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Found 14 results

  1. I have up to 5 coues deer tags available for DIY hunters on a large ranch near Hermosillo for January 2024. Easy access to and from the ranch with pretty good roads throughout. Has a great house with nice kitchen and beds, very comfortable. Could be hunted archery or rifle. 100 inch+ bucks are on the ranch but there are no size restrictions or trophy fees. Could sit water, glass, still hunt or use any hunting method you prefer. Could arrange for a Mexican cook or helper. Could also hunt javelina, coyote, dove, or quail. This is a non-guided hunt only. I have many years of experience hunting in Mexico and will provide all of the necessary paperwork for guns, tags, and border crossing etc. This would be a great opportunity for someone that has never been hunting in Mexico, but has the desire to do so, to come and learn the process. I have many pictures of the ranch and house and would be happy to share and discuss with any interested parties. My preferred method of contact is to call or text. Tag price is $2,750 per tag and $350 per gun permit with up to two guns per permit. Thank you, Tim Maddock 928-533-8807
  2. Wall Tent - 10ft x 12ft w/ 5ft side walls - 12oz cotton duck canvas by Sunforger - zippered front door - screen front door - rear screen window - sod cloth around base - stove jack with flap - rope tie-downs every 18" for heavy winds - canvas storage bag - canvas floor included Front Awning - 10ft x 12ft - rope tie-downs every 18" for heavy winds Steel Frame Included - fabricated from 1" EMT - corner pieces zinc plated - frame extends directly through tent front wall for awning - tent can be set up without awning if needed Wood Stove by Cylinder Stoves - Hunter model - 24"L x 14"W x 11"H - includes both 12" and 22" legs - straight nesting stove pipe - stove pipe damper - spark arrestor Asking $3000 but willing to talk... Used, but always cared for properly. Complete setup ready to go for your next hunt. Great for all seasons, elk, deer, etc. Compare to Montana Canvas 10x12 with frame for $2400. This adds a custom awning and stove. Make me an offer.
  3. doubleaelkhunter

    Unit 22 Rifle

    Looking for any advice on good areas to scout for unit 22 rifle hunt. I'm a relatively new hunter. How will this year's winter precipitation effect the hunt? Thanks.
  4. doubleaelkhunter

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Bull Elk Hunt

    Looking for some tips on hunting this unit for late season rifle. I've done a lot of camping by Pancho Villa tank so I am somewhat familiar with that area. Not too familiar below the rim. I appreciate your comments.
  5. fireplanes

    Same deer shot by two hunters

    Hey all, Hope i'm posting this on the right section.... I've been hunting for 13 years now, taken two deer over that time. This past weekend during our muzzleloader season, I was hunting a distant relative's property for the first time. One other gentleman was hunting there as well whom I actually bumped into on my way through the woods. Around 8:30am, I had a line of doe come through and I placed a shot on the largest one I saw. About 60 seconds later I heard a shot presumably from the other hunter. As I got up to track the doe, I came upon him standing with the deer down about 50 yards from where I had shot. My shot was a little far back, puncturing the diaphram and grazed the stomach from what I could tell. (Maybe a bit of lung? There was a pretty heavy bright blood trail) His shot was on the spine at the base of the neck. We were both unsure what to do next. After a friendly conversation, dressing the deer together, and some hem and hawing, I decided to offer up the deer for him to tag. Seems that this is a coin toss situation. Some people I talk to say first blood should take the harvest (within a reasonable distance), others say kill shot. I'm curious of your folks' input!
  6. Selling the following items. Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload images correctly so I've provided the Craigslist ads for each item. Please let me know if you have any questions. And feel free to make offers --- prefer private messages! Nikon Monarch 12x42 5° -- $275 https://tucson.craigslist.org/spo/d/nikon-12x42-5-binoculars/6582698673.html STAN Element TL Release -- $175 https://tucson.craigslist.org/spo/d/stan-element-tl-release/6582702361.html Sony FS700 + Manfrotto Tripod + Accessories --- $2200 https://tucson.craigslist.org/pho/d/sony-fs700-manfrotto-tripod/6582717056.html
  7. OLD208X3A


  8. Custom built and designed trailer to use behind an off road vehicle for outdoor adventures. Extended sides with mesh 3500 pound axle and upgraded BFG 31 75 15 tires. 3 years old and only been used 6 times. I have $2500 + invested in this trailer $1700 to have built and another $825 in tires and rims. Asking $1600
  9. I am going to try to hunt quail this season but don't have a hunting dog. What are my chances? I've heard of quail calls to calm them down when approaching them, but do they work and which ones are best. I will be around the Whetstone and Huachuca mountain areas. Thanks.
  10. I'm just looking to see if anyone, in or around the Tucson area, has a copy of "How to Hunt Coues Deer" by Duane Adams/TonyMandile just laying around that they would want to sell. Thanks, Andrew
  11. I'm on my first rifle deer hunt for coues and I'm looking for a little advice. If you guys are kind enough to help I really appreciate it, since I am new to this. If you feel like I am stepping on toes and asking for too much info, i guess I can understand that too. But what I want to know is do you prefer to hunt and glass from the road or do you like to hike or pack in away from the road and crowds? Also, if you find a group of does but can't find any bucks do you stay on the doe and just wait it out until a buck shows up or do you move to a new spot in search of bucks? I hunted Friday moring through Sunday night and spotted groups of does from 300-1000 yards plus. However we could only spot one button buck and a little forky. This glassing has been from or close to the road and I am really thinking about hiking in a mile or two off the roads. I feel like this would be better for seeing bucks but I am hesitant to leave the does that are closer to the road. What do you guys do and what do you recommend? Thanks for any help you guys can provide, I'm just a rookie looking for some help!
  12. hello all. sorry I am new to this post so please forgive my lack of knowledge. anyway here is my question hopefully I am doing this right. there are six of us going to hunt in January malay gap unit for elk. I have zero knowledge of this hunt and any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Can we use atvs? Do we need a guide? how far is a typical shot you need to take if you get the chance. what kind of bulls can we expect to see. etc. thank you for your time
  13. cflores

    CWT Member Needs Your HELP

    A couple weeks ago I entered a Dream Hunt Challenge contest, and now I’m 1 of 17 left in the country that could win this hunt. And the ONLY one representing Arizona! On a firefighter salary, this is a hunt that I would never be able to go on, unless I was to win a contest such as this. For the next 12 hours... it’s up to me to show them that I can promote my page. So this is what I am asking of my CWT family. For those of you that have Facebook, or know someone that does Facebook social media. First: please go to Outdoors International Facebook page. It’s under the section called Dream Hunt Challenge. Second: Click on Elk Hunters Christmas Story, in here you will see different hunters from across the country. STOP on my page. It reads “ Firefreak “. Third: and Most Important. Please “Like” and” Share” my page. The one that goes most viral wins!!! Please help your local CWT family member win this hunt of a lifetime. Thank You so much and Merry Christmas !!!