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  1. Sale pending. Thx for all the interest.
  2. Nice shape. Would prefer not the mess with shipping at this price. I live in far N.W. Peoria or work at I-17/101. Specs are below. Manfrotto 055MF3 Specs Maximum Height 66.5" (169 cm) Maximum Height w/o Column Extended 53" (134.6 cm) Minimum Height 4.3" (11 cm) Folded Length 25.2" (64 cm) Load Capacity 15.5 lb (7 kg) Leg Sections 3 Leg Lock Type Flip lever Independent Leg Spread Yes Center Column Sections 2 Center Column Type Sliding Center Brace No Spiked Feet No Head Type None Head Mount Thread Size 3/8"-16 Weight 4.4 lb (2 kg)
  3. Rudebob

    45 cal elr

    Thanks for the info. I do plan to weigh my charges (I work at a lab and have access to calibrated balances that are accurate to 1/10,000 of a gram). The teflon tape is a new one though that I will look into. So you don't use an anti-seize grease? As far as the basics I have done a ton of research so I feel like I have most of the process covered. It is mainly trying to find which loads will work best in my gun. I guess I won't know until I try different variables. I was hoping for some feedback as to where to start with using the 285 grain ELR's. Unfortunately, there is not as much data on the .45 vs. 50. It seems like lot of folks bash PB's but I suspect the ELR is a little different that some of their other bullets, at least I hope so because I have a bunch of them.
  4. Rudebob

    45 cal elr

    I am new to this whole ML sport but just recently got a CVA Accura LR in .45 cal. I have the PB ELR's and Blackhorn, and as soon as I can locate some primers i plan to start developing some loads. Any suggestions as to where to start would be appreciated.
  5. Rudebob

    WTT Blackhorn 209 for 209 Primers

    I was thinking about 500 would seem fair. I paid $50.00 + tax (yeah Cabela's is a rip). That translates to $100.00 for a brick of primers which seems to be the current resale rate at the moment (if/when you can find them). I might take 400 if I get desperate or cannot find them retail. I am not at that point, it is just that I have more powder than primers and want to start developing loads in a few weeks for a new muzzy acquisition. Just saw someone post that Cabela's may have BH so maybe there is less value in my offer but I am thinking in a few days/weeks there will be another shortage.
  6. Looking to trade 1 fresh and unopened 10oz bottle of Blackhorn for CCI 209M or Federal 209A primers. I am not looking to sell the powder although I will trade smaller quantity of primers plus cash if that is the only deal out there. Live in far NW Peoria but work close to I17 & Loop 101. I am also in Flagstaff weekly. Thx 'bob
  7. Rudebob

    CCi 209’s and CCi 200’s

    Still have the 209's?