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  1. desertotter

    Best ballistic app

    I've only used iStrelok. It has worked well for me.
  2. desertotter

    4 days on the Yellowstone

    Awesome story and you definitely have a keeper in your wife. Amazing pictures and kudos to your wife.
  3. desertotter

    Need A Good Bow!!

    My best advice is to go to the PSE Factory in Tucson and have them set you up. Some times you can find great deals on last years models. That is what I did and saved $200-$300 but I caught it at just the right time.
  4. desertotter

    1st time quail season

    Thanks for everyone's response. Another question, snake gaiters or not?
  5. I am going to try to hunt quail this season but don't have a hunting dog. What are my chances? I've heard of quail calls to calm them down when approaching them, but do they work and which ones are best. I will be around the Whetstone and Huachuca mountain areas. Thanks.
  6. desertotter

    Opening day success updated/video

    nice work. congrats
  7. nice bear. awesome color. congrats
  8. Opened my email this morning and saw an email from MeatEater, the tv show with Steve Rinella. Basically the email said the new season started tonight and thank you for being apart of the mailing list. Reading a little further down, they sent a link for a free episode. Follow the link and type in the code MEATEATERMAIL and you can watch it. You don't have to fill in any credit card info just go to the "use code" tab under Postal Code. https://meateater.vhx.tv/buy/volume-9-ep-1-sky-island-solitaire-backpack-hunting-coues-deer-in-arizona I thought it was a very good episode.
  9. desertotter

    Fishing shirt with SPF

    I like the look of a collar on my Columbia shirts, but never saw a benefit because I always wear a buff. Light material with SPF/UPF. It seems to wick away moisture as well, and when my face gets hot I cover my face like a bandana. It's saved me countless times on the water.
  10. desertotter

    Fishing shirt with SPF

    Forgot to mention that if anyone wants free shipping on these to PM me.
  11. desertotter

    Fishing shirt with SPF

    Haha. That is why the good Lord gave us cargo shorts, boats, and fishing lanyards.
  12. desertotter

    Fishing shirt with SPF

    I stumbled upon these fishing shirts and decided why not since they were cheaper than others. Great designs, fast shipping. Can't have too many fishing shirts, right? Here are the specs and website to check them out. http://www.wickedcatchgear.com/#_l_gh Sun Protection : 50 UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) Moisture Wicking Antimicrobial Lightweight So, I recieved the shirt in the mail on a Friday at 4:30 PM, I made up some excuse to the girlfriend so I could wait for the mailman to take them with us fishing for the weekend. Saturday morning we get up at 6 AM and didn't come back to the dock until it was dark. All I can say is that this is the best shirt I have used fishing, no sunburns or any redness and had a small tan. I can say enough about these shirts. I have a couple of other shirts and my favorite used to be the Columbia shirts because of the breathability, but this blow them out of the water. As soon as I got home, I ordered 3 more. Check these shirts out if you are out on the lake all day and don't want to put on the oily sunscreen, you won't be disappointed. http://www.wickedcatchgear.com/#_l_gh
  13. Sherman, I really appreciate your fast response. Thank you very much
  14. Only powder available last time I was able to pick some up and having some trouble finding data for Accurate Powders 4350. Everything is H4350 or IMR-4350 but hardly finding anything AA-4350. Using it to reload .243 with 80gr Hornady GMX. Any help is much appreciated.
  15. desertotter


    This is getting bad. I was recently a high school football coach and when I complained to the administration that the football team wasn't even allowed to hear the National Anthem, I was told I was in the wrong. I was suppose to change my schedule before a game, not the other way around. I held my team out of the locker room before a game for 20 minutes just so they could be apart of the National Anthem. The next week, I asked the principal what time the National Anthem was going to be played and he said 5 minutes before game time. We ran onto the field 8 minutes before the game only to find out the National Anthem was already played. So much for trying to respect our country and trying to teach our young adults about doing the right thing. What is this world coming to?