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  1. 70blazit

    Closet cleanout

    Where are you located
  2. 70blazit

    Davis Tent Game Bags - $35 - Phoenix - SOLD

    Are they better than the kuiu ones?
  3. 70blazit

    Hunting stuff.

    Where are you located?
  4. 70blazit

    2001 Weekend Warrior

    12’ length 6’-10” wide fender to fender 62” high
  5. 70blazit

    2001 Weekend Warrior

    Price drop 5,800
  6. 70blazit

    Welder needed in EV

    If you were closer I’d do it
  7. 70blazit


    Does it have a hood?
  8. 70blazit


    Where are you located
  9. 70blazit

    2001 Weekend Warrior

    End of the year price drop $5,900
  10. 70blazit

    FS Manfrotto Befree tripod head

    Where are you located
  11. 70blazit

    WTB frame meat pack

    I’m looking for a good frame meat pack if anyone has one for sale or has any recommendations to buy a good one please let me know
  12. 70blazit

    Sold Please Delete

    Still available?
  13. 70blazit

    Swarovski SLC 15x56

  14. 70blazit

    BFG AT KO2

    Where are you located