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Found 52 results

  1. Mad Mardigan

    Need 120-130 gr 7mm Bullets

    Hey Guys, on the hunt for some lighter 7mm bullets for my kids 7mm-08. Not getting great accuracy with anything above 130 grs with a Model Seven lightweight I setup for my kids. Got 2 daughters draw deer tags this year. Been reloading and trying a bunch of different bullets/powders, only thing that shoots good so far are some 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunters. Only have about 20 bullets left, would love to find some more if any of you guys have some. Been searching on-line, no luck so far. Thanks!
  2. SOLD!!! New! 7 SAUM Redding competition bushing 3 die set. Completely brand new never used. No bushing. These are the best Redding makes!! I just don’t need them like I thought. Selling for $285. That’s exactly what I paidi can show receipt if you like. I’ll pay the shipping to get them to you.
  3. shortpants

    RCBS dies 300wsm for sale

    RCBS 300wsm dies for sale $40 Brand new never used. DM if interested
  4. Neco Concentricity Gauge for sale $150 Used once, works perfectly DM if interested
  5. I have 250 10mm/40 cal plated FN bullets for sale 30$ they are 180 grain. I also have 100 once fired, 10mm (large pistol primer) brass for 25$ I shot these myself, picked them right up and put them in the original box, all matching fc headstamps Or 50$ for everything Will consider trades for 9mm components
  6. Looking for recommendations for vendors of pure lead. Has to be pure because it will be used with black powder guns.
  7. 1 full box Hornady Precision Hunter 6.5 Creedmoor 143 eldx. $45 SOLD 1 full box Browning BXR rapid expansion 30-30, 155 grain $35 1 full unopened box of 100 Hornady 6.5 143grain eldx $45 SOLD 1 full unopened box of 100 Hornady 6.5 interlock, 129 grain $30 1 plastic container with 205 Speer .243 80 grain pointed soft points $30 SOLD 1 unopened one pound container of Accurate 2700 powder, paid $60 at Bruno’s $30 I live in Ahwatukee, will meet within reason FTF sales only 60two 5one2-53fourfive
  8. Davidinthesun

