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  1. Kaffer62

    Daughter’s 4th Coues

    Outstanding!!! Congratulations
  2. Kaffer62

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    Great looking setup!
  3. Kaffer62

    Electronics, GPS, tablet & Gerber

    I will take the camcorder. Pm sent.
  4. Kaffer62

    2020 DIY Sonora Coues hunts

    What kind of deer have been taken down there
  5. Kaffer62

    Trophy Bull Poached

    You don’t say....... how interesting.
  6. Kaffer62

    Trophy Bull Poached

    How long before the defense shows up?
  7. Kaffer62

    Trophy Bull Poached

    Hmm...... must be something in the water up there.
  8. Kaffer62

    Rat Bait

  9. Kaffer62

    First timer hunting in 36B

    Its surprising but I have seen plenty of illegals drink from cattle tanks and guzzlers. Nasty business
  10. Kaffer62

    Help in 36A I

    Sent you a pm
  11. Kaffer62

    Mount Lemmon

    Expect to see a lot of people. Not even counting all of the hunters
  12. Kaffer62

    Popcorn thread

    Feel bad for the person who had to read your Grindr messages
  13. Kaffer62

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Im in Paypal has been sent! Cant believe I almost missed this!
  14. Thermals.... Like in long johns? ha ha