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Found 15 results

  1. ChrisC2217

    Help Identifying Deadhead

    I found this deadhead on a ranch here in Texas. I recently restored it and I was thinking this may be a Coues. I know it may be hard to tell but I have a suspicion it may be. Thanks for any help!
  2. I drew a January hunt on the San Carlos for Unit D. I am not one to E Scout, but considering this is my first time hunting the Rez, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. I am looking for any information anyone can provide. Good or Bad. If you prefer, PM's are a great way to not advertise your information. I have an idea of where I want to start, but considering I am unable to scout until 3 days prior I am hoping someone can help ease the learning curve. Someone who had done this before.... Thank you for anything anyone can provide!
  3. Hey everyone it’s going to be my first Bow hunt with an otc tag I just picked up. I’m down in the Sierra vista, sonoita area so units 35a,35b are the ones I would prefer to stay in. I know about the restrictions regarding fort huachuca. But I’m just wondering if anyone has had good luck in those units and throw some pointers my way. It would be appreciated!
  4. beercanfan

    Adult onset hunter, first Elk tag

    New to the forum and frankly, still new to hunting, 5 years of putting in for tags, Ive pulled a few Coues tags down in 35A (way out of my league, but enjoyed every minute of it) along with 4 years of whitetail hunting in Oklahoma, which as you know is nothing like hunting in the west. I pulled my first tag this year, 5A late season hunt and looking for some guidance. Fortunately, I am familiar with the area from many years of camping, but not sure where to begin with a tag in my pocket. So any advice for a novice hunter on a late season Elk hunt in 5A?
  5. ProCamper

    6a/5bs Archery Deer

    Up in unit 6a/5bs hunting deer, dont know much about the area and havent seen much deer, so i dont know if its the area or just me. Would really appreciate any help, will be here all week through september 1st, thx
  6. Hello, I have a Archery Bull Tag for the San Carlos Reservation Maylay Gap unit from 9/21 to 10/6 archery bull elk. I have never been there and could use any advice that anyone has. I am open to using a guide as well. If anyone has any first hand experience it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Hi Everyone, I have drawn a tag in 6A for November 10th and not having hunted this unit or even whitetail before so any help would be awesome. Hunting experience has been Red Stag , Fallow ,Sika Deer and Feral Goats back home. (Ireland) Plan is to start scouting after labor day from Stone man lake south to Camp Verde. I have a few weekends put aside for scouting and the full week for hunting. Reading everything I can highlighted , glassing , glassing and more glassing and im as set up for that as my budget can handle right now. Tripod , binos , range finder.. no spotting scope that is good enough to bother carrying but i will deal with that. Tips ? Pointers ? HELP ?? Thanks and good hunting to everyone
  8. Game Planner Maps

    General Season Prep

    We're less than a month away from the opener for the first general deer seasons of the year. There's still time to get a Game Planner Map for your hunt this fall. Turn around time is less than a week on a Game Planner Red Zone Map and Custom Maps are ~8 business days. If you need something for a scouting trip this weekend give a Digital Map a try. At only $9.99 its a heck of a deal, and when used with the free Avenza Maps app it turns your mobile device into a GPS and you do not need a wireless signal. I'm always happy to help CWTers get their device setup. The process is simple and I can talk you through it over the phone and help with delivering the download. Even if you don't need a map for your hunt you can take advantage of the Free Game Planner Map Viewer just by registering with a valid email. Use it to map scout your unit and print your own maps. Please contact me if you have any questions: email: ed@gameplannermaps.com phone: (480) 620-3309 Best of luck and thanks again to all the CWTers who are using Game Planner Maps this fall! Ed
  9. Game Planner Maps

    Free Hunting Map Resource

    Game Planner Maps is an official sponsor of CouesWhitetail.com. Please check out our Sponsor Spotlight to learn more about the resources and products we provide. Be sure to Register and try the free interactive Map Viewer. Game Planner Maps provides a vast catalog of spatial data for researching your unit and tools for printing your own hunting maps. After you register be sure to check your email inbox/spam folder for your confirmation email. Click here for tutorials on printing your own maps and importing maps to your mobile device. Thanks Ed
  10. mesajeeper

    Reliable Water

    Just a quick question for you seasoned pros. I have been searching out water to set up a couple of trail cameras. I have found a couple of spots that looked promising only to find the water is gone a few weeks later when I return to check for pics. I recently found a small pool of water that had a frog in the water. Would this be an indication that the water is more reliable or do they just burrow down when the water disappears? I look forward to your thoughts on this. Also, I am looking in low desert around the valley. Thanks
  11. Non-Typical Solutions

    Looking for a Song

    I have this song I am trying to track down, I don't know the singer and I don't know the words........ There is a line in there that says something like this.......it ain't cool to be 15......when your dad is 40 or something like that. It talks about the dad wearing a flannel shirt and recalling getting a young girl knocked up at an early age... It is country of course........... I know this is going to go wild crazy but somebody out there it is going to click and you are going to know what song I am talking about. Try to keep it civil.........and yes....just about every country song you know fits that description. Thanks for kicking it around.
  12. deserttacoma84

    To all the TACOMA OWNERS!!!

    This may be a long shot but for those of you have swapt out your leaf springs for the EMU springs or others... Does anyone have their factory set still? I need a set ASAP! PM or txt/call 602-525-1790.. Thanks.
  13. Can anyone offer any advice as a general starting point in Unit 31 archery in Dec. I am not looking for nayones honey holes or anything, just general rds. I will be coming from Mesa and was going to stay on the North side of the mountain closer to Safford. I have heard good things about Klondike Rd, but also have heard that it gets over crowded. Don't mind hiking into an area. Just started hunting last year and have hunted Unit 22 a little and a little in 24. Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.
  14. cflores

    CWT Member Needs Your HELP

    A couple weeks ago I entered a Dream Hunt Challenge contest, and now I’m 1 of 17 left in the country that could win this hunt. And the ONLY one representing Arizona! On a firefighter salary, this is a hunt that I would never be able to go on, unless I was to win a contest such as this. For the next 12 hours... it’s up to me to show them that I can promote my page. So this is what I am asking of my CWT family. For those of you that have Facebook, or know someone that does Facebook social media. First: please go to Outdoors International Facebook page. It’s under the section called Dream Hunt Challenge. Second: Click on Elk Hunters Christmas Story, in here you will see different hunters from across the country. STOP on my page. It reads “ Firefreak “. Third: and Most Important. Please “Like” and” Share” my page. The one that goes most viral wins!!! Please help your local CWT family member win this hunt of a lifetime. Thank You so much and Merry Christmas !!!
  15. azarchery602

    LOST/STOLEN Quest Primal Hunting Bow

    Hey everyone I need your help. I am posting on all forums about this PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open for anyone who may have recently come up/found/stole a Quest Primal Hunting Bow today at Ben Avery Archery Range in Phoenix, Arizona. It was lost/stolen between 10am and 1230pm today at the range. A person I would like to talk to that was there was driving a silver Dodge Ram 4x4 with a rear window decal for Hunt Africa with an AZ phone number. They were the only ones at the range today beside me while I was there and would like to know if they seen anything or may have taken it thinking the owner left it, hopefully with the intention of finding the rightful owner. This is very important to me as it was gift from my father and I have an upcoming Bull Elk hunt this September . PLEASE PLEASE if you here anything coming out of AZ let me know. Thanks.