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  1. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

  2. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

    Cot is spf.
  3. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

    Pm replied.
  4. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

    Peoria. Around 75th and greenway
  5. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

  6. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

    It’s a Camco Eaz-lift stabilizer
  7. Kaffer62

    Few Things to Sell

    Cabelas XL Cot with cot side nightstand $80 5th wheel stabilizer jack (Tripod) Almost new $60 Promaster Professional Ball head with 1 adapter plate $40 Phoneskope case for Galaxy S6 $10 Trophy Taker Pronghorn Rest $20 Fuse 2-piece Quiver 6 arrow. $20 in Peoria
  8. Kaffer62

    Flooring installation question

    Anything worth doing, is worth doing it right
  9. Kaffer62

    Where Am I?

    Ok cool. I was just wondering since it’s not technically named that anymore.
  10. Kaffer62

    Where Am I?

    I don’t see how you could be way north of squaw peak but be close to crown king. Squaw peak is on the edge of the verde valley
  11. Kaffer62

    22 Non- Residents had 15+ BPs

    After this draw I will be sitting at 18... Still a decade or more to go!
  12. Kaffer62

    Half ton to diesel and Ford vs Chevy

    I have an f250 with the 6.7. I have been amazed where that truck has taken me. I would avoid dodge unless you like rebuilding transmissions. Everyone I know with a dodge has already gone through the original.
  13. Kaffer62

    How come this stuff never makes news in AZ???

    Let's not forget about this arrest. You're Welcome
  14. Kaffer62

    Changing a main breaker

    As long as it is like for like and you are not changing the amperage most likely you will not need a inspection. Ymmv depending on the city or county requirements.
  15. Kaffer62

    Sure-loc sportsman’s BOW Sight PRICE DROP

    Do you need a ball head for a tripod