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    Love to hunt, and Fish. You guys all got me stuck on Shed hunting. Can't Wait to get in the woods.

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  1. Brian27

    Looking for Shotgun shells

    My Walmart in Taylor usually gets them on Wednesday or Thursdays. Probably doesn’t help much though lol
  2. Brian27

    Primer trade?

    I have like 8k Winchester Large Pistol Primers. Would like to trade a couple thousand for other primer types. Anyone interested? Need anything but Shot shell Primers pretty much. Brian 623-693-3205
  3. Brian27

    Looking for a travel trailer

    Mine might be a bit small but I am selling one around 9k. dinette is down in the picture for a bed but it has one. A/C but no oven. I will put new tires on it and the battery was replaced this past summer. 623-693-3205
  4. Brian27

    Looking for 6.5 Creedmore Ammo...yeah I know

    I am in Snowflake but have a few boxes I don’t need if we can make it work. Would sell but would rather make a trade for reloading components like primers or bullets. 4 boxes Winchester XP 125gr Going to be in Gilbert on Tuesday 4/6 For trades I also shoot 223/556, 30-06, 243, 30-30, 22LR, 9MM, 45ACP, 17HMR
  5. Brian27

    Trade for 22lr and 6.5CM

    Interested in 223/556 I have 22lr several brands and some 6.5CM
  6. Brian27

    223 AR

  7. Brian27

    223 AR

    Jake is great. He doesn’t built tons of guns but they are all really nice. Great guy!
  8. Brian27

    Unit 10 property ( BOTH Sold)

    Good luck with selling but If you wanted to keep one or both you could do your purchase loan with as little as 3 or 5% down. if you have questions or want a quote on a loan let me know 623-693-3205
  9. Brian27

    Contractor needed in Snowflake

    I heard that. Crazy
  10. Brian27

    Contractor needed in Snowflake

    I am hearing the same thing. Crazy! We can wait but I need to get on the schedule lol.
  11. Anyone a contractor in the White Mountains? I am wanting to get an addition built, I have plans and the funds.. Brian 623-693-3205
  12. Selling a clean 1997 TJ, 4.0, 5 speed, lifted 3.5 inches, on 33s, 146,000 miles. Very nice Soft top, Clean title, light bar. Great jeep. Brian - 623-693-3205 ill try to flip the pictures tonight
  13. Brian27

    Primer trade

    If anyone needs large pistol primers I have a few thousand to trade for about any other type primers.
  14. Brian27

    WTB WTT large pistol primers

    I have large to trade for small in Gilbert. Brian 623-693-3205