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  1. Allforelk


    “Do you take hormones? Or do you just naturally sound like a woman?” RIP Del. You will be missed.
  2. Allforelk

    Bear Sleeping in front of my Camera

    You have some amazing footage. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Allforelk

    2021-22 governor's bear tag

    Following. Thank you and good luck.
  4. But, they are such AMAZING nest builders.
  5. Allforelk

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    Do you want him to fish it for you too?
  6. Allforelk

    Sheep charges

    What’s the Tiburon hunt go for these days?
  7. Allforelk

    Hits Started

    Congrats on your Dance Republic tag. Wyoming and AZ are pretty cool too I guess.
  8. 123 was rushed through as a special ballot measure. The didn’t even bother to distribute the mandatory literature to a large population of the voting public as dictated by state law. Doug Douchey again pretending at fiscal conservation.
  9. Allforelk

    Free Above Ground Pool

    Lol. Admiral of his own baby gravy navy.
  10. Allforelk

    Where am I?

    1000 Islands?
  11. Allforelk

    Roosevelt report

    I am a skeptic naturally and agree almost entirely. The slight possibility means I might be out there one night with a fryer chicken on a giant treble hook, a line anchored to my hitch and a bottle of whiskey to keep me company.
  12. Allforelk

    Roosevelt report

    I had family that worked for SRP. There was a rumor floating around that the German welding crew demanded shark cages after their first dive at the dang. As silly as it sounds, I have still always half believed in catfish big enough to scare those guys.
  13. Allforelk

    270 WSM AMMO

    He was barely interested anyway.
  14. Allforelk

    Lk Tahoe Anyone?

    All joking aside, pm if you want some info on what’s working. I have a cousin that fishes it pretty regularly on the tournament circuit over there.
  15. Allforelk

    Lk Tahoe Anyone?

    Just think of spotted bass and smallmouth while you are packing your 5 round revolver…