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  1. Kaffer62

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    Elk hit for me! 2 tags!
  2. Kaffer62

    Late bull hunt in 9

    My cousin and dad had the same hunt this year as well. My dad went home empty handed but my cousin filled his tag with a bull that scored right at 350 which is his biggest to date. In years past we have shot several 5x5, a few spikes and a couple of really nice bulls. My biggest bull from that hunt was 384 and my dad's biggest scored 330. It's one of my favorite hunts and we always have a blast. I have never sat water but I know if can be productive. I will always fall back on glassing followed up with sneaking and glassing as I go through some of the thicker cuts.
  3. Kaffer62

    Got it done today!!

    Great Buck! Congrats to your son!
  4. Kaffer62

    36A questions

    Water is going to be key. plus getting away from the crowds. Lots of country you can walk to that is closed off to vehicle access. That will deter a lot of hunters.
  5. Kaffer62

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    Just saw this. Just sent my payment
  6. Kaffer62

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    I’m good with $50
  7. Kaffer62

    We gonna do a 2021 CWT fantasy league

    I’m in
  8. As of right now I am at 1 year and 3 months. But that included a denial because they didnt have enough information to make a decision even though my fingerprints show no association with anything and my background check is clean. Had to go the voluntary appeal file process and the wait continues.
  9. Kaffer62

    Senior trip to Mx

    Looks like an amazing trip
  10. Kaffer62

    QAD LD HDX, or Ripcord arrow rest?

    Had the ripcord for a small time. Switched to the qad hdx and never looked back
  11. Kaffer62

    46A East?

    As soon as the hunt is over, you cant wait to go on another sheep hunt
  12. Kaffer62

    46A East?

    Len is a good dude. He and his family have done well there
  13. Kaffer62


    Dude!!! That’s awesome! Congrats on your cat!
  14. Kaffer62

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    I love mine. Easy to set up and rugged as can be.
  15. Kaffer62

    How to deal with bad taxidermy???

    I agree. Save the time and frustration for the next guy