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  1. Allforelk

    Nice Boar

    Great photo, gorgeous bear. It looks like you can lay a “soda” can between his ears.
  2. Allforelk

    I don't carry for your Protection...

    Well said Oneshot. Glad to se you back my man.
  3. Allforelk

    Any ideas?

    Bait it with a saucer of goats blood.
  4. Allforelk

    Time for a suppressor

    You could probably sell that sweet bench seat to someone with fingerless gloves for enough to buy another can.
  5. Allforelk

    Boyds wood stock .270 wsm

    This classified post was last updated Sept of 2015. Just FYI
  6. Allforelk

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    I’ll take it. Sending PM
  7. Allforelk

    Flooring installation question

    FWIW, I ripped everything up on the ground floor. Half was carpet, half was a horrendous glazed Saltillo tile. The Saltillo was glued to the ground with the hardest stuff I’ve ever seen. I put in a high end bamboo with an hdf core. I floated the floor and never had problems with expansion/shrinking. It looked great and three very active dogs failed to scratch the surface. I think I had everything delivered including underpayment for around $3/sqft. I did end up renting a pneumatic chisel bar for the glazed Saltillo.
  8. Allforelk


    It takes pretty warm daytime temps to break the 68-69 degree mark. Just hope you are on the lake when it happens. I’m planning on getting at Bartlett this coming weekend to satisfy the itch. If daytime fishing sucks, I know I can catch whiskey catfish at night and still have a decent fry.
  9. Allforelk

    12 points...now what?

    dang. I only had 8...
  10. Allforelk


    Scout the brushy looking mesquite that’s at water line right now and mark it. You will be good in 3 weeks.
  11. Allforelk

    Backpack trip in Galiuros

    What he was referring too was the difference in year of birth for Ben Avery. For that minor correction and provided proof, he wins the Grand Trivia prize. The prize: The ability to piss on as many classified posts as he pleases without making an offer. Congratulations to the winner.
  12. Allforelk

    Results are posted!!!

    Saw a couple brawlers in the 330-340 range(broken everything) last year on the late rifle hunt. GM said there was a 370’ish bull taken on the Southern/canyon edge. Good luck and tell Jordan to start tipping for F’s sake.
  13. Allforelk

    Pronghorn Hits?

    I thought about this. I also thought about an expansion of the bonus pass to 35-40% of the available tags. If not for all units, then maybe units with premium designations/hunts? Point creep would be severely cut and people with 20+ years of point accumulation would actually have a much better chance to go hunting. This would also leave a fair amount of tags(albeit less than before)for the average guys in the random draw. Probably never happen, just a thought.
  14. Allforelk

    Pronghorn Hits?

    Big fat nothing. I’m not sure what stage I’m in now, but Beam is guiding my actions. Good luck to all.
  15. Allforelk

    Gun Rights!

    This House Bill is terrifying in what it is hiding. Like Coues Pursuit said, those other bullet points are the real scary ones. It would technically make me a felon if I loaned my rifle to my brother for a hunt and make him a felon for taking it. We would both need to pass a federal background check before I could legally loan him a gun.