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  1. TAM

    Spypoint trail cameras

    UPDATE... All 3 of the solar models are sold and 3 of the Force 12 models are sold. There are still 6 remaining Force 12 models for sale. $80 per camera shipped or $75 per camera for FTF. Feel free to call or text. Tim 928-533-8807
  2. TAM

    Spypoint trail cameras

    All PM's responded to sorry for delay in responses! All cameras are still available. Feel free to call or text if interested. Thanks, Tim 928-533-8807
  3. I have 12 used Spypoint trail cameras for sale. There are 9 Force-12 models and 3 of the Solar models. These cameras have been used for one season (approximately 2-3 months) and exhibit signs of normal wear and tear. They are all 100% functional and work as they should. These cameras have the fastest trigger speeds on the market at under one tenth of a second and produce excellent pictures. They operate on 8 AA batteries and use standard SD cards which are not included. I will include the tie down straps. Asking $80 per camera shipped or $75 per camera for FTF on the Force-12's. Asking $90 per camera shipped or $85 per camera FTF on the Solar model's. There are 3 of the Solar models even though only 2 are pictured. If you purchase 3 or more I will discount by $5 each and cover shipping if necessary. I live in Prescott Valley and will only be available for FTF locally. I will accept Paypal or cash. Please leave response or PM if interested. I will go by the time stamps in the order received for those that make commitments to buy. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Tim Maddock
  4. TAM

    Ozononics scent eliminator

    I've got one that I use for coues hunting in Mexico from a ground blind. When used correctly I believe it offers some significant advantages over nothing or your standard scent spray's. On the same token it's not perfect either. Perhaps the best way to explain it is that it confuses the deer. Most of the time I know it's working when I have a deer down wind that either has no reaction at all or shows the signs of catching my scent. Deer stops, nose up, nostrils flaring. Instead of bolting away they act more curious or cautious. They tend to continue to slowly creep forward or redirect their path to a different part of the water hole. Most of the time as soon as they move through the ozonics scent path they settle back down and seemingly forget and carry on as if nothing happened. On occasion they leave but usually they just move on rather than come unglued and run off flagging and snorting. For me it's been worth the money. If you have reasonable expectations and use it correctly, they have their merits but they aren't perfect either. The following link is an article I came across before purchasing mine a few years ago. I believe my personal findings and the conclusion in the article are more or less the same. Good luck and feel free to ask if you have any questions. www.fieldandstream.com/articles/hunting/2014/07/does-it-work-ozone-scent-control-vs-drug-sniffing-dog
  5. TAM

    Great Time in Mexico!

    Thanks Phil. Had a great time and couldn't be happier with your success and the incredible buck you came home with! Thanks for putting all the memories together in one video!
  6. TAM

    Dual-axle Trailer

    What are the axle's rated at and what kind of shape are the tires and wood deck in? Thx!
  7. Here are a couple bucks that a buddy and I killed this past January for the Best Coues Deer category...
  8. Been awhile since I've posted anything. Here's my entry for best wildlife series... For what it's worth my buddy killed the buck a few weeks later.
  9. TAM

    Trail cameras

    At this time all cameras are sold and PM's have been sent. I do still have several older Stealth Cams that I am in the process of testing that I will be posting for sale soon. If anyone has any interest in those you can PM me and I can give you the details and prices before I post them here. Thank you all for your interest.
  10. TAM

    Trail cameras

    All cameras sold except the two Scout Guard no glows.
  11. TAM

    Trail cameras

    I have several trail cameras that I would like to sell. All cameras are in working order and have been tested by myself to verify proper functionality. I would prefer to sell as "package deals" but will sell individually for the higher listed price. I live in Prescott Valley so arrangements can be made to meet in vicinity for pick up. I am also in Mesa at Williams Field High School on Wednesday nights from about 7pm to 9pm if that helps. All cameras listed take from 6-10 AA batteries and SD cards which are not included in sale. We can work out other payment details through Paypal, check through mail, etc. 1 - camera $60 each. 2 - cameras $50 each and you pay shipping. 3 or more cameras $50 each and I will pay shipping. If you want to buy something just respond to this listing which camera(s) and quantity you want to commit to buying and then PM me your details. Thanks for looking - Tim 5 - Scout Guard cameras. 3 are low glow, 2 are no glow. These have 1 second triggers and take some of the best daytime pictures I've ever seen. Easy to program and operate and have a built in display for viewing in the field. These were purchased brand new in the Fall of 2015 and used for one season in Mexico. 3 Bushnell Lightning Fire no glow cameras. These have extremely fast sub 1 second triggers and are simple to program and operate. These were bought brand new in the Fall of 2015 and used for one season in Mexico. 2 Stealth cams. 1 low glow and 1 no glow. These are both nice because they have external programing and external picture counters that you don't need to open the case to see. Simple to operate. These were purchased brand new in the Fall of 2015 and used for one season in Mexico. Last up I have a Wildgame, a Stealth Cam, and a Wildview. All three older models but they still work just fine. The Stealth Cam even has a "custom" camo job that was on it when I bought it that I will not charge any extra for... ; ) $20 each or all 3 for $50 and I will pay the shipping up to $10.
  12. Nice job Ernesto... looks like another grest year for you guys!
  13. TAM

    Chasing a specific buck.

    Nice work Phil... I love the effort and the video!
  14. TAM


    Thanks everyone! I got to spend my birthday in Las Vegas at a basketball tournament for my son. Best gift ever was him and his Az Power team spanking some team from california and having the refs call the game because we were up by 50 points!