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  1. Rudebob

    Credit Card hit thread

    What, are you married to Katie Hobbs?
  2. Rudebob

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    Saw a couple of these Pit Boss Laredos on clearance at Walmart in Flagstaff today for $246.00. Tempted to buy one at that price: https://pitboss-grills.com/grills/wood-pellet/pit-boss-platinum-laredo-1000-wood-pellet-grill-1
  3. Rudebob

    Where to get 4 inch foam for cot

    I've seen it as Cal-Ranch in the past
  4. Rudebob

    How long until cards are hit??

    Wahoo... Card hit 7:22 pm.
  5. Rudebob

    How long until cards are hit??

    People here are funny: The constantly complain about how incompetent the Game & Fish is (or at least their draw system), but they have complete and total faith in their ability to precisely execute the drawing process with the same exact precision they have done in the past, and then form all these baseless conclusions based on that confidence. Nobody has a tag yet. This season is a just a hack-the correct presumption that if you have been charged for a tag you will receive one. The G&F has not asserted anything and has the prerogative to handle the draw and timing of it anyway they want to until you have been officially notified as either having been “drawn” or “not drawn”. Honestly, if I worked at the G&F and had any say in the process I would drag it out the way the appear to be doing right now. Sitting around reading all the whining and theorizing on these website threads would be the most entertaining week of my work year.
  6. Rudebob

    Cleaning a Muzzleloader

    I have nothing to say on the subject, just glad to see a new post in this forum after several months. Of course ranting about the cost of Blackhorn 209 is always good for a coversation starter.
  7. Rudebob

    RIm Road Open

    Everything is still closed except a couple roads near the rez.
  8. Rudebob

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Why is Pleasant not full yet? With all the rain and snow melt you would of thought it would of hit the 1702 weeks ago. Yet the water level has been essentially the same for weeks. The MWD has to be dumping water.
  9. Rudebob

    Card Hits!

    Mine just changed too. Probably just the update process. I would not worry about it,.....yet.
  10. Rudebob

    WTB 209 Primers.

    PM sent
  11. Rudebob

    Blackhorn 209

    Yes if you need it. I am not trying to get rid of it neccesarily but just seeing if anyone is in need of it for the upcoming season since it is still hard to find.
  12. I ended up with a couple extra 8 ounce bottles of BH209 I picked up for a friend. However, he had already bought some from midway when it was in stock. I traded 1 for some primers and aleady have enough for my own personal use. I have a little over $57.00 in it with tax. I would be happy to sell it for my cost to a CWT ML hunter if you need it. Sorry, no shipping. I live in far northwest Peoria or work near I17 & the 101. Send me a PM if interested.
  13. Will trade 1 new, unopened 8 ounce bottle of Blackhorn for a half brick (500) of 209 primers. Must be CCI 209M or Federal 209A. If you need more powder I would be willing to sell one additional bottle go for $60.00 with the primer trade. Not looking to sell the powder outright, just need primers. Sorry, I don't want to ship. I work near I7 & Loop 101 or live in the far northwest valley.
  14. I picked up a few bottles of BH209 in Flagstaff this week but the price was $52.00 for 8 ounces, not $36.00 like they show on Brickseek. 20% less product for 40% more dollars than last year. I hope i don't get monkeypox.