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    Kimber Custom TLE II in 45 ACP $900

    Added the price. I'm in Tucson but will travel some for a serious buyer.
  3. Selling my full size Kimber Custom TLE II in 45 ACP. I've had for about 10 years and it is in excellent condition. Got the usual light wear on the finish from holsters. This includes original box, 8 mags of various types, plus spare spring kits, firing pin and spring and recoil springs. I replaced the original MSH with an all steel one (not MIM) but the original is included (nothing wrong with it). Has VZ grips as shown. Night sites are weak from being in the safe for so long. Don't carry it because it's too big and don't really shoot anymore so selling. Round count is unknown, but in the time I've had it I've shot maybe 500 rounds and barrel has good grooves - shoots like a dream and feels great in the hand. Also including a Yaqui holster. This has everything you need except ammo. Spare parts, mags and holster by themselves are worth about $150. $900 for everything.
  4. Selling my Lymans Great Plains rifle in 54cal. Percussion model made in Italy. Comes with everything to shoot including caps, patches, balls, accessories and literature. Zero rust or pitting. Amazingly accurate and beautiful. Just don't shoot it anymore. I'm in Tucson. Price is $375 for everything
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    Guess my Google search for the tent set off a sale! It literally happened overnight. Anyway, I do have an entire set of aluminum poles I kept from my other one although I've never tried them in this tent. For much less than this I'll probably just keep it. I'm in Tucson, but that probably doesn't matter now.
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    $800. Edited to add price. Thanks
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    Selling a LNIB Vortex Razor 16-48x65 angled spotting scope. Taken on two elk hunts and to the range a few times. Has box, paperwork and cover. Fantastic glass and warranty. Original owner. Nothing wrong just don't need it anymore as my elk hunting days are done. Price is $800
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    Unit 10 Boquillas

    I hunted there last Sep. We had three cell phones of various providers and they were all extremely unreliable. Where we camped we could stand on one particular hill and get occasional service so I wouldn't rely on getting in touch with one another. Service was a little better near parts of the power lines that run through the area. Actually, our FMRS/GMRS radios were much more reliable in closer proximity, but they are obviously range limited. We had Flatline maps and also AZGFD has a fair map of the area for like $5 (Flatline are expensive, but worth it for this hunt). I marked up my map with some good spots and I'll look over it and PM you with more specific information. Your biggest problem will be water and fuel - Seligman is the closest place, but you'll lose at least a half a day every time you want to resupply. Take as much as your vehicles can carry. You'll figure out your logistics more as you scout. Congrats on drawing this tag.
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    unit 10 early bull rifle tag soup???

    I (and three friends) had tags in this area last year late Sep/early Oct. One person was successful, but our lack of success was partly due to weather. It was hot when we go there and nothing was talking. This was followed by two days of torrential rain where the roads were washed out and then it finally got cool enough for the rut to kick off. If our hunt would have gone on for just one more day I'm sure we would have filled another tag because the rut was really going as we had to leave and we chased several good bulls prior to getting the one. Prior to the hunt we scouted on the Big Bo ranch and on the east side of the unit north of Williams. Espee road north of Williams all the way around to Ash Fork. After speaking with a few locals we decided to go with the Big Bo. Our belief was the fee to get on the ranch would keep competition down and that was true although the area is so immense and there were only 100 tags for our hunt. There were outfitters on the ranch, but few hunters and the area is so huge it's easy to get away from other hunters. Scouting is really just to get a feel for the roads, where to camp and where the water is. We came from Tucson so we had a long way to go to scout. Let me know if you have other specific questions.
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    ***CoNgRaTs WKLMAN!

    Come on, guys. The sight is really easy to use and quick. I donated yesterday and it took about 2 mins.
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    Results are Up!!!

    3003 Unit 10 26 Sep-2 Oct. Should be a good time. First Elk hunt for me.