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  1. Irish

    Dec Rifle Elk Unit 8

    Good morning everyone, I have drawn a late general bull elk tag in unit 8 and was wondering if anyone had any advice ? I know its a hard hunt in December, made harder by weather and pressure but just reaching out for any pointers that might improve my odds of taking a meat bull.
  2. So after scouting the middle part of 6A for three weekends in a row I only spotted a small group of deer about 2 miles away from me before some dick in a dirt bike came roaring through and scattered them over the next hill where it was to late for me to think about following them. I was scouting from stoneman lake south , across to wet bever creek and without a quad thats a lot of ground to cover by foot, with a pack and gear. I have been playing around with going in south and coming north but im running out of time, and every day i go up that way the wind is behind me so i opt to face into it and scout south. I have seen plenty of elk in the upper region and a few mules but only that small group of couse. Any tips / advice before november ? Solo hunting is great but its a lot of dang work lol
  3. Irish

    Coues 6A. First Scouting

    Hi everyone , So i went scouting in 6A from stone man lake road south to Apache maid mountain and further south , covered the three or four tanks for hours on end and saw everything but a coues deer. I plan on scouting from Camp Verde north next weekend but was wondering if there is anywhere that really deserves some focus. NOT looking for a honey hole just looking for some meat for my freezer and the experience. Any help appreciated my hunt is November 10th
  4. Irish

    First Time Hunting have a Tag for 6A

    So next question .. wanna buy a new pack.. what do you think of the alpz brand ?
  5. Irish

    First Time Hunting have a Tag for 6A

    Thanks to you both , yes two very different approaches but hey they obviously have worked for both of you in the past. Two guns thanks for the offer , i will give you a shout when im planning a trip up to scout. This is what makes the hunters of the world great, a complete stranger asking for help and gets an offer of local company on his scout!!
  6. Hi Everyone, I have drawn a tag in 6A for November 10th and not having hunted this unit or even whitetail before so any help would be awesome. Hunting experience has been Red Stag , Fallow ,Sika Deer and Feral Goats back home. (Ireland) Plan is to start scouting after labor day from Stone man lake south to Camp Verde. I have a few weekends put aside for scouting and the full week for hunting. Reading everything I can highlighted , glassing , glassing and more glassing and im as set up for that as my budget can handle right now. Tripod , binos , range finder.. no spotting scope that is good enough to bother carrying but i will deal with that. Tips ? Pointers ? HELP ?? Thanks and good hunting to everyone