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  1. Allforelk

    CVA APEX 35 whelen interchangeable Barrel

    35 Whelen is a very underrated cartridge. Bump and good luck with the sale.
  2. Allforelk

    Daughter's first Tom

    What an amazing post. Thank you very much for sharing.
  3. Allforelk

    Which Name?

    Keep it classy... Powerline Pest Elimination
  4. Allforelk

    Camera Pickup Video

    Thank you. That lion closeup was a real trip.
  5. Allforelk

    Remember this.....

    They also had one of the best thin crust pizzas in town.
  6. Allforelk

    Assault weapon ban

    At least there is zero chance of prohibition spawning a violent and pervasive black market subculture...right?
  7. Allforelk

    THE LIE Significant threat to public safety!

    Did you put on steel toes to kick this dead horse?
  8. Allforelk

    Black River Small Mouth

    Be prepared to jump saddles from hole to hole. Late May-Early June it is possible to exceed 60 fish a day. I caught my personal best on 6-6-06 at 1:30 in the afternoon, and I grew up fishing for smallies on Otisco Lake in NY. All of the reference points above will put you on fish.
  9. https://www.smkw.com/cci-22lr-36gr-cprn-1600rd-black-pack-788bf
  10. I have no intention whatsoever on buying this but have an honest question. Is 22lr really over $95 a brick? I’m a bit out of touch.
  11. Outstanding and congratulations to all! Not much of a blood trail on the Muley though, huh?
  12. Allforelk

    Arizona women target serial killer of Heber wild horses

    Is there a GoFundMe set up for legend yet? Ammo is ridiculously expensive right now.
  13. Allforelk

    Portal/bonus PTS. missing

    Mine are missing for elk but are there for antelope.
  14. Allforelk

    OMR Barrels?

    Some people don’t like to carry a lighter.
  15. Allforelk

    Some people

    Lawn sprinkler then run the blower. Do not rinse, but definitely repeat.
  16. I had something similar happen to me in 1998. Someone used my social sec# for an ambulance ride and ems in Casa Grande. The only thing that saved me was the receipt from a doctor in Dolores Colorado as I was getting stitched up at the same approximate time and on the same date. It still took me months to get it all square and the ambulance company tried taking me to collections over a year after the incident. I hope your situation is smoother and good luck.
  17. Allforelk

    Quail loads

    7s when we could still buy it. Still have 1 bag left at pops house. Life has been way too chaotic the last 1.5 years to load or hunt though.
  18. Allforelk

    Fishing Forums

    Nice Standman! I would trade Charmin to get on a good smallmouth nite right now...
  19. Allforelk

    Tonto Creek Fishing

    #8 Aberdeen with half a night crawler, no weight. When the water is this low, I fish upstream and approach the pools from behind. Take your time. They are likely feeding all day long and if you’re patient you can drift your worm to sighted fish.
  20. Allforelk

    What is it?

    Bullet mold?
  21. Allforelk

    Effects of the virus scare?

    Thanks. I’m about a bourbon away from trying to lasso the cork with dental floss now.
  22. Allforelk

    Carol Baskin

    Y’all with Hulu should check out Letterkenny. I haven’t had this much time with tv in a very long time. Apparently Canada makes funny finally. Just a heads up, muppet ears on kids for this one.
  23. Allforelk

    Carol Baskin

    Have not watched an episode. This is just funny. Period.
  24. Allforelk

    Carol Baskin

    Tarzan killed Cheetah?!?
  25. I drew my bull tag. A unit not many want but I drool over. Time to start scanning classified posts and Camofire for used cams.