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    Love to hunt, and Fish. You guys all got me stuck on Shed hunting. Can't Wait to get in the woods.

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  1. Brian27

    223 AR

  2. Brian27

    223 AR

    Jake is great. He doesn’t built tons of guns but they are all really nice. Great guy!
  3. Brian27

    Unit 10 property ( BOTH PENDING)

    Good luck with selling but If you wanted to keep one or both you could do your purchase loan with as little as 3 or 5% down. if you have questions or want a quote on a loan let me know 623-693-3205
  4. Brian27

    Contractor needed in Snowflake

    I heard that. Crazy
  5. Brian27

    Contractor needed in Snowflake

    I am hearing the same thing. Crazy! We can wait but I need to get on the schedule lol.
  6. Anyone a contractor in the White Mountains? I am wanting to get an addition built, I have plans and the funds.. Brian 623-693-3205
  7. Selling a clean 1997 TJ, 4.0, 5 speed, lifted 3.5 inches, on 33s, 146,000 miles. Very nice Soft top, Clean title, light bar. Great jeep. Brian - 623-693-3205 ill try to flip the pictures tonight
  8. Brian27

    Primer trade

    If anyone needs large pistol primers I have a few thousand to trade for about any other type primers.
  9. Brian27

    WTB WTT large pistol primers

    I have large to trade for small in Gilbert. Brian 623-693-3205
  10. Brian27


    2-3k left
  11. Brian27


    Bump for price at $40. Trades welcome too
  12. Brian27


  13. Brian27


    Selling some CCI 209 Shotshell Primers - $40 per 1000 Will also trade for other primers/reloading materials for 9mm/45acp/6.5/30-06 Selling 6000 located in Gilbert Brian 623-693-3205
  14. Brian27

    Mechanic Recommendations in Payson

    It is a Chevy with a 6.0