    Coaxial reloading press

    I have one Frankford Arsenal M-press coaxial press. And two extra quick-change die block sets. In great condition in original packaging. Works great just upgraded. $175 for the whole set.
  9. Located in Phoenix, AZ Will ship if needed I have given my best guess at prices but am willing to accept any reasonable offers. 327 Casings 6.5 Creedmoor - $100 61 Casings 30.06 - $20 161 Casings 7mm-08 - $50
  10. MEC 600 Jr. Made by Mayville Engineering- 150.00 Pacific Multi Power single stage press-200.00 Dies- 1 set Pacific in 308 Winchester-55.00 1set RCBS in 22-250-50.00 1 set RCBS IN 44MAG/44SP. 1 vintage RCBS powder trickler in original box with warranty-35.00
  11. I accidently purchased two of these so selling one of them. NEW IN THE BOX WRAPPED! Horaday Match Grade Die Set 6.5 .264 Pay what I paid with Shipping: $95.00 ( I rounded up .18 cents) Only Serious Cash buyers please Text me 602-904-2134
  12. Looking for 6.5 PRC Ammo, Brass & Dies Will buy or Trade I have some 7mm, 308, 7.62, 223/5.56 ammo to trade Brian 602-904-2132 Text me or PM me Good luck out there!
  13. Hey guys, a friend told me this was a good place for trading and selling locally. I'm in the Payson area. If anyone is interested in trading smalle rifle primers, I have a good supply of large rifle primers available for trade. I'm also looking for a PVS-14 if anyone has one they want to sell or trade. Thanks.
  14. 4 containers of IMR SR4759 - $60 2 containers of Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X -$25 Face to face in Gilbert, AZ area. Please contact me thru text 480-TWO9SIX-333SIX
  15. I am helping a lady that lost her husband sell some of his stuff. I am VERY unfamiliar with this stuff but told her i would do the best i can. PLEASE TEXT ME AS LAST TIME I GOT BOMBARDED WITH EMAILS, MESSAGES,and PHONE CALLS. 480TWO9SIX33THREE6 Forster case trimmer ctk100 nib $90 Hornady Powder Measurer 050110 nib. $80 Lee .575 single 575-500-M nib $15 Lee .395 single mold 395RB nib $15 Lee .375 double 375 RB nib $15 Lee powder measuring kit 90100 nib $5 Lee six cavity .452 230 gr TL452-230-2R nib. $15 Lee six cavity .311 93gr 311-93-1R nib $15 Lee mound handles 90005 for six cavity moulds nib $8 Lee bullet lubricating and resizing kit missing a part $2 New not in box double 454 RB mould and handles $10 New not in box six 458/185 (wad cutter?) mould and handle $15 New not in box six 452/255 mould and handle $15 Used 311/93 mould and handle $5 IF YOU TAKE IT ALL TODAY $300
  16. I have a BUNCH of powder and reloding componets and some equipment that I am trying sell for a lady that lost her husband. I know almost nothing about most of this stuff but told her I would do my best. Most but not all is black powder or cowboy action stuff. Starting out with some of the powder. Below prices are if you buy in QUANTITY. 2-LBS Tin Star -$15/lb 25-LBS GOEX FFFG-$10/lb 10-LBS White Clean Shot FFG-$10/lb 7-LBS IMR Trail Boss-$10/lb IF YOU RELOAD BLACK POWDER OR ARE A COWBOY ACTION SHOOTER TEXT ABOUT THE OTHER STUFF AND I'LL SEE IF SHE HAS SOMETHING YOU NEED. 480-TWO96-3THREE3SIX.
  17. Have several boxes of Barnes Thriple Shock X-Bullets in 7mm, 160 gr TSX Flat Base. $35 per box, PM if interested. Located in Payson. Can also text 602-317-8084
  18. Have several boxes of Barnes Thriple Shock X-Bullets in 25 Cal, 115 gr TSX Flat Base. $35 per box, PM if interested. Located in Payson. Can also text 602-317-8084
  19. Doing some Winter Cleaning of the Garage: 1 Lot - 12 PCS .458 Hornady Win. Mag FACTORY - $20.00 1 Lot - 3 PCS AR15 Parts - $10.00 2 BXs - 7MM Rem. Mag. 150 Grain Core Lokt PSP FACTORY - $25.00 per box or ($40.00 for Both) 1 BX - 7mm Speer 130 Grain Boattail #1624 Bullets 47 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $10.00 1 BX - 7mm Sierra 140 Grain Spitzers #1910 Bullets 100 pcs RELOADING - $30.00 1 BX - 7mm Nosler Ballistic Tips 120 Grain Spitzers #28120 Bullets 39 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $10.00 1 BX - 6mm Nosler Partition 85 Grain Spitzers #16314 Bullets 41 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $20.00 1 BX - 6mm Barnes 75 Grain Spitzers #24365 Bullets 47 pcs (partial) RELOADING - $20.00 1 BX - 10mm Sig Sauer 180 Grain Hollow Point 17 pcs (partial) FACTORY - $20.00 - SOLD I am located in Glendale and go here and there on the West Valley. Thanks for looking. PM ME if Interested!
  20. Looking to trade for small rifle and small pistol primers. Let me know what you have. Everything is new and has not been opened. I am in the north Scottsdale area. (3)lbs IMR 4320 (2)lbs IMR 4350 (1) lb H380 1000 Federal large rifle magnum NO.215 primers.
  21. US 869 8 lbs new unopened recent production 170$ Queen Creek area and are not shippable anywhere.... contact me via messages or post questions in topic
  22. Hello, Have a reloader that I would like to sell. Dillon XL 650 - $450.00 SOLD Dillion Square Deal B - $300.00 - SOLD $50 off each if you want both. Manuals for the XL 650, lots of misc knick knacks, and 2-3 sets of dies (need to verify, when pick up).
  23. Bill V

    Lyman Powder Measure

    FS Lyman no55 Powder measure with Redding bench top stand. In original box including instructions. Comes with both large and small caliber drop tubes. $50.00 Located in Peoria. 602 3seven6-one59eight.
  24. JColony

    IMR7828 and RL22 for sale

    Moving out of state and movers won't move for me. 1lb+ of IMR7828 - $25 Just shy of 1lb of RL22 - $20 Both obo, its gotta go...
  25. I have some .22-250 reloading supplies up for grabs. Lee die set 87 Nosler Ballistic Tip 55gr bullets 36 shells About 1/2 jug of Ramshot Big Game powder Asking $50 obo. Located in S.E. Gilbert