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  1. Bowster96

    WTB- snake gaiters

    Cabelas doesn’t carry them in store anymore, only online. I run the foreverlast snake guards and Amazon has um for like $35.
  2. Bowster96

    280 AI Built on Weatherby Mk V by Southern Xpress

    Interested. Will send a text your way for pics
  3. Bowster96

    Custom Jeep Cherokee XJ interior

    Maybe interested. What years do these fit? Assuming they are the 95-01 right? I got a 92
  4. Bowster96

    Bear rug prices !!!!! Need help please

    Nice Bear! I’ve used Krueger’s Creations (Chris Krueger) for 4 years in a row and have always gotten my stuff back in less then a year. Never had him do a bear rug tho.
  5. Bowster96


    Looks like it has 576.4 hours on it zooming in on the picture
  6. Bowster96

    Favorite dead head

  7. Bowster96

    WTB: BTX

    +1 for Sean at Sport Optics hooking it up! Great deals there.