad you guys enjoyed it! He's releasing a new episode this Thursday or Friday.
  6. KYBoy

    Jason Miller

    Hey folks. Saw this video on an Arizona hunting Facebook page. Thought you all in the trail cam forum might enjoy it. Cheers!
  7. KYBoy

    35B in August

    Thanks fellas. Yeah I think the only thing to do is watch a couple weeks before the season starts and set up between beds and water/feed.
  8. KYBoy

    35B in August

    Howdy folks, I have permission to bowhunt some private land in 35B this year. They have a couple hundred acres. The property is South of Elgin and East of 83. I'm looking for general tips for desert mule deer that time of year. I will scout the land (duh!) several times before the season starts. I am just looking for general gotchas from those who have had success or failure in similar terrain in the early archery season. Thanks in advance!
  9. KYBoy

    Mule Deer Decoy

    This is for the desert muley veterans. I am bow hunting desert mule deer for the first time this December. I have some ideas for how I am going to hunt the unit I'm in, but was wondering if any of you guys use mule deer decoys and which specific situations you use them in. Any experiences you've had with them are appreciated. Thanks!
  10. KYBoy

    WIlderness Areas near Tucson

    Thank you all for chiming in. I actually drove an hour from my house last night into 33 and was surprised how easy it was to get into deer in somewhat remote territory. I guess I just always avoid anything near cities, but if it means more scouting and hunting time, I may stick with 33.
  11. KYBoy

    WIlderness Areas near Tucson

    I appreciate the replies so far fellas. Any advice on how to access the wilderness areas coming from Tucson? I have heard it can be hard to get to. I am going to scout it, so I'll come up with an access plan then, but any advice helps. Cheers!
  12. Howdy, This is my first season hunting as a resident in Arizona. I am looking for inputs on places where I can put down some boot leather for a solitary bow hunting experience. I live in Tucson, but am willing to travel some. Right now I am looking at the Galiuro Wilderness. I am aware of some access issues there, but I will try it if it means I can see fewer hunters. I would rather hunt an area of lower deer density if it means fewer humans. I am willing to walk 10+ miles a day. I would shoot a coues or muley. I really have no preference as I am not picky when I'm using a bow. Thanks y'all!
  13. KYBoy

    Area 27 Water

    Man, these are some great words of wisdom and helpful info. So glad I joined this site. Thanks y'all!
  14. KYBoy

    Area 27 Water

    Thanks matty. I was planning on glassing, having never been there. How crowded is this area with backpackers and other hunters in September? I looked at a few trails 1-2 miles away from where I want to hunt. USFS said their usage is 'medium'. That frightens me as I like to be away from people. I can always push deeper into the backcountry, I just don't know how popular the area is for other recreation.