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    Love to hunt, and Fish. You guys all got me stuck on Shed hunting. Can't Wait to get in the woods.

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  1. Brian27

    Ammo - .308, 38 spl, 6.5 CM Snowflake AZ

    .270’s are spoken for
  2. Brian27

    Ammo - .308, 38 spl, 6.5 CM Snowflake AZ

    Nice, I have had a couple of people showing interest in the 38 and say they are local. I will be through Payson to phx on Wednesday.
  3. Hi all. Anyone interested in some misc ammo? I just acquired them in a big lot of stuff that I bought all together. 254 rounds - .308 - $125 (mixed possibly reloads) 536 rounds - 38 Special $110 (some mixed possibly reloads) 80 rounds - 6.5 Creedmoor - $140 - 4 new boxes 22 rounds - 270 Win - $20 18 rounds - 300 Win Mag - $15 (possible reloads) quite a bit of 30-06 too, I can shoot these, but about 100 rounds of mixed stuff I could sell if someone is looking. Brian 623-693-3205
  4. Brian27

    1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ -$9,000

    Let’s make a deal guys. I could tow it to the valley on Saturday.
  5. Brian27

    Sundolphin pro 102 - fishing boat -$800

    link to the manufacture: https://sundolphin.com/pro-102/ Link to the Walmart add: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sun-Dolphin-2-Man-Pro-102-Fishing-Boat-Tan-Olive-Green/15125906
  6. Hi all, here is a little boat for the mountain lakes. It is about 10-12 ft long. Fishes 2 and has a nearly new trolling motor. My dad bought it and drug it to Alaska and back without using it. I took it to the lake once with the kids and it is great but most of the family has to sit in shore. I would like to sell it before it sees another summer. Brian 623-693-3205
  7. Hi all, I am selling things to get an addition built on the house. This is a 97 TJ, 4.0 6 cyl, 5 speed manual, Small lift, hard top + bikini top. 165k miles. AC/heat works well, no check engine lights, abs comes and goes. No radio but it has a nice roll cage, and body armed plates. Tires are just a bit over a year old and in great shape. I got them right before the 2020 deer hunt and they haven’t had many miles. Currently it doesn’t have a front bumper, I will toss one on if i can find one before it sells. Note the bottom of the hard top in the back has slight damage. The previous owner said he bought this top from a body shop. The jeep it was on was rear ended and that was part of the damage. asking 9k on CL but tell me your from here and let’s work something out. Brian 623-693-3205
  8. Brian27

    2003 Honda Rancher ES 350 -SOLD

    Bump $3200
  9. Hi all, I am selling my Honda Rancher. Looks and drives great, it is 2wd not 4x4. 438 hours/1813 miles. New tires. Located in Snowflake AZ. Brian 623-693-3205
  10. Brian27

    Gate guy needed

    I would love to tag into this post if you find someone. I need an auto slider also. Probably 16 ft. I found a guy in Prescott but he wouldn’t do one in snowflake as it was too far.
  11. Brian27


    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Just have to find some decent gear an a moderate budget.
  12. Brian27


    Hi Ringer I just sent you a private message. I would love to work out a deal if possible. So sorry to hear about your wife. Cancer sucks!
  13. Brian27


    Hi all, I know this may be a long shot but I am looking to buy at least one rod/reel and possibly tackle for off shore fishing. I am headed to Lobo’s in a couple weeks with 3 other guys and I would like to make sure I have what is needed. last trip to CA the gear was stolen from my brothers boat. So we are lacking. What do you have? Brian 623-693-3205