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  1. Allforelk

    FS Remington 700 BDL 30-06

    And an Angel gets it’s wings.
  2. Allforelk

    Trailcam thief caught

    Where are the power lines?
  3. Allforelk

    The Amazing Wolf 🙄

    Someone with a social media presence should troll the chit out of that guy(generous guess with the pronoun).
  4. Barring the existence of power lines of course.
  5. Allforelk

    Definition of Wildlife

    That’s where jewelry comes from.
  6. Allforelk

    Wife's Rifle Bull

    I’ve trained both sexes to shoot long guns and snowboard. Women are better at both in the beginning.
  7. Allforelk

    New BLM director

    My original question still has merit. Why are her handlers not facing scrutiny/ridicule for exploiting a minor with a disability?
  8. Allforelk

    New BLM director

    Careful, don’t wake her super powers…
  9. Allforelk

    Doe hunts????

    We’re these articles tailored to property management regarding Eastern Whitetails specifically by chance?
  10. Allforelk

    Squirrel Hunting

    Too many years in a row without acorns?
  11. Allforelk

    Looking for recommendations

    If you aren’t dialing, Leupold 2x7 or 3x9 will be perfect. They have the same no-fault warranty that Vortex does, you just never have to hear about it.
  12. Allforelk

    Game Cams Are Helpful?

    Wait until they unleash the hounds.
  13. Allforelk

    Garage Door Technician needed

    90% of the time it’s the sensors every time…
  14. Allforelk

    East Valley Locksmith Needed for a Key Fob

    Man, this post is like a flytrap.
  15. Allforelk

    Early Archery Unit 10!

    Congratulations! Great Bull.