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  1. Kaffer62

    Suppressor-Where to start

    It varies depending on the suppressor. Generally speaking the tax stamp is $200. If you chose to do the kiosk, its a $35 fee. Which includes the cost of your fingerprints. The price of the Suppressor 500 and up.
  2. Kaffer62

    Suppressor-Where to start

    https://www.silencershop.com/atf-wait-times. Here is a link to the silencer shops compiled wait times that they have been experiencing. It looks like the trust takes longer. I am guessing it depends on how many people are listed on your trust.
  3. Kaffer62

    Suppressor-Where to start

    I am waiting for a Silencer Co Omega 300. It will cover my rifles from my .556 to 300 win mag. Check out Silencer Shop. They have an easy way to set up a trust if you are so inclined to go that route. I bought mine through Mr. Silencer in Mesa. Filled out all my paper work and electronic fingerprints right there in the shop using the kiosk which made it super easy to do. It was super easy and a pain free process.
  4. Kaffer62

    Two men's rings

  5. Kaffer62

    Smith and Wesson 1500 .223

    Thats a shooter for sure!
  6. Where are you located.
  7. Shv is a solid scope for the money
  8. Kaffer62

    Mexico 2020

    What type of suppressor did you go with?
  9. Kaffer62

    Mexico 2020

    Some solid bucks right there. Your brothers deer is one of the coolest bucks I have seen in a while. Great job all around!
  10. Kaffer62

    Mexico 2020

    Amazing. What a wonderful experience!!
  11. Kaffer62


    Still having trouble with the nipples I see....
  12. Kaffer62


    If he hasn't fixed his truck by now then it will never be. This is a lost cause.
  13. Kaffer62

    My 2020 Mexico DIY Hunt

    Congrats. Was there a lot of rutting action while you were down there?
  14. Kaffer62

    Ford F250 crew cab $8000

    Beast of a truck
  15. Kaffer62

    Help from NC

    33 is hard to pass. Great access. Ton of deer. There are a lot of hunters, even so getting away from the majority will be easy. I would be taking a hard look into that unit.